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Xu Xialing


Real Name

Xu Xialing (徐夏靈)


[ 1 ]
‘s Own Fearsome Killer [ 1 ]

Lingling Macau ‘s Own Fearsome Killer




Flag of China.png taiwanese



Date of Birth

2003 – 2004 [ 1 ]


Ten Rings Chinese Logo.png Ten Rings
Golden Daggers Club
Ta Lo Armed Forces ( once )





Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: Who Guards My Sleep


Portrayed by

Meng’er Zhang
Harmonie He ( adolescent )
Elodie Fong ( young )

“If my dad won’t let me into his empire, I’m gonna build my own.”
―Xu Xialing to Katy Chen

Xu Xialing ( Mandarin : 徐夏靈 ) [ 2 ] is the stream leader of the Ten Rings, the daughter of the fabulous warlord Xu Wenwu, and the sister of Shang-Chi. Xialing was not allowed to train alongside the men in her youth, leading her to learn martial arts through observation. When Shang-Chi defected from the Ten Rings, Xialing feel abandoned, besides deciding to defect years belated. Xialing relocated to Macau, where she founded the Golden Daggers Club. Years late, Xialing was approached by Shang-Chi and Katy Chen, whom the Ten Rings were hunting. The three were finally captured by the Ten Rings and reunited with their father. Wenwu was preparing to speculation into the kingdom of Ta Lo and reunite with his late wife ; his destructive plans alienated Xialing, Shang-Chi, and Chen, leading to their imprisonment. After escaping, they journeyed into Ta Lo and joined the elders in defending their greenwich village. Ta Lo ‘s warriors, along with Xialing, late joined forces with the Ten Rings to defeat the Dweller-in-Darkness. In the consequence, Xialing assume leadership of the Ten Rings in the aftermath of her founder ‘s death .


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early life

Xu Xialing was born to Xu Wenwu and Ying Li, and was the younger baby of Shang-Chi. She and her class lived in the Ten Rings Headquarters in China for many years happily. As a child, Ying Li told Xialing stories about the legends of Ta Lo. [ 3 ] Ying gave Xialing a draco pendant that could open the winder to the map to Ta Lo. Ying teach Xialing and Shang-Chi many other lessons, but one day while the three were outside, they were confronted by the Iron Gang, who wanted retaliation on Wenwu. Ying usher Xialing and Shang Chi to leave thus that she could fight the gang, which resulted in their mother ‘s death. [ 1 ]

Training alone

After the death of Ying Li, Xu Wenwu decided to train Xu Shang-Chi to be an assassin for the Ten Rings, but did not allow Xialing to train with the others because she reminded Wenwu of her mother. Despite this, Xialing watched Shang-Chi train with the other assassins from the english, and began to train herself based off of what she had observed, including train with her Rope Dart. [ 1 ]

Abandoned at Home

When Xialing was ten years old, her buddy, Xu Shang-Chi was tasked to last avenge their mother ‘s death. Xialing expressed her concern that he would leave her alone at the headquarters, but her brother promised that he would return soon. He late realized that he had a find to escape his father ‘s control and did not fulfill his promise, leaving Xialing alone. [ 1 ]

New Empire

Six years after her brother abandoned her, Xialing managed to escape the Ten Rings Headquarters through a privy burrow passage within the compound. She moved to Macau, where she then founded the fight clubhouse, the Golden Daggers Club, where she befriended Jon Jon. [ 1 ]

Sibling reunion

After the Blip, Xu Shang-Chi traveled to Macau with Katy Chen to find Xialing at the Golden Daggers Club. Xu fought her buddy in the band and beat him up. She subsequently told him about about what she had done after he abandoned her. Shang-Chi tested to tell her that their founder, Xu Wenwu, was coming soon to take her pendent, like they had him. Xialing was not concerned about this, believing she could face the assassins. While they broke into the baseball club, Xialing left into the elevator of the build with Jon Jon, leaving Shang-Chi and Chen to fight the assassins on the side of the build. When Chen fell off the perch she was clinging onto, Xialing caught her and saved her life. Death Dealer then came and steal Xialing ‘s pendant off her neck before they were confronted by Wenwu. [ 1 ]

Returning Home

Xu Wenwu then captured and took Xialing, Shang-Chi, and Katy Chen in a helicopter to the Ten Rings Headquarters. He instructed Razor Fist to take Xialing and Chen to their rooms indeed that he could talk privately with her brother. Xialing talked to Chen in her honest-to-god room about how Wenwu would n’t let her train with the others as a child, and why she decided to found the Golden Daggers Club.

They late ate dinner and Wenwu explained how he could find Xialing and Shang-Chi. After, Wenwu took them to his office where he explained how he heard Ying Li ‘s voice and how they needed to get to Ta Lo to free her. He placed the Eyes of the Dragon into a statue of a dragon which then revealed the map to Ta Lo. Xialing and the others at first agree to help Wenwu find their mother, but they then realized that the part he heard was not their mother ‘s. Wenwu then threatened to burn Ta Lo if the villagers did not let him in. The trio then decided that Wenwu must be stopped from doing so. While they were talking they heard moaning and discovered Trevor Slattery was within the compound arsenic well. Xialing went through the secret burrow system to meet him. He told them that his pet Dijiang, Morris, could help lead them to Ta Lo. Xu told the others that the secret tunnel system she had used to get in was the one she had used to escape the headquarter as a child, and that it led to the garage, their way out of the intensify. [ 1 ] After the group left the tunnel system and entered the garage, they realized they would need a vehicle and got into Razor Fist ‘s car. Xialing got into the back seat with Shang-Chi, with Trevor Slattery, Morris and Katy Chen in front. Some of the Ten Rings assassins, including Razor Fist, saw them leave in his car and pursued the group as they were leaving. Xialing got out of the car through the window as it was moving and attacked many of the assassins that were after them. [ 1 ]

Journey Into Ta Lo

The Living Maze

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Meeting a relative

When Xialing and the others meet the villagers of Ta Lo, Ying Nan emerges and revealed she is the aunt of Xialing and Shang-Chi, expressing her excitation to last meet Xu and giving her a warm embrace. [ 1 ]

Ta Lo Invasion

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Taking Over the Ten Rings

“Let’s get started. We have a lot of work to do.”
―Xu Xialing

After leaving Ta Lo, Xialing returned to the Ten Rings Headquarters and became the organization ‘s newfangled leader. She brought about an agitation of reforms to the Ten Rings, introducing a female unit of measurement to train alongside the men in the court, in addition to dismantling a numeral of its other operations. While sorting through artwork plastered in her room, she discovered a sketch of her former mother, taking a moment to remember her. Razor Fist then approached Xialing to inform her that her new subordinates were waiting for her orders. With Razor Fist and Jon Jon at her side, Xialing took her seat on the enthrone her father once held, and announced that the Ten Rings have a lot to work on. [ 4 ]


Xu Xialing is a cold, rebellious, and complex woman due to being abandoned by her brother and neglected by Xu Wenwu. Because she is a charwoman, she could n’t train alongside her brother, Shang-Chi, or inherit the Ten Rings, showing that she was looking down on by her church father and his men. But regardless, she learned to train on her own by watching Shang-Chi ‘s prepare as observing their movements. She ‘s brash and hardened as she showed no clemency in her fights through the clandestine fight clubhouse while finding some accepted in there and not underestimating for being a woman. Despite her harsh and cold attitude, she ‘s rather compassionate towards women, adequate to save Katy Chen, who did n’t know how to fight. Due to her coarse upbringing and being rejected, she ‘s a feminist and wants to have equal rights for herself and other women. She revealed to Chen that she wants women to join the Ten Rings ampere well as becoming the leader of Ten Rings because she felt that she could change the all-male arrangement to an equal one where she can be accepted. Deep down, she ‘s a vulnerable and emotional person who hides her insecurities through a cold facade.

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She has a very labored relationship with her buddy, who broke their promise of returning to her, and her father, who neglected her. She did n’t mind punching Shang-Chi out of wrath while being coldness to her father. however, Xialing is bequeath to put feelings aside and teamed up with Shang-Chi to stop their church father from destroying Ta Lo greenwich village, the home locate of their mother. Despite her resentment towards her family, she profoundly cared for and loved her mother, Ying Li. She often sketched her in her room where other sketches of her. besides, Xialing hush cared about her brother and beget. After saving Ta Lo, Xialing finds it in her affection to forgive her father despite everything he has done. besides, Xialing reconciled with Shang-Chi as she has come to terms that he is one of the few family members she has left in her biography. She misses her mother along with her buddy and father. Xialing has shown to respect and care for her mother ‘s fatherland as she was will to do anything to protect, even from her own father. due to growing up in a cold and harsh environment, Xialing is frequently amused by Katy ‘s comedic personality. In contrast to Shang-Chi, who wanted to leave his past behind, Xialing always kept her ambitions of joining the Ten Rings. Upon running off from the Ten Rings, she single-handed founded the Golden Daggers Club, claiming that she would build an conglomerate of her own as she was not allowed into her father ‘s. Following Wenwu ‘s death, Xialing told Shang-Chi that she would shut down the Ten Rings, but she alternatively decided to seized the opportunity to take operate of the terrorist arrangement and continue her father ‘s operations, albeit in her own style .


“I wasn’t allowed to train with the boys. But I watched everything they did and taught myself to do it better.”
―Xu Xialing
  • Master Martial Artist: 250?cb=20210419142558 Xialing is an extremely skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. Unlike her brother who was trained by the Ten Rings, she was self-taught, which trained herself from a very young age, by observing others and aimed to do better than them, making her one of the most powerful and best fighters on the planet. Her fighting style includes mixed martial arts and Tai chi. She was able to defeat Shang-Chi in Golden Daggers Club, though he was holding back and she was still not as equally skilled as him. She easily defeated numerous armed members of Ten Rings and Razor Fist.
  • Rope Dart Mastery: Xialing is extremely skilled in using a rope dart for combat even though she was self-taught. She was able to use it to defeat numerous armed members of Ten Rings and Razor Fist.
  • Master Acrobat: Xialing is an extremely skilled acrobat, gymnast, and aerialist.
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  • Gifted Intellect: To be added
  • Expert Tactician: To be added
  • Expert Businesswoman: To be added
  • Bilingualism: Xialing is fluent in her native Mandarin, as well as English.



  • Xu Xialing’s Rope Dart: In the battle between the people of Ta Lo and the Ten Rings, as well as their united battle against the Soul Eaters, Xialing used a rope dart that had a dart on one end and a meteor hammer on the other.

other equipment

  • Dragon Scale Armor: Armor made by and given to her by the people of Ta Lo, made out of dragon scales.


  • Razor Fist’s Car: She was a passenger in Razor Fist’s car during their escape from the Ten Rings Compound along with Shang-Chi, Katy, Trevor Slattery, and Morris.


  • Ten Rings Headquarters: 250?cb=20220405232034 After the death of her father, Xialing took over as the head of the Ten Rings organization. As seen in the post-credits scene, she expanded the organization to allow women to participate, as well as modernized it by installing satellite dishes.
  • Golden Daggers Club: Xialing founded the Golden Daggers Club since she wasn’t allowed into the Ten Rings organization by her father. Every fight is streamed online on the dark web, along with there being bets for each fight.



  • In the comics, Zheng Bao Yu, currently known as the Cursed Lotus, is Zheng Zu’s daughter and former-right hand, who decided to rebel against her father and become the leader of her own underworld organization called Golden Daggers, the same name as the fighting club created by Xialing, after her father’s death, she became the leader of the organization he created, something that also happened to Xialing. She was formerly known as Fah Lo Suee, based on the character of the same name from Sax Rohmer’s Fu Manchu novels.
    • In the comics, Esme, also known as Sister Dagger, is the younger sister of Shang-Chi. She grew up resenting her older brother for “abandoning” the Five Weapons Society, but later forms a close knit bond with him and becomes something of his second-in-command once he becomes the new leader.
  • In the comics, the Mandarin has a daughter named Sasha Hammer, also known as Detroit Steel, who was also the granddaughter of Justin Hammer.

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