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100 Thieves revealed its entire Attack on Titan merch line ahead of the highly-anticipated launch date with both a physical pop-up shop and online release.
As we head into the latter half of the fourth and final chapter of Attack on Titan, the LA-based company is cooking up something special to commemorate the display ’ mho conclusion .
The Thieves last unveiled its entire AoT merch credit line with 10 or so pieces, covering everything from shirts to hoodies featuring the anime ’ south stars.

here ’ s a complete overview of the AoT x 100 Thieves line, including merch pieces and when you can get yours .

100 Thieves x Attack on Titan release date

100 Thieves are releasing its attack on Titan collection on March 11, 2022 via an in-person pop fly workshop with an on-line turn of March 12, 2022 .
People who want to get the first pieces will have to go to the 100 Thieves Compound at 10 AM local anesthetic time on Friday .

100 Thieves x Attack on Titan merch collection pieces

The 100T merch line will have approximately 10 pieces that prominently feature AoT characters like Eren, Levi, Reiner, and more .
ahead of the reveal, 100 Thieves teased the collection by trying to “ beat up the scouts ” and wrapping the Cashapp Compound with a huge image of the Colossal Titan to get fans hyped for the credit line .
Prices have yet to be revealed for individual items, but fans can already get a expression at what ’ s to come when the AoT collection comes out .

Levi AoT Jacket

aot 100 thieves jacketaot 100 thieves jacket 100 Thieves Levi crown from the 100 Thieves ten AoT solicitation .

Eren AoT Jacket

aot jacket erenaot jacket eren 100 Thieves 100 Thieves jacket featuring Eren and the Attack Titan .

Black AoT Sweater

100 thieves attack on titan hoodie100 thieves attack on titan hoodie 100 Thieves Black 100 Thieves x AoT sweater .

Green AoT Hoodie

aot 100 theives sweateraot 100 theives sweater 100 Thieves AoT x 100 Thieves sweater featuring Levi .

Beige AoT sweater

aot swetaer 100 thievesaot swetaer 100 thieves 100 Thieves A beige sweater from the AoT x 100 Thieves collection .

 White AoT long sleeve

aot 100 thieves collectionaot 100 thieves collection 100 Thieves A clean white long sleeve coming in the AoT vanadium 100 Thieves merch drop .

Yellow AoT shirt

100t aot100t aot 100 Thieves 100 Thieves chicken shirt featuring Eren .

White AoT Shirt

aot 100 thieves shirtaot 100 thieves shirt 100 Thieves A white AoT ten 100T shirt a character of the 2022 collection .

Levi AoT shirt

aot 100 thieves shirtaot 100 thieves shirt 100 Thieves Levi is front man and center in the AoT x 100T collection .

Black AoT shirt

black aot sweater 100 thievesblack aot sweater 100 thieves 100 Thieves AoT x 100 Thieves shirt featuring the usher ’ randomness main characters.

There are bound to be a few more surprises ahead of the AoT x 100 Thieves collection fell as fans anticipate its plunge .
100T fans are already hyped on the collection with enough of unique pieces that have something for everyone .
The Attack on Titan x 100 Thieves collab will launch soon with a long ton of merch options for people to nab .

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