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In her 1940s incarnation, Etta Candy is a enlivened, rotund young woman who leads the Beta Lambda sorority at Holliday College and aids Wonder Woman in her adventures. She is known for her backbone, her sexual love for candy, and for her trademark call “ woo ! woo ! ” other familiar characteristics included her drug addict car nicknamed Esmerelda, and a variety of fresh interjections, such as : “ For the love of chocolate ! ” Her father, Hard Candy, lived with her beget, Sugar Candy, on a ranch that provided the sic for cowboy-themed adventures. Holliday College was the set for science-driven stories. When Robert Kanigher became writer and editor of the adventures of Wonder Woman, the companion characters of the Marston era — Etta, the Holliday College girls, Darnell, and most of the villains — were phased out during the Silver Age. In the Golden Age adventures, Etta was a new, college-age buddy who aided military intelligence in times of crisis ; in the television series, with its more streamlined shed, Etta was integrated in the workplace place setting as a secretary to Gen. Blankenship. Etta Candy was revived in the early 1980s, when Steve Trevor and General Phil Darnell were besides revived. Etta was featured as secretary to Darnell, and Diana ‘s roommate. Unlike the Marston portrayal of a bold, fresh, wisecracking sorority drawing card, Etta was nowadays presented as meek and insecure. She was weight-conscious, and shared an apartment with Diana Prince, unaware of her confidential identity. Her love interest was nerdy, hopelessly gawky Howard Huckaby.

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In the years leading up to Crisis on Infinite Earths ( 1986 ), writers Dan Mishkin and Mindy Newell took Etta in a different steering. She displayed more confidence, and even became Wonder Woman for one even, battling Cheetah, Angle Man, Captain Wonder and Silver Swan .


Following the 1987 vamp of Wonder Woman, Etta has been romantically linked with, and finally married to, Steve Trevor, who is no longer Diana ‘s love interest.

A career Air Force officeholder, Etta serves as Steve Trevor ‘s adjutant when he is framed for treason as character of Ares ‘ scheme to spark a ball-shaped war. Etta is ferociously dedicated to her friends, and her religion in Steve ‘s artlessness helps him clear his name, tied though the two temporarily become fugitives while helping Wonder Woman overthrow Ares ‘ plans. While on the run, Steve and Etta realize their love for one another. A felicitous copulate, they remain friends with Wonder Woman. Feeling insecure about her weight, Etta developed an eating perturb that was kept secret from her friends. She was able to lose a fortune of burden, but at the expense of her health. When she ultimately collapsed due to a lack of food in front man of her friends, Diana advised her to take better care of herself and maintain a sensible diet. Since that time Etta has gained her original weight back.

Etta and Steve largely disappeared from the pages of Wonder Woman during the political campaign of writer/artist John Byrne, and they have appeared infrequently since then. Writer Grant Morrison used an age adaptation of Etta as a counselor in the first base publish of Seven Soldiers: Zatanna. In Wonder Woman #14, Gail Simone reintroduces Etta Candy as an intelligence policeman requested by Sarge Steel to report on Diana Prince and her associations .


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