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Advanced technology, implementation of cost effective medicine, and the ___ population have resulted in an increased demand for healthcare services and an increase in job opportunities for MAs. AGING
A MA who can adapt to ___ and is continually learning will be in high demand. CHANGE
Professional associations set high ___ for quality and performance in a profession. STANDARDS
MA programs are officially authorized by the process of ___. ACCREDITATION
The MA Role Delineation Chart lists the areas of ___ required of all students in accredited MA programs. COMPETENCE
To remain certified, RMAs who were certified after 2006 must accumulate ___ contact hours for continuing education units (CEUs) every three years. THIRTY
Education and classes a MA takes after being credentialed are known as ___. CONTINUING
The skills and knowledge you attain for both personal development and career advancement are known as ___ development. PROFESSIONAL
The purpose of the externship in a MA program is to allow the student to obtain ___. WORK EXPERIENCE
Communicating with other health professionals, also called ___, can help you improve yourself professionally. NETWORKING
Even before you begin your training as a healthcare professional, you can gain experience in a healthcare profession by joining a ___ program. VOLUNTEER
The American Red Cross offers volunteer opportunities for student MAs in its ___ relief programs around the world. DISASTER
Professional development includes knowing and studying within your ___. SCOPE
MAs are an integral part of the healthcare delivery ___ and therefore must have a working knowledge of the different specialties and allied health professionals. TEAM
Physicians who treat pt’s with all types of illnesses are called ___ practitioners, general practitioners or primary care physicians. FAMILY
If you work for a family practice physician or group of physicians, you may be responsible for arranging patient appointments with ___. SPECIALISTS
The branch of medicine that diagnoses and treats problems and diseases of the older adult is ___. GERONTOLOGY
The specialty of obstetrics deals with pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. It’s often combined with ___. A practice that specializes in both is referred to as OB/GYN. GYNECOLOGY
The treatment and preventative care of amateur and pro athletes is the subspecialty of ___ medicine. SPORTS
Medical biller and ___ are responsible for abstracting medical info from medical records and preparing insurance forms. CODER
A(n) ___ health technician assists the psychiatric team by observing behavior and participating in group therapy and counseling sessions. MENTAL
The ___ therapist helps patients to restore function, relieve pain, prevent disability following illness or injury. PHYSICAL
Using a radio communication network, a(n) ___ medical technician works under the direction of a physician and is trained to triage patients and initiate appropriate treatment. EMERGENCY
The AMA Code of Medical Ethics is the most comprehensive ethics guide for ___. PHYSICIANS
What’s an example of a MAs clinical duty? Preparing a pt for an exam
What is an example of a laboratory duty for an MA? Maintains laboratory equipment.
What is an example of a specialized task? Testing the function of a pt’s eyes and eye muscles.
Why have the expectations for MAs increased? Because of changes in healthcare and availability of more formal training.
Where do RMAs get their credentials? American Medical Technologists (AMT)
What are two regulations that make credentialing a logical step in hiring MAs? CLIA 88 and OSHA
What is an example of an Advanced Administrative Duty? Participating in practice analysis.
What is an example of Entry-Level Clinical Duty? Preparing patients for examinations.
What is an example of a Entry-Level General Duty? Explaining treatment procedures to patients.
What is an example of an Advanced Laboratory Duty? Performing as an OSHA compliance officer.
What determines the scope of practice of an MA? State law
What does an orthopedic MA do? Work body and mechanics and musculoskeletal system.
What’s the difference in a radiologist and radiographer? Radiologists – reads x-ray films
Radiographer – assists a radiologist by taking x-rays
Obstetrician? Cares for pregnant women
Family Practitioner? See’s all types and ages of pt’s
Primary Care Physicians? Oversees long-term care
Oncologist? Treats cancer pt’s
What’s an Associate Degree Nurse? Graduated from a 2 yr JR college nursing program
Pharmacy tech? Maintains pt’s profiles in pharmacy computers
Respiratory Therapist? Treats it’s with asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and pneumonia
How do you become a Registered Nurse (RN)? Graduate from a nursing program AND apply to the American Medical Association for membership
What is an Licensed Practical Nurse? Works under a RN but not permitted to change dressings and apply compresses
What’s the main purpose of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA)? To raise the standards to a high professional level
What must you do to receive certification or registration as an MA? Graduate from an approved MA program AND pass the CMA or RMA exam
What did the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare do for MAs? Declared MAs as a part of an allied health profession
What are professional publications and educational opportunities? Benefits offered by the AAMA
The AAMA works to protect what? The rights of the MA to practice through legislative monitoring
What are the minimum standards set by the AAMA for accredited programs called? Areas of competence
What will graduating from an accredited program do for an MA? Increase career opportunities
Are externships mandatory for MA’s? Yes
Are EHR a major factor in current trend toward preventative care? No
How do you become a Diploma Graduated Nurse? Graduate from a 3 year nursing program
Registered Dietician? Assist pt’s and families in selecting food that provide adequate and balanced nutrition
Nurse-aid? Qualifies to have on-the-job training and is supervised by nursing staff
Occupational Therapists? Works with pt’s to help attain maximum physical and mental health with therapies and activities
Physician Assistants duties include? pt’s medical history, physical exams, performing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
Massage Therapist? Uses stroking or vibration to promote healing
Nuclear Medical Technologist? Administers radioactive drugs and operation of radiation detection instruments
Physical Therapist? Use heat, cold, ultrasound and massage to restore function and relieve pain
What did the Baby Boom cause? An increase in aging population
EMT? Deal with pt’s outside of the medical facility
National Association for Health Professionals cab also credential who? Phlebotomy techs, Surgical techs and ECG techs
To recertify as a CMA you also must have? A current CPR card
Students who have completed a CAAHEP or ABHES accredited MA program can take what? AAMA certification exam
What’s a Post Secondary Vocational school? 4 year colleges and universities and JR and community colleges typically offer formal programs in medical assisting
What’s the primary purpose of the ABMS? To maintain and improve the quality of medical care and to certify doctors in various specialties
Insurance companies refer to Family Practitioners and Internist as what? PCP
Difference between Cardiologist and Orthopedics? Cardiologist – Read ECG
Orthopedic – Maintain functions of musculoskeletal system
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