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Understanding and Selecting Lens Adapters

You use a lens arranger to fit a lens of another make or mount onto your camera. This sport means you can continue to use your honest-to-god lenses when you upgrade from one television camera to another.

What’s a Lens Adapter?

Each television camera manufacturer has its own proprietary bayonet fitting for attaching lenses to its cameras. apart from the mechanical connection, lenses besides incorporate a set of electric contacts that communicate with a processor inside the lens to control concentrate, lens stabilization, and aperture.

This degree of complexity means lenses must be designed for one specific camera mount, such as a Nikon, Sony, or Canon lens wax. One exception : lenses with a special cheat thread intended for camera T-mount adapters. These are manual lenses such as spotting scopes and telescopes. Although an adapter may have a lens, it ‘s not the lapp as camera accessory lenses that screw onto the front of existing lenses to change their focal length .

How Lens-to-Sensor Distance Affects Adapters

Each television camera manufacturer has a specific flange focal distance, meaning the distance between the lens saddle horse and detector. When fitting lenses from other manufacturers, the arranger must replicate this distance or, if the flange distance is excessively short, use an accessory lens to focus the visualize correctly. If not, it ‘ll be impossible to focus on distant objects. This is why a Sony-to-Nikon lens arranger has an aide lens, as does a Sony-to-Canon lens arranger. In summation, some lenses protrude into the camera body, so induce sure they do n’t foul the mirror mechanism or television camera body.

Focus and Aperture Control with Lens Adapters

In most, but not all instances, an adapter disrupts the electronic communication between the television camera and lens, therefore features such as automatic concenter, aperture control condition, and electronic stabilization do n’t work. While manual concenter is potential, unless the lens besides has an aperture hoop, you ca n’t adjust the aperture, which defaults to its maximal. Some adapters incorporate a dandelion electronic chip that tells the television camera you ‘re using an arranger. This allows the television camera to confirm the right focus as it would if you were manually focusing with an OEM lens. If you have a mirrorless camera and a DSLR from the same manufacturer, you can obtain OEM adapters that provide full moon lens functionality. A good exercise is the Sony lens arranger that allows you to mount a Sony A-mount lens to its mirrorless E-mount. note that you can adapt a DSLR lens to a mirrorless camera, but you ca n’t fit a mirrorless lens on a DSLR.

Choosing a Lens Converter

There are a number of companies selling lens adapters. Some, such as Vello lens adapters, offer a comprehensive choice covering most combinations, while others are more specify. apart from adapters for inactive cameras, several suppliers offer C-mount adapters for cine cameras .
Find the combination you need from the wide choice at B & H Photo and Video .

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