Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock



Golden god

First divine vessel

Other names

  • Him (by Raker)
  • Golden God (by Worldmind)
  • Aiden Warsock, Ashley Warsaw, Amy Windsock (by Mantis)
  • Goldie (by Mantis & Rocket)
  • Goldilocks, Mr. Fancy Words, Golden Boy (by Peter & Rocket)
  • Shakespeare, Goldie Brawn, Mr. Cape (by Peter)
  • Beard Butt (by Rocket)
  • Golden Man (by Drax)

Your benevolent guardian of the galaxy ( self given title)

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Magus ( alternate self )




Universal Church of Truth ( once )

Guardians of the Galaxy

Real-life information

Appears in

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Voiced by

Brent Skagford


[ 1 ] Fantastic Four #66 (1967)

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Adam Warlock is a major supporting quality in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. once a ally to Grand Unifier Raker and blessed with divine-like might, Adam is the former “ aureate god ” worshipped by the Universal Church of Truth until his assume death during the Galactic War .


not much is known about Adam Warlock ‘s past though it is rumoured that he was found in a cocoon floating through space. One day, Adam came across Raker and his crew, who had come across a plague. Adam agreed to help them, healing them as the followers of Adam began growing. unfortunately, the dark shroud within the Soul Stone that would become the Magus grew within Adam, urging him to destroy all creation and feed on Raker ‘s crew. however, Adam knew that he had to remove the Stone and asked Raker to remove it. During the operation, Raker managed to free Adam from the Stone, but took its power and harnessed it to establish the Universal Church of Truth and conquer the galaxy. At some period, Adam Warlock was involved in the Galactic War and was presumed dead, but it was revealed that he went into hiding alternatively .


Adam is a noble and virtuous, yet preferably grandiloquent being. He by and large speaks in a highly formal and long-winded fashion that makes heavy use of alliteration. Adam seems to somewhat share the impression of his early followers in his deity even referring to himself as a god on one occasion. Though slightly arrogant and generally demanding, Adam is humble enough to admit that he has made respective mistakes and will go out of his means to fix them evening being will to absorb Magus back into himself, despite the risk of corruption to save the galax showing that in cattiness of his grandiloquent and disdainful demeanor, Adam is a sincerely epic and kindhearted person even calling the early Guardians his friends after joining them.


Adam is a non-playable fictional character, but he joins the Guardians as a non-combat ally at the end of chapter 10 : quiz of Faith and helps complimentary Drax from The Matriarch ‘s influence. He will besides help the Guardians in the final examination fight against the Universal Church of Truth and Grand Unifier Raker. Regarding items, the messages A miracle !, found in chapter 1 : A Risky Gamble, and Pip ‘s Quips, from chapter 10 : examination of Faith, make mention of him .


ADAM WARLOCK A man of mysterious origins, Adam Warlock was purportedly found drifting through space in a bizarre cocoon. Raker, head scientist of a bass space mining colony, awakened him. Finding himself with no cognition of his by, yet surrounded by miners dying of an incurable disease, Warlock reached out and miraculously healed them. It was n’t long before the colony began to worship him as a deity. The Universal Church of Truth was born. Warlock boasted that he could remove all suffering from the galaxy. Accompanied by Raker, he became a meandering therapist, seeking to undo the damage caused by the ongoing Galactic War. He was not just a therapist, however ; he was besides a formidable warrior adequate to of enormous feats. In defense of his fellow missionaries, he was seen single-handed taking down invading squadrons. But then, inexplicably, Warlock decided to give it up. He abandoned his followers and his holy place mission merely before his reported death. Without their god, the Church collapsed .
first appeared in Fantastic Four # 66 ( 1967 )
writer : Stan Lee
Artists : Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott, Stan Goldberg
Cover Artists : Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott
Editor : Stan Lee


Adam hermit concept Hermit concept & exploration by Nicolas Lizotte .Adam concept Exploration & concluding concept by Frédéric Bennett .Adam render In-engine supply by Emmanuel Lecouturier & George Nagulov .Mind Over Matter 10 In front of his cocoon during chapter 11.

Into The Fire 9 Captured by Raker in Chapter 14 .Magus Chapter 2 Adam possessed by Magus in Chapter 16 .


  • In the game, Adam has three incarnations. Chronologically: the Healer, the Hermit, and the Hero. When the Guardians stumble upon him, Adam is a recluse scarred from his separation with the Soul Stone: the Hermit. After exploring a few avenues Nicolas Lizotte had the idea of the Hermit “à la Commando” (Schwarzenegger’s 1985 film where the intro has him coming down some mountain with a massive log on his shoulder), which for some reason resonated.[2]
  • For Adam’s model, George Nagulov did the head and hair, while the costume was done by Emmanuel Lecouturier. Making golden skin look good was a challenge for Nagulov, but eventually he got there with the help of Genci Buxheli.[3]


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