Doom Patrol Introduces Admiral Whiskers – The Batman of the Rat World

Doom Patrol, season 1, episode 7, “ Therapy Patrol, ” may have introduced the series ‘ strangest character so far with Admiral Whiskers – a denounce who, like Batman, has devoted his life to avenging the death of his parents. Granted, admiral Whiskers does n’t wear a costume and does not seem to have devoted his life to the lapp intensive horizontal surface of train as Bruce Wayne. still, the little rodent is well a match for the Dark Knight in determination and efficiency .
balmy fictional character ideas like vigilante rats are par for the course in Doom Patrol, which is based on one of DC Comics ‘ most esoteric and outright wyrd comics. The titular team ‘s membership includes a charwoman with 64 distinct multiple personalities, each of which has their own superintendent power. Their arch enemy, Mr. Nobody, is the reality-altering victim of a Nazi scientist ‘s experiment and is besides convinced ( possibly not unjustly ) that he is the display ‘s narrator. And the show ‘s supporting frame includes a judgment day prophet who fair happens to be a cockroach .
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“ therapy Patrol ” opens up with a Rashomon effect sequence, as we see the events of one dawn bring out from the individual perspectives of Rita Farr, Larry Trainor, Victor “ Cyborg ” Stone, Crazy Jane and Cliff Steele. Each character has their own baggage to deal with, which distracts them even as they interact with the lie of the residents of Doom Manor. This culminates in Cliff, who is in a frenzied climate, suggesting that they should all indulge in some group therapy and reveal their darkest secrets to one another so they ca n’t be used as ammunition by the nefarious Mr. Nobody. The seance does not go well, however, and ends with Cliff collapsing on the floor while apparently speaking in tongues and delirious, before powering down as a rat climbs out of his overt mouth .

After the rotter runs off, the Rashomon succession begins afresh, as a title card introduces us to Admiral Whiskers and we open on Doom Manor ( 6 Episodes Ago ). It is hera that we see a ma rat run over by the team ‘s bus, driven by Cliff Steele, whilst in the middle of demonstrating to her baby how to safely cross the street. As the baby rat cries, he is comforted by Mr. Nobody ( aka The Narrator ), who encourages him to focus on the sorrow he is feeling and “ feel it harden into that frigid cold blade called vengeance ! ”
admiral Whiskers proves to be an apposite pupil and follows Mr. Nobody ‘s instructions to find “ the thoughtless idiot responsible for your mother ‘s annihilation ” and proceed to destroy his judgment, heart and soul. While that ‘s something of a grandiloquent order for a rat, Admiral Whiskers is still able to sneak into Cliff ‘s room while he is in sleep-mode. From there, it ‘s a dim-witted matter to crawl into his automatic body through a still-open wound in his arm from an earlier conflict and start gnawing his way through Cliff ‘s wiring, prompting Cliff ‘s breakdown earlier in the sequence .
While it ‘s all but sealed that Cliff wo n’t be out for the reckon long, Admiral Whiskers has still efficaciously neutralized the team ‘s heaviest hitter for the foreseeable future. What makes this victory in truth ironic is that the rest of the team have no theme that this furtive, elusive attack is Mr. Nobody ‘s handicraft or that admiral Whiskers, like Batman, was an agent of judge, albeit one not opposed to lethal force. possibly adjacent workweek will see a new peace flower after Admiral Whiskers and Robotman detect that both of their mothers were named Martha ? then again that might be besides silly, even for Doom Patrol .




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