human Life as Hakuji

Hakuji was born and raised in the slums to a ailing beget he deeply loved. In order to pay for medicate, Hakuji pickpocketed from people in town, but was caught three times. The magistrate beat him and marked him with tattoo, threatening to cut his arms off the adjacent clock time he was caught and calling him a “ Demon Child ”. When Hakuji returned home after his third beat, a villager informed him that his father, having hear of his check, hang himself. In the letter he left, he stated he wanted Hakuji to live a entire life and did n’t want to take medicine if it was earned by corruptible means. With his criminal tattoo and no home to return to, Hakuji was finally banished from Edo. Devastated by the loss of his father and enraged at this club they lived in where he could n’t afford his don ‘s medicate, he picked fights with people and beat them up. One day, after closely killing seven adult men in a village, he was approached by Keizo, the owner of a local dojo. Annoyed by the world ‘s cheerful demeanor, Hakuji challenged him to a fight, but was defeated with ease. Keizo then took him in so he could nurse Koyuki, Keizo ‘s ailing daughter. Her mother, her previous caretaker, drowned herself ascribable to stress and Keizo had to work handyman jobs to keep them afloat, so Hakuji was tasked with tending to her. already accustomed to caring for his father, he had little trouble, though he found it awkward when she burst into tears apparently at random. One of those times, unbeknown to him, he had indirectly motivated her by telling her that “ there will be a adjacent year ” to see a local anesthetic firework picture. One day, he discovered that Koyuki had been forced outside and left there by the heir of the nearby kenjutsu dojo that sought Keizo ‘s land for themselves and prevented him from getting any students before Hakuji. Enraged, Keizo and Hakuji fought the dojo, and after defeating nine people, Hakuji made them promise to never get involved with the Soryuu dojo or Koyuki again. The heir of the rival dojo became enrage and swung a sword at Hakuji, merely for him to use his Bell Splitter proficiency and punch the side of the blade, breaking it. The early members of the dojo were so moved by the beauty of this technique that they accepted their personnel casualty and apologized for the crudeness of the successor, leaving the Soryuu dojo in peace. [ 1 ]

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Two years belated, Koyuki ‘s health improved enough that she could stand and do chores. Hakuji continued train as Keizo ‘s schoolchild of the Soryu stylus, and the dojo began to grow. One day, Keizo offered to let Hakuji take over the dojo—and take Koyuki as his bride, to Hakuji ‘s surprise and embarrassment. He agreed, mutely vowing to protect both of them, even at the cost of his own liveliness. At a festival, Koyuki told him of her past, asking if he was actually approve with the proposal, to which he reaffirmed his vows to her, promising to protect her for the rest of his life sentence .
The successor of the rival dojo listen about Hakuji ‘s marriage to Koyuki, so he gathered some angered disciples and fight Hakuji, but they lost. tragically, this victory was ephemeral. Hakuji went to visit his father ‘s dangerous to inform him of his marriage, but quickly realized something was imperfectly upon his return. A scholar from the dojo informed him that the rival dojo had poisoned the well where Koyuki and Keizo drank water from. The two died shortly after drinking that water while Hakuji had been away. Enraged, Hakuji killed all sixty-seven members of the rivaling dojo with his bare hands, pulverizing them to the point where their corpses were nobelium longer recognizable. This incident catch Muzan Kibutsuji ‘s attention and, though he was disappointed to find it had been a homo rather than a Demon who ‘d done such a ghastly act, he decided to make Hakuji one of the Twelve Kizuki. Hakuji, with nothing left to protect and having lost his will to live, accepts and becomes the devil Akaza .

Demon Life as “ Akaza ”

After transforming, he lost his memories of the meter he became a human, with only one single desire to become stronger despite not knowing the argue why he wanted to become strong. Despite this, as noted by Doma, he refused to ever eat or harm women. due to his forte, loyalty and will to become stronger, he became one of Muzan ‘s favourites and dispatched him only for particular missions, such as searching for the Blue Spider Lily. During his time as a Demon, Akaza noted that he had met and battled respective Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps during his hundreds of years of biography. During these meet, Akaza had invited every single one of them to become a Demon due to Akaza liking the natural forte, brilliance and skill the Hashira had possessed, wishing to continue battling against them forever. however Akaza was turned down by every single one of them due to them wanting to stay as humans, causing him much confusion as he could not understand their desire to stay as humans. Although not precisely specified, it has been stated by Akaza that each of the Hashira that he battled did not use the Flame Breathing, showing that his battle with Kyojuro Rengoku was the first clock he had come across a Flame Hashira.

Fifty years anterior to his conflict and death against Tanjiro and Giyu in the Infinity Castle, Akaza had come across and battled a powerful Water Hashira of noteworthy skill and ability in the usage of the Breathing Style and successfully killed him and for the following half century did not come across anyone else of the lapp skill level until his duel against Giyu .


Akaza appears concisely after Tanjiro, Kyojuro, Inosuke, Zenitsu and Nezuko have defeated Enmu and rescued the passengers. Noticing a toss off Tanjiro, he immediately rushes forward to kill him, when Kyojuro stops the approach and slices his weapon in half. Quickly healing the wind and complimenting his blade, Akaza is then asked why he would attack an already injured person, to which he states he simply wanted to rid him cursorily before talking to Kyojuro. Deeming him as at the point of his fighting emotional state as a Hashira, he attempts to persuade him to become a devil. He states that as a human, he would finally become previous and die, whereas as a devil, he could continue to become more mighty. When Kyojuro repeatedly refuses the propose and refutes his statements, an annoyed Akaza declares he would alternatively kill him, and activates Destructive Death: Compass Needle.
Akaza and Kyojuro battle ferociously, with Tanjiro and Inosuke looking from a outdistance, both knowing the two are on a wholly different degree of might. Akaza is repeatedly cut but immediately regenerates his wounds, all while taunting Kyojuro by saying all the Hashiras he had killed had never once taken his offer to change. The devil launches in the air and hits Kyojuro with Air Type, knocking him spinal column temporarily, though the attack is quickly beaten. Knowing a conflict at a distance will be difficult, the Flame Hashira rushes fore and tries to attack up close, though all his swings are deflected and dodged. Akaza again taunts him for his weakening homo stamen compared to his demonic physiology and tries again to persuade Kyojuro to change, which fails as Kyojuro repeats he will not become like him. They trade attacks again, with even Inosuke noting that if he tried to help Kyojuro, he would be besides slow and killed instantaneously. Akaza starts to make contact with his attacks, badly injuring the Hashira. All of Kyojuro ‘s sword blows are futile with the monster ‘s rapid healing abilities and he starts to become desperate with multiple Flame Breathing attacks. Akaza on the spur of the moment backs away, allowing Kyojuro to catch his breath, only for Tanjiro and Inosuke to see him bleeding abundantly, in contrast to a wholly finely and heal Akaza .
Akaza, once again, taunts Kyojuro for his numerous injuries, whereas his had already healed immediately because of being a monster and for fighting a lose conflict as a human. Kyojuro ‘s body suddenly becomes engulfed in fire, declaring he will fulfil his duty as a Hashira, to the demon ‘s confusion and wonder. Kyojuro decide he would try to injure him deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as potential, even if it means dying, and speeds fore with Flame Breathing: Esoteric Art. Akaza is amazed at his opponent ‘s crusade spirit, and decide he must become a demon so they can conflict constantly. Declaring he is the Flame Hashira, he uses Flame Breathing, Ninth Form: Rengoku, and rushes forward. Akaza responds with Destructive Death: Annihilation Type. They hit each early ; with Kyojuro slicing Akaza ‘s arm, torso and about through his neck, and Akaza driving his arm through Rengoku ‘s solar plexus. Akaza desperately begs him to become a monster, knowing the wound he inflicted is fatal and amazed at his opponent ‘s will to fight, declares him one of the few chosen strong ones. Kyojuro refuses once more, remembering his mother ‘s promise to him to protect the weak, and drives his sword profoundly through his neck, even catching his fist when Akaza tries to punch him with his free hand, shocking the demon. The sun begins to rise and Akaza attempts to flee but is held in place by Kyojuro refusing to surrender. Tanjiro and Inosuke undertake to aid the Hashira, Inosuke using Fang One: Pierce to attack the devil. Akaza on the spur of the moment rips off his own arms from Kyojuro ‘s body and stomps the earth, creating a shockwave to knocks Inosuke away and giving him the luck to flee. Tanjiro madly gives chase and hurls his Nichirin Blade at the Upper Moon, piercing his breast. Akaza hears Tanjiro ‘s cries, calling him a coward for retreating, enraging him as he mutters to himself that he was fleeing from the sun, not him. Deciding the battle over and Kyojuro will soon die, Akaza flees to safety in the afforest, leaving Inosuke and Tanjiro with a dying Kyojuro .
Akaza appears before Muzan and reports to him that he could not find the Blue Spider Lily, rather, he took down one of the Hashira. Muzan retorts it was entirely one Hashira and declaring his desire is for all to be dead. Angered at his failure, Muzan takes see of Akaza ‘s cells and causes him to bleed heavily. The Demon Lord mocks him for acting gallant when three other monster slayers were still active and he could have killed them equally well, ending his bombast by claiming “ even Upper Moon Three was brought to the ground ”. When dismissed by Muzan for his failure, he takes poster of Tanjiro ‘s nearby blade. Remembering how he called him a coward, he furiously smashes it to pieces and declare he would spill his brains the next time they meet .
Some time late, Akaza is on the spur of the moment transported to the Infinity Castle by Nakime. He is greeted by Gyokko and Hantengu but is disinterested in talking to them. He asks the Biwa Demon on Muzan ‘s whereabouts and where is Upper Moon One when he is cheerfully greeted by Doma. Annoyed by his attempts to have a conversation with, he irritably asks Doma to take his arm off him, then violently shatters his jaw when he does n’t. An unfazed Doma continues trying to talk and evens believes the attack is merely a sign of their “ friendship ”. Nakime answers his question and states that Upper Moon One is the first gear to arrive, who then announces Muzan ‘s appearance. Muzan voices his disappointment in Gyutaro and wonders aloud why the Upper Moons are still around with no longer a proper purpose, shocking them all ; Akaza himself does n’t respond knowing his late failure. Gyokko suddenly states that he has raw information for their drawing card and Doma unwittingly asks if he can participate in a mission, causing Akaza to angrily destroy his superior ‘s head for “ disobeying Muzan ‘s orders ”.

on the spur of the moment, his hired hand falls off, and Kokushibo appears before him, reprimanding him for disrupting the hierarchy. A regenerate Doma tries to calm down Upper Moon One but he angrily tells Akaza if he wanted to take Doma ‘s place and drum him, he should do so in a proper conflict. A silent Akaza overhears Doma ‘s statement that such a battle would be bootless, since even the more recently turned Doma is army for the liberation of rwanda more brawny than he is, earning his wrath. Doma continues to try defending Akaza but Kokushibo directly asks him if he understood what he declared. Akaza complies but softly threatens to kill him angstrom well. As Kokushibo disappears, Akaza rushes out of the Infinity Castle, ignoring Doma ‘s attempts at another conversation .



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