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The Supreme Time Being
Alioth the Usurper


Marvel Comics

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Cosmic Being

Powers / Skills

Existing across multiple timelines
Space and time distortion
Pseudopodia extenuation
Being absorbtion
Temporal energy negation


Taking over time periods.
Causing mass destruction.


Invade the multiverse.
Break through into the kingdom of the Time Variance Authority. ( all successful )
Take over all time periods.
Take over ( both failed )

Break free of the constraints of time.Invade the multiverse.Break through into the realm of the Time Variance Authority.Take over all time periods.Take over Kang ‘s former domain.


Mass destruction
Mass murder
Disrupting the space-time continuum
Invading the multiverse

Type of Villain

Cataclysmic Cosmic Entity

It is a force that has infiltrated Kang’s Capital City and sweeps over its skyline like a cloud of wrath… It is a force that engulfs and consumes… It is a force called Alioth the Usurper!
~ Description of Alioth

Alioth is a malefic temporal entity from Marvel Comics. It appears to be a giant purple cloud with what a terrifying face on it. It mass end across everything that it touches, with the ability to travel across all of space and time. It has an empire that rivals the all-mighty Kang the Conqueror himself.


future to nothing is known about Alioth. It claims to be the supreme time being of the time-span prior to Kang ‘s ( approximately 2000bc-6000ad ), stretching rear to the click of life on Earth. It claims to be the foremost being to free itself from the timestream, presumably meaning to travel into Limbo, or to another fourth dimension period. Kang has claimed that it has merely been though his efforts that Alioth has not taken over all time periods. Kang somehow managed to form a barrier to prevent Alioth from entering his dowry of Limbo. Kang was rendered comatose in a battle with the Avengers and Fantastic Four ( I believe this was the Citizen Kang saga ). With Kang ‘s kill, his fan, Ravonna, aka the Terminatrix, used an image inducer to assume his form and took over his rule of Chronopolis. She began to explore the kingdom of Limbo and upon encountering a barrier, she blasted a trap in it to learn what was on the early side. This allowed Alioth to escape. She fled before its office, but Alioth soon traveled to and attacked the city of Chronopolis. The Terminatrix, acting on aid from her surrogate future self, Revelation, revived Kang and informed him of Alioth ‘s attack. Alioth invaded the Chamber of the Council of Cross-Time Kangs, slaying all salute. Kang attempted to stop him, but was forced to flee to avoid his own assimilation. Kang, along with the Terminatrix and Revelation, convinced the Avengers of Alioth ‘s threat to their reality, gave them a Chrono Key, and sent them to struggle Alioth. none of the Avengers power presented any threat to Alioth, so Thor activated the Chrono Key, which then assumed its true shape, that of Tempus. Tempus, initially the size of a hand-held figurine, absorbed the energy of the dead Council members and quickly grew to enormous proportions. Having prevented Alioth from absorbing their energy, Tempus then attacked Alioth directly. Tempus continued to grow, feeding off of Alioth ‘s own temporal energies until it reached reality wide-eyed proportions, creating the clock barrier between Alioth ‘s region and Kang ‘s. This barrier spread across the timestream, and is the lapp barrier originally encountered by the Terminatrix. “ belated ” after his rejoinder from his second stretch as Rama-Tut, Kang decided to take carry through against the other chronal rulers. He manipulated events to set the respective organizations against each other. As separate of this, Kang weakned Tempus slightly, allowing Alioth to break through into the kingdom of the Time Variance Authority, throwing them into agitation .

Powers and Abilities

Alioth is what is referred to as a “ trans-temporal entity ”. This means that he has the ability to exist across divergent timelines. Across these timelines, Alioth takes the form of a ginormous cloud with a monstrous font on it. Alioth can cause destruction to all it ‘s being touches and to causes massive temporal affray. This ultimately leads to massive destruction across many unlike dimensions. Alioth can extend it ‘s “ pseudopod ” to attack things, such as beings or locations, in orderliness grow in size and mass. It chiefly absorbed the bodies of prison term travelers who pass through it into its bulk. Attempts of any sort to travel through Alioth will ultimately result in assimilation of the being or object that tried to travel through it.

Upon arriving in a time period, Alioth will spread itself across realities ajacent to the menstruation. Alioth besides “ negates ” temporal energy. Thus prevents travel through it to any time before it exists .

other Media

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Alioth serves as the chief antagonist of the fifth episode : “ Journey Into Mystery ”. He is again induce destruction until he is stopped by Loki and Sylvie Laufeydottir .


Alioth Temporal LimboAliothLoki Alioth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe .


  • Alioth was the first being in the Marvel universe to ever break free of the constraints of time.
  • Alioth was created by Mark Gruenwald and Mike Gustovich.


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