The 10 Most Powerful DC Comics Characters, According To Ranker

Young Justice season 4 has been a huge shoot among DC fans, further delving into the deeper lore of the DC Universe. The appearance has explored some of the most mighty entities in being, with more likely to come. But who are the most powerful beings in the DC Universe ?
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Fans on Ranker decided on what they believed is the hierarchy of ability in the DC Universe, ranging from celestial entities to charming beings to mighty gods that can smash their way through any city they choose. The world of comics is ginormous, and some of these characters are broadly affiliated with DC imprint, Vertigo .

10 The Source

The Source is one of the celestial entities that exist in the DC Universe, and is considered in the canon to be an energy responsible for life. The Source is protected by its out shell known as the Source Wall. The Source is an abstract skill fiction concept, but fans much judge its importance by its reoccurring relevance in stories surrounding the New Gods, and Darkseid ‘s quest for Anti-Life .
Fans of Young Justice will recognize the Source Wall, as it ‘s an area of the universe the usher has explored recently. The Source besides made its way onto Justice League Unlimited, one of the best district of columbia Animated series .

9 Mr. Mxyzptlk

One of the oldest characters present on the rate is Mr. Mxyzptlk, a name many have failed to pronounce. normally a Superman villain, the character is one of his most dangerous enemies, as he ca n’t actually be punched away. Superman constantly has to trick the imp into going away, making for some strange comics .
Mxyzpltk is an irritation to Superman, but fortunately for the Man of Steel, often does n’t go further than that. His portrait varies, with some writers making him army for the liberation of rwanda more malefic than others. The character has had several screen adaptations, including on Smallville and Supergirl .

8 Superman Prime

A Golden Superman Prime in DC Comics
An interchange version of the Superman fans know and love is Superman Prime, a future variant of the character who has lived for 85,000 years, traveled the population and acquired powers beyond resource. The fib of the character is actually bittersweet, as he spends a majority of his time unfulfilled, until he resurrects Lois Lane in the distant future .
Superman Prime possesses all of Superman ‘s convention powers, adenine well as wielding a green Lantern closed chain, being supercharged by the Sun, as he spent 15,000 years charging in it. The quality is highly mighty, but its lower ranking is likely due to the express cognition of him in DC canyon .

7 Darkseid

Darkseid Justice League Odyssey
One of the most recognizable DC, or Superman, villains of all time is Darkseid the Lord of Apokolips, who wants nothing but endless power, control and an end to freedom for all living things. As one of the main villains of the DC Universe, it ‘s no surprise Darkseid is one of the most herculean beings .
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Darkseid is highly firm, and much has the edge over Superman and the Justice League in physical battles. But Darkseid ‘s chief potency comes from his network of control condition, with his dominion over Apokolips and other subjects typically doing the bulge of the fight for him .

6 The Endless

From The Sandman comics, The Endless, are all siblings that have control over the facet of life their name describes. Though the characters are chiefly in Vertigo comics, they have had some crossovers to the regular DC Universe. Most recently in Dark Knights : metallic element, Dream appeared, showing that even after The New 52 boot, the characters are still a part of the DC canon .
comic chronology can be confuse, given how many different creators have worked on them over time, but it seems that Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman comics are still in the history, qualifying The Endless and their all-knowing, countless baron .

5 Anti-Monitor

Being the central adversary of one of the best district of columbia Comics crossing events of all clock time says a batch about how knock-down the character is. The Anti-Monitor is one of the best villains ever, and decidedly one of the end bet on characters that can rarely be used, ascribable to its huge power .
The Anti-Monitor has the ability to destroy universes, making him creditworthy for assumingly infinite deaths, including Supergirl in Crisis on Infinite Earths, placing him high in the ranking. The character was used as the cardinal villain for the Arrowverse in their adaptation of the legendary amusing event .

4 Spectre

The Spectre is one of the direct representations of The Presence in the DC Universe, as he ‘s known as the Spirit of Vengeance. The Spectre basically has boundless power, and unlike many characters with such gifts, frequently uses them for godhead purposes .
The powers of the Spectre have embodied multiple humans, including Hal Jordan, who took on the mantle after the Day of Judgement storyline after Jim Corrigan. Ranking Anti-Monitor and the Spectre is frequently a tossup, as Anti-Monitor has defeated Spectre before. many fans believe that he was held back by self imposed limitations.

3 Archangel Michael

Lucifer Michael Archangels
The twin brother of Lucifer is Michael Demiurgos, both of which own providential powers granted to them by The Presence. Michael is typically a character appearing in Vertigo comics, as he was created by writer Neil Gaiman in the ’90s. Like with The Endless, these characters were declared real in the DC Universe by Grant Morrison, in his JLA test in the early 2000s .
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The character appeared in the fifth temper of Lucifer, played by Lucifer actor Tom Ellis. In the grand scheme of the DC Universe, Michael is an entity much personified by human characters, but his powers reach far beyond that of any homo or Justice League extremity .

2 Lucifer Morningstar

Tom Ellis in Lucifer
Lucifer, popularized by the hit Fox TV series, is one of the most herculean entities in the DC Universe, taking call over Michael due to his self-control that ‘s allowed him to best Michael ‘s intensity. The two angels can be a tossup though, as their powers granted by The Presence are very similar .
These characters are based off of actual angel figures, thus there have been many adaptations of them in different fabricated forms, but in the DC Universe and Vertigo imprints, Lucifer holds the trophy as being the second most herculean entity .

1 The Presence

evening though other characters like the Anti-Monitor and their population delete powers seem space, The Presence goes further beyond that, as it is an entity that exists far above the likes of the many pantheons of gods that exist in the DC Universe .
many of the characters in the ranking have apparently illimitable baron, with the merely limit being each other, and that The Presence is what grants them their might. The Presence is definably the strongest character, despite its appearances being very limited .
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