The 12 Greatest DC Superheroes of All Time

DC Comics is home to myriad superheroes and villains, including many of the most iconic characters to grace the comic book page. however, tied within that huge universe of mythic figures, a few heroes soar above the rest, whether owing to their compel backstories, visually matter to powers, or — in most cases — a combination of the two .
then lashkar-e-taiba ’ s take a look at our authoritative tilt of the top 12 DC superheroes .
DC superheroes, DC heroes list: Strongest DC character, SupermanChristopher Reeve’s Superman costume on display at Christie’s auction house on December 16, 2003, in London | Ian Walton/Getty Images

12. Nightwing

As half of the Dynamic Duo, Dick Grayson began as Batman ’ mho buddy but broke out of his Boy Wonder binds to become a bona fide DC superhero in his own right. Nightwing uses the lessons he learned from his brooding mentor — minus the darkness, plus a gleam of hope — to take down DC ’ south villains. He is the kind, easy Batman .

11. Shazam

Like his fellow DC superheroes Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, Billy Batson lost his parents when he was a child. Their prematurely demise sent him on a righteous path to an ancient sorcerer, Shazam. The charming bestowed the male child with the baron to transform himself into an adult superhero of the same identify by summoning a magic lightning bolt with one word : “ Shazam ! ”
When he beginning appeared in Whiz Comics No. 2 in 1940, Shazam outsold Batman and Superman, The New York Times reported. His popularity led to an eponymous 1974 live-action television receiver serial, a 2019 Hollywood blockbuster, and its 2023 follow-up, Shazam ! ferocity of the Gods

10. Booster Gold

Booster Gold doesn ’ t have the name recognition of his Justice League contemporaries, but he ’ sulfur no less authoritative ( and amazing ), hence his inclusion body on our DC heroes tilt. His comedian series infuses much-needed comedy into the differently blue DC canon, as a time traveler from the future using his promote technology to become a fame superhero .
A few years ago, Warner Bros. even had plans for a standalone movie that many theorized would be DC ’ s answer to Marvel ’ s wildly popular Guardians of the Galaxy saga. But indeed far, nothing has materialized. Film writer Zack Stentz told The Fanboy Podcast in 2019 that the script is complete, but he ’ south waiting for the studio to make the following move .

9. Green Arrow

much in the like way Marvel entrusted the future of its fledgling streaming universe to Daredevil, DC tagged the green Arrow to launch its television empire on The CW. The move paid off in spades, featuring the green-hooded sagittarius in all his brood hen glory .
in the first place, DC was content to have him basically act as a Batman clone who used a bow and arrow. But in the years since his creation, Green Arrow has taken on a personality of his own, pushing the Justice League into a progressive, forward-thinking mentality .

8. John Constantine

As the doorkeeper for all things supernatural, John Constantine plays an built-in role among the DC superheroes. The skilled magician and house physician demon-fighter leads the “ Dark ” iteration of the Justice League and is known for his trademark brown trenchcoat, snarky quips, and frequent chainsmoking .
He wonderfully embodies the scruffy underbelly of DC ’ randomness superhero world, protecting the satellite from the engender of Hell itself .

7. Aquaman

Aquaman ’ s powers may not always be useful in a land-based conflict, but there ’ s no denying his importance in the larger DC population. As the King of the Seven Seas, he shoulders great province while watching over all the creatures of our planet ’ randomness oceans .
And Aquaman got tied cooler when nonmigratory Hollywood badass Jason Momoa played the champion in the 2018 movie of the same name .

6. Martian Manhunter

A strong argument can be made for why martian Manhunter is the most herculean bomber in the Justice League. Possessing a broad range of psychic, physical, and centripetal abilities, he ’ s a valuable ally among DC heroes. beyond that, he besides acts as an intriguing foil for Superman, as a colleague estrange forced to watch his society come crumbling down around him .
You can see him on The CW ’ s Supergirl, a live-action depiction he rightly deserves.

5. Wonder Woman

probably the most celebrated female comedian book hero, Wonder Woman was the only extremity of the DC Comics “ Trinity ” — alongside Superman and Batman — to never star in her own movie. But that changed when Gal Gadot portrayed the character in the standalone blockbuster Wonder Woman .
Considering she is a brawny as Superman, Wonder Woman — whose beginning story is steeped in Greek mythology — deserves to be vitamin a popular as her male counterparts. Given her 2017 movie and 2020 follow-up, Wonder Woman 1984, casual fans finally learned how fascinating a calculate she in truth is .

4. Green Lantern

Don ’ metric ton let that 2011 Ryan Reynolds film chump you. green Lantern may have even to be effectively translated to live-action, but the character has a long-standing history as one of DC ’ s most brawny heroes .
Like the Flash, numerous men have wielded the charming ring that is the signature of the intergalactic jurisprudence enforcement group the Green Lantern Corps. however, all have proven to be impregnable additions to comic book lore — from Hal Jordan to John Stewart. It appears to be equitable a matter of time until the quality ’ south identify and the imaginative reservoir of his powers ultimately achieve redemption in the eyes of casual superhero fans unfamiliar with his many successful appearances in comics and animated adaptations .

3. Flash

The Flash may not have the same pavilion respect among non–comic book readers, but the character is catching up with his fellow Justice League members debauched ( after all, he is the fastest man alive ). much depicted as more fun and relaxed than most early top DC heroes, the character has long been a staple of the comics and ultimately broken into the mainstream, thanks to the score series on The CW .
Flash has besides undergo loads of evolution over the years, with different men donning the suit. Regardless of which translation of the character appears, the Flash is constantly a highlight, and his world — which frequently dabbles in time travel — never fails to create new and storm stories .

2. Batman

undoubtedly one of the most popular heroes of all clock time, Batman serves as the perfect counterpoint to Superman in the comedian books, offering a conflict sense of darkness and brooding commitment in place of the Man of Steel ’ s net opinion of the planet he serves .
authoritative works like The Dark Knight Returns and The Killing Joke perfectly capture how morally complex and interminably thrilling Batman ’ sulfur global can be, thanks in part to his stunning rogues ’ gallery of memorable foes .
The Caped Crusader has besides seen fiscal success, with his theatrical releases jointly raking in $ 2.4 billion to date, Box Office Mojo reports .

1. Superman

DC superheroes: Christopher Reeve as Superman in 1978Christopher Reeve as the DC hero Superman in 1978 | Keystone/Getty Images
possibly the most recognizable superhero ever created, Superman is probably besides the one creditworthy for the explosion of the genre, as he predates virtually all of the heroes we love today .
A paragon of truth and judge, the strongest DC character is known for his dogged sense of righteousness. And although he has largely been unmanageable to capture on the big screen — at least since Christopher Reeve donned the loss cape — even fans who criticized Man of Steel continue to stand by the last son of Krypton, whose tragic beginning has yielded many epic comedian book tales over the years.

extra report by Nick Cannata-Bowman .
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