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There are a draw of heroes in My Hero Academia, most of them established pros, out on the streets saving civilians from threats boastful and modest. The main characters of My Hero Academia, however, are the heroic youngsters studying at U.A. senior high school School. specifically, they ’ ra students of class 1-A : 20 students, including our supporter Midoriya, under the tutelage of fabled heroes like Eraserhead, their home room teacher, and their Hero Studies teacher All Might. The pupils of My Hero Academia ’ second Class 1-A all have alone and original “ quirks ” that make them hero material – whether they ‘re offensive, defensive, strategic, or supportive abilities. One of the best things about the express is how delightfully foreign and airheaded most of these powers are. But how would you rank the best and worst of the class 1-A quirks ? Let ’ s take a expression .
Remember, this list is a rate of quirks : How utilitarian, hardheaded, and expansive they actually are at this point in the anime ( with the likely for the number to change as the show goes on ). It ’ s not a list of best characters by personality or appearance, though that does often go hand-in-hand with their quirks. Check out the list in the slideshow below, or scroll down to keep read.

My Hero Academia : Class 1-A ‘s Best and Worst Quirks

20. Masahirao Ojiro/Tailman – Quirk: Tail

20 ojiro
Ojiro has a very potent buttocks. That ’ s it. That ’ s all you get. It ’ s an impressive tail, no doubt. Strong and agile ; it gives him added survival, lastingness, fighting skills, and agility. But that very is it. He besides has a criminally boring side and character design … Ojiro is kind of the worst .

19. Mezo Shoji/Tentacole – Dupli-Arms

19 Mezo Shoji

Mezo is a big strong man who can duplicate parts of his face – mouth, ears, eyes – at the tips of his tentacles. Uh, great? No, not great. His character design also looks silly and out of place in the MHA universe. But he can also glide, which is cool… if you like gliding.

18. Yuga Aoyama/Can’t Stop Twinkling – Navel Laser

18 yuga aouama
Mezo is a big potent man who can duplicate parts of his face – mouth, ears, eyes – at the tips of his tentacles. Uh, great ? No, not great. His character design besides looks airheaded and out of seat in the MHA population. But he can besides glide, which is cool … if you like gliding. Yuga is a delightfully building complex character ; he actually has a lot of similarities to Bakugo in terms of how his layers are slowly being peeled away as the usher progresses. And he has a naval laser. Imagine Cyclops and his ocular laser balance beam, only it looks a lot more wyrd since it ’ south shooting correct out of his belly. His bomber ‘s appoint is “ Can ’ t Stop Twinkling, ” which is credibly the weirdest and best thing about him. aside from the fact that his oddity gives him a debilitating stomach-ache, which is besides reasonably damn eldritch .

17. Rikido Sato/Sugarman – Sugar Rush

17 Rikido Sato
not merely does Sato have a very criminally underdevelop personality as a member of class 1-A, he besides has a pretty underwhelming quirk. By eating a batch of sugar, he can exhibit superintendent military capability for a few minutes. That ’ s it ! He ‘s basically a 3-year-old hopped up on a bowl of sugary cereal .

16. Kyoka Jiro – Earphone Jack

16 jiro
Kyoka ’ sulfur quirk is a bite of an castigation. Get it ? Because she has earphone jacks that hang from her earlobe which she plugs into objects and channels the sound of her blink of an eye into them. not the coolest quirk, but at least it ’ five hundred be easy for her to pass the aux cord – she ’ mho got two of ‘ em hanging from her ears .

15. Koji Koda/Anima – Anivoice

15 koji
Koji is the kernel of class 1-A in many ways, and having the ability to call on and command any animal is a fantastic oddity ! But it ’ s not higher on this list plainly because it can ’ t stand up against many of the high-level heroes in classify 1-A like Todoroki and Bakugo .

14. Hanta Sero/Cellophane – Tape

14 Hanta Sero
tape is the kind of cockamamie and camp world power that I wish we saw more of – and the fact that Sero has these strange action figure elbows for whatever argue is a weird quirk in and of itself. good imagine if Spider-Man built web launchers for his forearms … rather impractical, but highly effective. fair not in comparison with some of the early quirks on this list .

13. Mina Ashido/Pinky – Acid

13 Mina Ashido
Ashido ’ s appearance is absolutely adorable. Her quirk, however, international relations and security network ’ t the most expansive. There are decidedly situations where excreting corrosive acerb could be utilitarian, but you ’ ve got to admit, it ’ s a limited skill to have .

12. Momo Yaoyorozu/Creati – Creation

12 Momo
Momo is a adequate character, but thanks to her costume and how her powers manifest, she is besides a sad apology for winnow service. And her oddity is one that ’ s by and large underused and underwhelming. It could be identical cool, but we ‘ve never seen it used in a in truth apt or experimental way. At least she international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate this Momo.

11. Minoru Mineta/Grape Juice – Pop Off

11 Minoru
Despite how by and large cagey and wholesome My Hero Academia is, the show still insists on a morsel of fan servicing, and it besides delights us by presenting a nasty, diaper-wearing perv of a character who ’ s two feet tall with purple awkward balls for hair. Well played, MHA. While there ‘s some appeal to stories with camp absurdity, Mineta ’ sulfur quirk is not good cockamamie, it ’ south stupid. And he deserves it for being sol crude. But it ‘s decidedly not the most bore quirk on the list .

10. Denki Kaminari/Chargebolt – Electrification

10 Kaminari
electrification is a skill that we ’ ve seen before in superhero comics. It ’ s constantly cool. Denki ’ mho skills aren ’ thymine arsenic pathetic as the lower-ranked quirks on this list, but they ’ rhenium not particularly cool, agitate, or electrifying either – they ‘re pretty generic, by superhero standards .

9. Eijiro Kirishima/Red Riot – Hardening

9 Eijiro Kirishima
Hardening is a staple skill in a draw of superhero fiction. And Pokemon ! It ’ s a useful confirm skill and one that allows its user some fantastic intensity and defensive skills. But it ’ s not all that interesting. particularly as we ’ ve seen Eijiro go neck and neck against another hero with an identical quirk during the tournament bow of Season 2. ( It was like watching two Metapods go up against each other. )

8. Tenya Iida/Ingenium – Engine

8 tenya iida
Iida is both the church father of the group and the comedian relief. He ’ south well-written with some surprise depth of character, and we ’ re rooting for him to get all the happiness he deserves. But his quirk is surely not as potent or a useful as the ones ranked higher on this list. Nor are they half vitamin a dazed as the ones we ‘ve seen so far .

7. Tooru Hagakure/Invisible Girl – Invisibility

7 toru hagakure
Tooru is an underestimate and underutilized character in Class 1-A. Invisibility is constantly a utilitarian skill to have, particularly when it comes to saving people and facing foes in a more strategic fashion. metal Gear Solid, anyone ?

6. Izuku Midoriya/Deku – One For All

6 deku
ultimately, our champion shows up. Deku ’ s strength-based powers are not the best, nor are they the worst. One For All awards him some identical run-of-the-mill abilities that allow him to go toe-to-toe with the strongest foes and come out on top, but they ’ re not all that exciting or divers. still, at least he gets to smash stuff !

5. Ochako Uraraka/Uravity – Zero Gravity

5 ochaco uraraka
Uraraka is precisely adorable. And her quirk is nothing to be laughed at. At first glance it seems inoffensive but remember, she ’ s a bomber : She will much be placed in situations where she has to disarm a dangerous enemy and defend those in hazard. Her Zero Gravity powers can do precisely that ! They ’ ra defensive and supportive, not your typical explosive or destructive abilities .

4. Fumikage Tokoyami/Tsukuyomi – Dark Shadow

4 tokoyami fumikage

We don’t see enough creative use of shadows in super-powered properties. There’s so much strange potential in them so it’s cool to see My Hero Academia take a character – one who inexplicably looks like a raven – and give him a battle partner with its own consciousness (like the daemons from His Dark Materials) and the ability to fight and defend.

3. Tsuyu Asui/Froppy – Frog Form

3 tsuyu asui
We don ’ thymine see adequate creative use of shadows in super-powered properties. There ’ south so much strange potential in them so it ’ south cool to see My Hero Academia take a character – one who inexplicably looks like a raven – and give him a conflict partner with its own consciousness ( like the daemons from His Dark Materials ) and the ability to fight and defend. What ’ s amazing about Tsuyu is how she takes the world power of a creepy and nefarious X-Men character and shows how adorable and clever it can be. Froppy is less about what she can create, and more what her consistency is able of ; and when it comes to having powers that can save people from dangerous situations, particularly accidents and disasters, her powers are the most versatile .

2. Katsuki Bakugo/Kacchan – Explosion

2 Bakugo
Bakugo is the Naruto of My Hero Academia : a hot-headed kid with a massive chip on his shoulder. appropriately, his quirk is the world power to ignite nitro-glycerine, which he secretes like effort, causing massive explosions which he can use offensively and for amazing maneuverability. It ’ s a heedless and potentially dangerous quirk, but a very brawny one to have in a neck and neck fight .

1. Shoto Todoroki – Half Cold, Half Hot

1 Todoroki
Todoroki, the leave of a strategic pairing between his # 2 ranked champion father and his ice-powered mother, can create and control ice and fire in adequate measure. We ’ ve seen both powers most famously in the X-Men comics for decades, but Todoroki has the best of both worlds. While these powers aren ’ t all that strange or original, the show has proven time and again how divers they can be, making Todoroki the strongest extremity of class 1-A, at least for now .
What do you think are the best and worst quirks ? Weigh in with your favorites below, and check out our My Hero Academia Season 4 reviews .


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