The Flash: Every Speedster That Exists In The Arrowverse

The Flash, Barry Allen, is the fastest world animated in the Arrowverse ; however, he ‘s far from the only speedster to appear in the partake universe. The Arrowverse is absolutely packed with super-speedsters. Barry Allen may consider himself the fastest valet alert, but he ‘s far from the only super-speedster in the Multiverse. Ever since that fateful day he was struck by lightning, the Flash has found himself confronted with countless friends and foes who seem to match his speed .
From an out-of-universe perspective, superhero comics and television shows have long enjoyed pitch heroes against wind mirror-image enemies. In the case of the Flash, the writers seem to have initially struggled to imagine scenarios where Barry Allen could truly be fought by anyone who did n’t have the lapp kind of might set ; after all, he can potentially take out any threat so promptly they do n’t even see him coming. The testify became more creative as it went on, realizing it had fallen into a insistent trope .

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Of course, The Flash has indulged in both time travel and the concept of the Multiverse, meaning speedsters come from countless unlike times and dimensions. The following list is all the characters in the Arrowverse with speedster abilities ; it does n’t include characters like Trajectory, Savitar, or Zoom, who have been killed, or speedsters mentioned in tie-ins that may not be canon .

The Flash – Barry Allen (Earth-1)

The Flash Season 6 Barry Allen Barry Allen himself is the first, the best, and undoubtedly the fastest. He has an intimate connection to the Speed Force, created when he was struck by darkness matter lightning. At one target, the Flash spent six months trapped within the Speed Force, and his cells were saturated with the Speed Force, permanently altered and boosting his powers ; late, Oliver Queen — as the Spectre — apparently enhanced the Flash ‘s accelerate even further. Barry ‘s previous top travel rapidly has been measured at 1.25 percentage the speed of light up, but he ‘s now credibly able to exceed this by far .

The Flash – Barry Allen (DCEU)

The Flash Arrowverse DCEU crisis on Infinite Earths featured an unexpected cameo from Ezra Miller ‘s DCEU Flash, confirming the DCEU is part of the same Multiverse. It was the ultimate piece of fan-service, bringing Miller and Grant Gustin face-to-face, and even suggesting Earth-1 ‘s Barry Allen gave his DCEU incarnation the idea for his codename. It ‘s indecipherable quite how this works, though, because technically the find took plaza after the end of the Multiverse, meaning it very should have been impossible .
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Kid Flash

wally west Cropped following up is wally West, a.k.a. Kid Flash, the son of Joe West and Iris ‘ younger brother. He was exposed to the Speed Force in the Flashpoint timeline ; although the timeline was reset, wally regained his connection to the Speed Force when he encountered the Philosopher ‘s Stone. Wally is one of the most potent speedsters around, with his powers growing at a far greater rate than the Flash ‘s, although it ‘s not clear whether that ‘s placid the shell. Some of Wally ‘s powers do seem to vary a little when compared to other speedsters ; his super-healing is particularly inconsistent .


Eobard Thawne Reverse Flash Crisis on Infniite Earths Arrowverse Eobard Thawne is the most dangerous super-speedster of all, born in the twenty-second hundred and obsessed with the Flash. He successfully recreated the accident that gave Barry Allen his powers, and became a speedster himself. Thawne became the Reverse-Flash, and he learned to tap into a raw ability called the Negative Speed Force. This is the yin to the Speed Force ‘s yang, an extradimensional field of negative department of energy that eats away at the Speed Force like a cancer. It ‘s clear up a speedster who accesses the Negative Speed Force can use it to do everything a normal speedster does with the Speed Force. Following the uncover that Thawne merged into all versions of Wells post-Crisis, his current status in the Arrowverse is unknown .

Nora West-Allen

Nora Allen in her XS's costume waving and smiling Nora West-Allen originates from a future timeline in which the Flash died during Crisis on Infinite Earths, and she traveled back in time in arrange to meet her father. unfortunately, Nora unwittingly rewrote the timeline, ultimately leading to her being erased from world itself. It ‘s possible the aftermath of Crisis on Infinite Earths has restored Nora to existence, but in this modern timeline she would hopefully have grown up with Barry Allen to help bring her up .

Jay Garrick

Jay Garrick Flash The Flash of Earth-3, Jay Garrick styled himself as the Crimson Comet, and he ‘s been a frequent ally of Team Flash. He understands the Speed Force better than credibly any early speedster bar Reverse-Flash, and during the buildup to Crisis on Infinite Earths, he was the entirely matchless who successfully detected the antimatter waves destroying unlike realities. Earth-3 was obliterated, but Shipp has indicated Jay could return. Curiously, Jay did citation train a protege, an nameless super-speedster .
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Jesse Quick

Jesse Quick Jesse Quick is the daughter of Harrison Wells from Earth-2, and her Speed Force joining was unlocked by an antimatter wave from the STAR Labs particle catalyst. She ‘s been a frequent ally of Team Flash, even moving to Earth-1 for a while and dating wally West. unfortunately, after Savitar was defeated she traveled second to Earth-2, and was living there when her dimension was struck by an antimatter wave. It ‘s unknown whether she was restored when Oliver Queen restored the Multiverse .

The Accelerated Man (Earth-19)

Accelerated Man It ‘s slowly to forget the Accelerated Man, who lives on Earth-19. Assuming he ‘s the like as his comedian book equivalent, he ‘s an alter-dimensional Barry Allen ; the Accelerated man has entirely been encountered a pair of times by dimension-hoppers such as Gypsy, and it ‘s impossible to say whether he hush exists in the post-Crisis universe .

Blitzkrieg (Earth-X)

Flash Blitzkrieg Another exotic one, Blitzkrieg has only appeared in the enliven miniseries Freedom Fighters : The Ray. He ‘s the speedster of Earth-X, a pitiless member of the New Reichsmen, and he ‘s enhanced his abilities as a speedster by using a rapier as a madly weapon. He was captured by the Freedom Fighters, and has n’t been seen since .


Godspeed is probably the most confusing of all the super-speedsters to date. He originates from Nora West-Allen ‘s future timeline, where Nora beat him after being trained by Eobard Thawne ; after Nora was erased from the timeline, though, he began sending speedsters back in time to cause problems for Team Flash. This appears to have stopped after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, presumably meaning Godspeed ‘s timeline has changed again .
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