Amazon’s Endgame: If Amazon is Thanos, who are “The Avengers”?

Let ’ s wear that our position on Amazon is as follows… Amazon is incredibly firm and getting more potent. It has a very specific way that it sees the worldly concern and how it believes the global needs to change. Its lone aim is to create these changes to fulfill its function. You can agree or disagree with its perspective but there is no denying that it will be difficult to stop it and that it has thick clarity on its objective. Amazon is Thanos .

“You’re Strong, but i could snap my fingers, and you’d all cease to exist.” Thanos/Amazon

honestly, Thanos had a compel if not misguided position of the universe and like Amazon became stronger as it achieved its objectives. The interview is, if Amazon is Thanos than who are the Avengers and do they stand any probability of stopping Amazon ? Is Amazon gobbling up every industry “ inevitable ” or can/should the Mad Titan of Ecommerce by stopped ? Let ’ s Assemble the Avengers :

Walmart : thorNo alt text provided for this image not the big invincible idol that Walmart once was but the slenderly less in shape adaptation of himself. That doesn ’ t make Walmart any less dangerous to Amazon but its Ecommerce losses over the past year express a lack of accelerate as it relates to their development. recently, it seems that Walmart realized its best weapon was the one it always won with, its Super Centers. A new holistic approach including its physical presence along with its on-line muscle will help Walmart atleast pack a punch. uracil government : captain AmericaNo alt text provided for this image

Steve Rogers is a Boy Scout, always looking to do the correctly thing and play by the rules. Depending on who is running the nation in the coming years, Amazon will remain under huge scrutiny for its actions on many fronts that the Captain would not approve of. Some candidates want to break up big technical school companies while many feel like actor safety issues, issues with their pitch practices ranging from book to roadside accidents from their drivers need to be addressed. besides, leveraging offshore banks for tax purposes while legal will have Amazon in the shields view. Brands : Nebula & GomoraNo alt text provided for this image fair as Thanos can raise and save his daughters while besides being wholly devastating to them, Amazon can truly help raise a mark while crushing it. It ’ s a herculean creature and a way to get your products visible and sold at volume but it can besides crush you on allowance, monetary value and most importantly it can take your consumer ( and keep their data ). If it wants to, it can replicate all that you are and cut you out fair like Nebula. The merely way to combat it is if brands band together and even then the odds are stacked against it unless there was person or something that could unify all of these things in a struggle against Amazon… possibly there is …

Shopify : Iron worldNo alt text provided for this image Like Iron Man Shopify is exceptionally solid and ache. It ’ mho technology is agile, agile and constantly evolving. It brings together brands as Tony brings together the Avengers. It is very similar to Amazon except that its aim is to give power and autonomy to the brands. By assembling their Avengers of 1m+ businesses, they potentially have an alternate to Amazons monopolistic approach. Thanos/Amazon doesn ’ metric ton think the population should have a choice for what is right field but Shopify and it ’ s Avengers believe differently. Who did I miss ? Do you agree ? Add your thoughts below .

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