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Amy Winston


( foster mother )
Lord Firojha ( parental grandfather, deceased )
Lord Vyrian ( father )
( beget )
( aunt )
Lady Chandra ( ancestor, deceased ) Herb Winston (foster father) Marion Winston (foster mother)Lord Firojha (paternal grandfather, deceased)Lord Vyrian (father) Lady Graciel (mother) Lady Mordiel (aunt)Lady Chandra (ancestor, deceased)



House of Amethyst · Young Justice formerly Justice League Dark

Base Of Operations

Kingdom of Amethyst, Nilaa, Gemworld





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Princess, Student









Blond · Violet



Sphere of the Gods


Dan Mishkin · Gary Cohn · Ernie Colon

First Appearance
Sword of Sorcery Vol 2 #0
(November, 2012)

Amaya, more normally known by her human name Amy Winston, is the successor to the throne of House of Amethyst.

She hails from Gemworld, a dimension full moon of people who utilize magic based around Earthly crystals. arsenic well as protecting her home proportion from threats such as the nefarious Dark Opal, Amaya frequently protects Earth, where she was raised by her beget Lady Graciel. She has served on several Earth based teams including Young Justice, a team comprised of young heroes ; and the Justice League Dark, the Justice League ‘s charming class.


  • Blood-Power of Amethyst: Amaya draws her power from the blood of the Amethyst lineage. Although she originally only had a third of this power, with her mother and aunt possessing the other parts, she eventually absorbed the full power of her bloodline. This heritage gives Amaya the power to create and manipulate hard-light and crystals, as well giving her an enhanced physiology.[1]
    • Energy Projection
    • Energy Construct Creation: Using the power afforded by her royal blood, Amaya is able to create constructs of hard light using her mind. She also determines how strong these constructs are. She has created medieval shields, a mace, and other useful tools out of hard light.[1]
      • Crystal Generation: Amaya is capable of conjuring crystals out of hard-light. These crystals are sharp enough to slice through flesh. Amaya usually uses them as daggers or dangerous projectiles.[1]
    • Crystal Enhancement: Using the power of the blood of House of Amethyst, Amaya is able to imbue power into different types of crystals for use by the other Houses. For example she can imbue rubies with the power to heal, emeralds with the power in increase plant regrowth, citrines with the power to record history, and topaz with the power to shine light.[2]
  • Omnilingualism: After being branded by the citrine-of-tongues, Amaya possessed the ability to speak, read and understand every language to have ever existed.[3]


  • Expert Combatant: Amaya was trained from a young age to fight barehanded. She was able to take down three stronger and bigger men with ease, using just her hands.[4]
  • Weaponry: Amaya spent her childhood being forced through rigorous training routines to make her a skilled warrior with multiple types of weaponry.[4] She has wielded a shield and mace with enough proficiency to bring down several demons.[5]
    • Archery
    • Swordsmanship: Amaya was trained by her mother everyday for the majority of her childhood on how to wield a sword with great proficiency.[4] In a duel with a House of Onyx assassin named Shadow-Walker Eilla, Amaya was able to outmatch the highly skilled warrior and kill her.[2]
    • Throwing: Amaya has become incredibly precise at throwing the crystal-like daggers she constructs. She had proved herself lethal when throwing her daggers, killing the assassin Shadow-Walker Eiya via a throat shot.[2]


  • Pegacorn: Amethyst rode an unnamed winged unicorn during her adventures with Young Justice.[6]
  • Ypsilos: Ypsilos was Amethyst’s winged horse that she rode during her solo adventures in Gemworld.[7]


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