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Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld – Shannon and Dean Hale, Writers. Asiah Fulmore, Artist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: It ’ s a big workweek for DC graphic novels, with them releasing a pair of all-ages originals. This one, from the write team behind Diana, Princess of the Amazons, is the closest the company has come to one of the most weather genres of all-ages entertainment—fairy tales. Amethyst was always a sports fan front-runner for those looking for a more antic consume on superheroes, and this graphic novel doubles down on those strengths .
When we first meet Princess Amaya of House Amethyst, she ’ s a nine-year-old hellion who relentlessly pranks the castle staff with the assistant of her fiddling brother Quartz. After one of her antics ruins a potential alliance with House Topaz, she ’ s grounded—but not to the castle, which rarely has any effect. Her parents send her and Castle Magician/part-time nanny Citrine to the worst stead imaginable—Earth—so that Amaya will learn what it ’ s like to live without magic trick for a workweek and determine to appreciate her powers more .
then, something goes wrong. At first Amaya struggles to fit in on land, but keeps reassuring herself that it ’ ll only be a workweek. And then it ’ second three years belated, she ’ second fallen into a everyday, and she doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate seem to remember anything about Gemworld. Something ’ s obviously gone hinky, possibly tied to some glitches in the charming that happened when they arrived on Earth. But Amaya ’ south built a new liveliness on Earth, including a best friend named Autumn and a even seat in detention—usually from picking fights with bullies.

Of run, this quieten life international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine going to last, and soon adequate a portal site opens and out comes the now-grown heir of the House of Topaz. This bookish young warrior has been looking for the misplace princess for years and is last ready to bring her home—but through a confusion, Autumn winds up coming excessively, and the improbable trio finds themselves in a Gemworld that looks very unlike from the one that was left behind. not entirely have years passed, but the world has been ravaged by a cryptic and apparently durable thing known as the Flaw—and Amaya ’ south syndicate is nowhere to be seen .
One thing that I find interesting about this book is that it ’ s a coming-of-age desperate journey that seems more concerned with character development than it is with defeating evil. The Flaw is an impressive enemy, but it ’ s not in truth a villain per selenium and the truth behind its origins is reasonably obvious to those who are paying attention. Lord Opal is an levy digit and one with a plan that has to be stopped, but his worst timbre is a lack of imagination and belief, and he ’ sulfur surely not the nefarious Dark Opal from the most celebrated Amethyst tales .
rather, much of this story is about Amaya not only finding her inside hero but realizing what rightfully makes a hero. She ’ s not a bad person at the start of this book, but like many kids, she doesn ’ t quite realize the impact her actions have on others. And as she grows, so do her friends. Autumn realizes that she can ’ thymine run from the struggles she ’ mho dealing with at home plate, while Topaz gets the chance to be a kid rather of a perfect successor. Despite the illusion put, they all feel real in a way superheroes rarely do .
a lot like their previous graphic novel, the Hales have managed to take a fantastic history and give it a very human core. It could be the beginning of a franchise, but it besides works brilliantly as a stand-alone narrative. It ’ sulfur another big winnings for DC ’ s OGN line .
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