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Hostile Species


Full Name



Adam’s Offspring

Emissaries of God
Descendants of Adam
Sky Messengers
True Heirs of White Moon


Neon Genesis Evangelion




( with Lilith ‘s consistency )

Apocalypse Inducement

AT Field
Space Survivability
Energy Projection
Supernatural Powers


Kaworu Nagisa


Searching for Lilith’s body

Fighting Evangelion Units


Reclaim the Earth from Lilith and her children, humanity

Eliminate Evangelion Units, as they are profanation of Adam



Attempted omnicide
Mass destruction
Mass murder
Psychological torture

Type of Hostile Species

Eldritch Cataclysm Monsters


: Those Who Ate Fruit of Life?

Gendo Ikari: Correct. They exist alone to eliminate us – Those Who Ate Fruit of Knowledge.

~ Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone.

Angels are the central antagonistic force in Neon Genesis Evangelion series. They are colossus malevolent monsters of highly vary shapes and powers, originating from a being known as Adam. Their lone finish is to reach Lilith, giant android lifeform restrained in Terminal Dogma of NERV Organization ‘s headquarter, in orderliness to cause Third Impact, apocalyptic event that would annihilate all life on Earth within a blink of eye .

Physical Appearance & Traits

There ‘s identical short common between Adam ‘s offspring when it comes to physical appearance. Most of them are colossal in size, much ranging from hundreds of feet to few miles, although some specimens such as Ireul or Kaworu Nagisa can be around of or smaller than average human being. Some Angels, such as Sachiel or Israfel, take a kind of bipedal android with long and thin limbs, little mask-like faces, no neck or head and pair of eyes hide deep in eye sockets. by and large however, most Angels like Leliel or Sahaquiel take a form of grotesque, levitating eldritch horrors with no limbs, no heads, with either multiple or no eyes, often akin to geometric object. There are besides Angels of aquatic human body, for exercise Gaghiel, whose body resembles a demonic giant with legs turned into fish-like tail and exaggerated jaw filled with hundreds of sharp teeth. Despite them being about impossible to injury, many Angels have blood-like fluent in their bodies, typically crimson-red in color, although Sachiel had blue blood. In Rebuild of Evangelion, bodies of killed Angels have released huge amounts of this meaning, either in a shape of river or rain .


Being largely concerned about fulfilling their goals, most of Angels are cold and pitiless, but besides beastly and merciless. initially, Angels like Sachiel or Shamshel have ignored attacks from military, as those were incapable of harming them. Although this did not mean they were completely harmless, as Sachiel have doubly shot down a coal-black combatant that flew excessively close to him. former, Angels like Ramiel or Zeruel started attacking military units on the spot, firing their energy rays at tanks that attacked them. All Angels demonstrated an extreme point hostility towards Evangelion Units, as those are genic imitations of their parent Adam. In combat, Angels were using vary contend styles, ranging from shooting their energy beams, through engaging in physical combat, to even mentally attacking them. Although many of them may seem like mindless monstrosities, some Angels have shown some degree of intelligence, and even ability to communicate with humans. Examples include Arael, Armisael, Kaworu Nagisa and Leliel. While all others needed to enter minds of their respective human victims, Kaworu Nagisa has shown to replicate human language .

Powers and Abilities


  • Apocalypse Inducement: All Angels are able to cause an apocalyptic event called the Third Impact. But in order to do this, Angels need to reach Terminal Dogma where Lilith is located. Because Lilith is a Fruit of Knowledge while Angels posses Fruit of Life, merging those two items would create an absolute being. This would grant them omnipotence, power to destroy all Lilith-based life on Earth while replacing them with Adam-based life.
  • AT Field: Signature trait among all Angels is their power to generate AT Field; described as “light of soul” by Kaworu Nagisa, most Angels use AT Fields to create nigh-impenetrable force field, which can stop all conventional weaponry humanity uses, but can be penetrated by massive amounts of energy focused in one area (N2 Weaponry, Positron Cannon, Ramiel’s energy beam, other AT Fields). Initially, Angels of gigantic size had practically no use in AT Fields, as their bodies were already dense enough to withstand all forms of conventional weaponry alongside N2 Weaponry without a scratch. Its strength strongly varies depending on specimen, as Angels like Israfel or Matarael had very weak AT Fields, while Ramiel and Zeruel had AT Fields so powerful they could not be attacked directly by Evangelion Unit.
  • Self-Sustenance: None of Angels need to eat, drink, sleep or even breathe, thanks to their unique organ called S2 Engine. Said organ continuously provides them infinite amount of internal energy, granting them infinite stamina.
  • Regeneration: Thanks to their infinite amount of energy, Angels have shown power to rapidly heal from physical wounds in short matter of time; for example, Sachiel regenerated 18% of its biomass after it was melted off by N2 Mine. Possessing two S2 Engines, Israfel can survive destruction of one of them and then completely regenerate itself. The same Angel was shown to regenerate 28% of its biomass within 6 days after it was melted off by N2 Depth Charge.
  • Space Survivability: Not requiring any oxygen to survive, Angels can live in vacuum of space for infinite period of time. Angels like Sahaquiel or Arael used this power as their advantage, with Arael staying beyond the reach of any of humanity’s weapons and attacking them with psychic power instead, and Sahaquiel trying to launch itself into Tokyo-III from stratosphere to destroy the city with impact’s kinetic force. Kaworu Nagisa has also shown this ability in films from Rebuild of Evangelion series.
  • Energy Projection: Angels can also weaponize their infinite energy into focused, highly-destructive energy beams of extremely long-range. It was first demonstrated by Sachiel, who after growing a second face as a result of exposure to N2 Weaponry started using it as its primary attack; energy beams were golden in color and caused cruciform-shaped explosions. Later, Ramiel displayed much more powerful variant of this attack, capable of breaching Evangelion Unit-01’s AT Field within seconds, although explosions created were not cruciform in shape and beam itself was purple. Energy beams were also used by Zeruel and Israfel.
  • Levitation: Very common means of locomotion amongst the Angels; thanks to their AT Fields, they are capable of twisting space and gravity around themselves, causing their bodies to float above the ground. This power is used by Shamshel, Ramiel, Leliel, Zeruel, Armisael, as well as Kaworu Nagisa.
  • Other: Almost every single Angel in the series displayed some supernatural power unique to itself; for example, both Sachiel and Gaghiel were able to swim at high speed underwater, while other Angels had to float above water. Both Bardiel and Kaworu Nagisa could control Evangelion Units, Unit-03 and Unit-02 respectively. Ireul

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    had ability to control high-advanced technology, which almost lead to self-destruction of NERV’s base. Zeruel in Rebuild of Evangelion films could absorb organic creatures like Evangelion Unit-00, imprison soul of Rei Ayanami inside its core, and then transform itself into gigantic pale-skinned woman. Kaworu Nagisa in Rebuild of Evangelion films was shown to be unaffected by extremely cold temperatures, walking naked around Moon’s surface and later shrugging off cold winds in post-Third Impact world. On the other hand, Sandalphon was unaffected by being submerged in lava, even as an infant. Matarael can emit highly corrosive acid from its “eye” that can melt through NERV’s armoring. Both Sachiel and Bardiel could leap high into air with latter doing unnatural acrobatics in the process. Armisael could merge with other life forms, synchronizing their nervous system, as well as creating a biological growth called “the Angel Tower”. Israfel can split itself into two different specimens or merge itself back together. Both Bardiel and Zeruel were able to stretch their arms at several lengths of their bodies.


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