14 Best Action Anime To Watch If You Love Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is one of the most popular anime in the earth mighty now. Fans of the series will love these similar anime. Demon Slayer ‘s manga finished in 2020, but the zanzibar copal feels like it ’ second merely getting started. The movie, Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie : Mugen Train, very upped the franchise ‘s popularity, and season 2 has enjoyed a good run so far .
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What are Demon Slayer fans supposed to watch while they wait for new episodes of the series ? thankfully, there are plenty of early anime out there with similar premises to Demon Slayer. There are besides some anime that don ’ t quite fit the exact theme of slaying demons but have qualities that fans are likely to enjoy. What are some great anime like Demon Slayer ?

Updated January 8, 2022 by Mark Sammut : Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc is roughly halfway through its story, and the season has more than managed to extend its harbinger ‘s momentum. Ufotable ‘s zanzibar copal is a tour-de-force of leading liveliness, sympathetic characters, and brilliant action sequences. Demon Slayer ‘s popularity and quality are about odd, however, fans of the series searching for something comparable are not without options. This article has been expanded to include a few more action anime similar to Demon Slayer .

14 Bleach

bleach-ichigo-feature-1 Bleach is about a unseasoned adolescent, Ichigo, who comes into possessing the powers of a Shinigami. They are basically reapers who come to society to help guide the dead onto the following world but they besides fight monsters called Hollows .
They are basically samurai giant hunters. The coolest part about the manga ( and zanzibar copal ) is that each Shinigami is blessed with a blade that can turn into different weapons or posse unique abilities .

13 Blue Exorcist

2-Blue-Exorcist-1 Blue Exorcist takes place in the contemporary wherein there is a secret academy that trains teenagers how to exercise demons. Rin is the son of the annoy and is treated like a second-class citizen, even though he wants to slay demons arsenic much as anyone else .
Will he succumb to the ability of the hellion or will he become the hero he wants everyone to see him as ? Blue Exorcist is like Harry Potter meets Demon Slayer adenine far as the themes go .

12 D.Gray-man

3-D.Gray-man D.Gray-man is set in a steampunk earned run average of the earth wherein an evil devil, known as the Millennium Earl, is turning people into monsters. As a result, an exorcist company rose from the ashes in order to stop this lunatic from taking over the world .
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The manga is inactive ongoing but the zanzibar copal has stopped for nowadays. There was an original adaptation that lasted from 2006 to 2008 followed by a shorter-lived sequel series in 2016 .

11 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

4-Fullmetal-Alchemist-Brotherhood-1 Fullmetal alchemist : Brotherhood is a boot of the first anime adaptation that went off the rails into its own storyline. This adaptation is more faithful to the manga and is complete. Both series have their fans, but this is the one to check out .
It ’ randomness set in a steampunk translation of the populace wherein chemistry is real and a crooked politics is trying to slowly take over the world through it. The anime centers around Ed and Al, brothers who pushed their experiments with alchemy excessively far, lost parts of their bodies, and are nowadays trying to make things justly .

10 Golden Kamuy

5-Golden-Kamuy-1 Golden Kamuy is set around the early on 1900s involving the aftermath of the Russo-Japanese War. The war is all but over now and Saichi is trying to forget his past all while trying to uncover a treasure treasure trove of aureate .
The maps he needs are tattooed on the backs of men sol let ’ s just say he does what he needs to in orderliness to get what he needs. It ’ s a pretty down-to-earth anime at times with food and survival tips being thrown out about like a locomotion display. It is exciting though and not completely barren of legal action .

9 The Fate Series

Fate Zero anime Saber in battle In all honesty, the Fate series does not have all that much in common with Demon Slayer, outside of the fact that they are both action anime made by ufotable. Narratively, Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night revolve around the Holy Grail War, a struggle royale where mages summon heroes from history to fight until alone one is left standing. The shows are brutal, building complex, and ambiguous in the presentation of most of their characters .
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Despite not sharing much coarse ground when it comes to narrative or diagram, Demon Slayer and Fate are ideal company pieces as they both showcase ufotable ‘s near alone endowment for animating visceral and legato action sequences .

8 Inuyasha

6-Inuyasha-1 Inuyasha might have served as some kind of inspiration for Demon Slayer, as they are both about slaying demons. It ’ mho set in both the portray and the past, with the past segments taking set in the golden age of Japan .
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It ’ s an Isekai wherein a young girl, Kagome, falls into a well which transports her back to the past. Japan is overrun with demons and only Kagome and her half-demon beloved matter to, Inuyasha, can save the sidereal day. It ’ s an absolute zanzibar copal classical .

7 Dororo

Dororo 2019 anime ascribable to his terribly don, Hyakkimaru was born missing most of his body parts, each of which was handed over to a monster. The boy survives until adolescence and starts a blood-soaked quest to regain what was stolen from him, a journey that involves eliminating each of these demons .
An adaptation of Osamu Tezuka ‘s classic shonen manga, Dororo is a dateless fib that should satisfy Demon Slayer fans yearning for more ronin-esque action anime. Dororo ‘s heart is the relationship between Hyakkimaru and the zanzibar copal ‘s eponymous child, an endearing orphan who forms an unbreakable bond with the able fencer .

6 Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

7-Kabaneri-Of-The-Iron-Fortress-1 Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is set in a steampunk era of Japan wherein the land has been taken over by zombie-like creatures .
Parts of humanness are set up in wall cities while others travel the populace in armorers trains. It ’ s a short one-season anime with one film as of now that wraps up a beneficial parcel of the story. If there is more, big, but if not it ends on a adequate notice .

5 Ruroni Kenshin

8-Ruroni-Kenshin-1 Ruroni Kenshin, or Samurai X, has charming powers in a way, but it is more of a straightforward samurai anime. For example, one character can breathe ardor because of anoint tanks in their stomach .
The zanzibar copal tries to be grounded in battle in this direction, even though many things about it actually wouldn ’ t make sense. The core narrative follows the titular hero who is trying to make up for the thousands of men he killed. Along the way, he keeps getting dragged back into dispute .

4 Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen - Itadori Using Divergent Fist In The Anime Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen exploded in popularity roughly around the lapp time, causing the two natural process anime to be linked to each other. Moving past their identical different settings, Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen both revolve around humans taking on supernatural threats, with the latter consist of Curses stemming from natural energy that most people can not control .
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Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen are two of the best shonen action anime of the last five years. Jujutsu Kaisen ‘s animation can rival Demon Slayer at its best, and the like can be said for its battle scenes .

3 Samurai Champloo

9-Samurai-Champloo-1 Samurai Champloo was made by the like team who made Cowboy Bebop. That ’ s the more classic zanzibar copal of the two but Samurai Champloo is even a great zanzibar copal. It mashed up samurai with modern rap for one unique anime feel .
Samurai Champloo is a one-season series and follows a young female child named Fuu and her two samurai bodyguards as they look for a samurai that smells of sunflowers. This anime has great animation, action, and is hilarious to kick .

2 Ninja Scroll

Ninja Scroll anime If person is not surely where to start with these recommendations, they should look no further than Ninja Scroll. This ’90s anime movie chronicles Kibagami Jubei ‘s crimson battles against eight ninjas with monstrous and knock-down abilities. Ninja Scroll is not for young viewers, but Demon Slayer fans searching for something a snatch more mature are likely to have a blast with this classic film. Ninja Scroll ‘s action holds up incredibly well .
The movie received a sequel zanzibar copal serial in the early 2000s that is very well but nothing more than that. however, it is worth watching for those despairing to spend more prison term in this universe .

1 Soul Eater

Soul Eater Soul Eater is set in a illusion world of freak hunters who are all educate to be reapers at a extra academy. Every student is paired with an anthropomorphic weapon that can change back and forth at will.

For example, supporter Maka is partnered with Soul Evans who can turn into a scythe. It kind of feels like an anime Tim Burton would create as there is a very skittish and Halloween-like aesthetic to everything .
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