Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart is a graduate of the 104th Training Corps, ranking 4th in the final classification. She later joined the Military Police Brigade.

Annie Leonhart

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  • Female Titan

857 854 850 845 Female Titan


Annie Leonhart
Ani Reonhāto


Megata no Kyojin ? )
“ Female ” ( 女型 Megata ? )

“Female Titan” (女型の巨人”Female” (女型

Biological Information






[ 8 ]
20 ( 854 ) [ 9 ]
23 ( 857 )

16 (850)20 (854)23 (857)


[ 1 ]
14 m ( Titan kind ) [ 2 ]

153 cm14 m (Titan form)


[ 1 ]

54 kg


  • Unnamed biological parents[3]
  • Leonhart family
    • Leonhart (adoptive father)


[ 1 ]

March 22nd


Wall Sheena



Professional Information




  • Marleyan military
    • Warrior Unit

Former rank

Senshi Kōho-sei ? )

Warrior Candidate (戦士候補生

Former affiliation

  • Brigade Logo.png Military Police Brigade
  • 104th Trainees Squad Logo.png 104th Training Corps

Grad rank

[ 4 ]



[ 5 ]

Other Information

Titan kills

Solo: 3 [ 6 ] [ 7 ]
In team: 0
Total: 3



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Quote1.png I didn’t used to care about anything. But it’s different now. I think I’ve committed irredeemable sins…But. If it meant I could return to my father…I’d do it all over again. Quote2.png
— Annie expresses her conviction[10]

Annie Leonhart ( アニ・レオンハート Ani Reonhāto ? ) is a alumnus of the 104th Training Corps and former penis of the Military Police Brigade. Her especial skills with swords and unarmed battle earned her the fourth rank, but she is besides noted to be a alone wolf who struggles to work with others. [ 11 ] She possessed the ability to transform into a Titan known as the Female Titan. Trained from an early historic period by her father, [ 12 ] she is selected as one of Marley ‘s Warriors. In the year 845, she is sent on a mission to retrieve the Founding Titan, along with fellow Warriors Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, and Marcel Galliard. As the Female Titan, she serves as a major antagonist anterior to her get the better of, at which point she crystallizes herself and is left in a comatose express. [ 13 ] She was held metro in the custody of the Survey Corps for approximately four years before escaping during a battle between the Military, the Yeagerists, and the forces of Marley. [ 14 ] [ 15 ] [ 16 ]


human class

Annie is a young girlfriend of well unretentive height with a minor however very muscular build and physique. She has moderately unretentive blond hair that is often tied at the back with her right fringe chiefly draping over the right slope of her face ( though she tends to push it to the side on occasion, possibly for better visibility ) ; presently she wears it down and it falls slightly below her neck. She has an egg-shaped confront, blue eyes, a Roman nose, and picket complexion. Her hair is particularly picket and, when untie, reaches down the nape of her neck. Her eyes, although of considerable size and symmetry, often have a heavy vibration to their appearance. Annie ‘s fooling attire chiefly consists of a hood sweatshirt underneath a jacket accompanied by dark grey pants. She is much seen in the Training Corps consistent and then the Military Police Brigade uniform after graduation. Though Annie frequently dons hood sweatshirts as character of her standard overdress, she besides wears her signature white hooded sweatshirt as part of her standard military overdress. During hazardous missions, it is implied that she constantly wears her argent call, which has a little close up blade, on her right index feel ; she uses the blade as her basal means of causing self-injury to transform into her Female Titan class at any clock .
Annie ‘s appearance as the Female Titan changes quite drastically, though her overall human body and facial features remain by and large the same. The Titan body consists chiefly of expose muscle tissue, with perceptibly circumscribed hide coverage, and fingers made out of cram. Along with a massive dispute in acme from Annie ‘s human mannequin, its confront is laden with muscleman line, notably underneath the buttock ( giving it the capability to stretch its mouthpiece far more than it seems ), along with yellow teeth. Compared to the majority of early Titans encountered, Annie ‘s Female Titan form seems much stronger and more physically fit, bearing a lean construct with visible muscle definition. As it ‘s name suggests, it is besides the only Titan to appear physically female .


due to her harsh breeding, Annie has become an apart, exclusionary person ; friendships do not come to her easily. She is rarely seen smiling and often has an emotionless expression. She is apathetic and slumberous, with short desire to put in any effort into meaningless disciplines or activities, and rather claims to focus entirely on making it into the Military Police Brigade to obtain an easy life. [ 17 ] While Annie tends to have a naturalistic mentality on life, [ 18 ] [ 19 ] she holds a fascination and even feelings of deference towards people who have a bass sense of duty and righteousness—people who devote their lives to and even die for causes they believe in. [ 20 ] Annie ‘s common sense of humor tends to be mocking, sarcastic, deadpan, and surprise. It besides sometimes expresses a partial truth, and it happens largely in intense situations. For example, when she was cornered by the Survey Corps in front of an underground passage, she claimed that she was a decrepit maiden over and mock Eren as a self-destructive dunce. [ 21 ] Despite Annie ‘s normally cold and sedate demeanor, she is capable of expressing her feelings in versatile ways. At the times she does lose her composure, she normally reacts with violence. She beats up Reiner Braun for his cowardice after Marcel was eaten and for trying to manipulate her to continue a mission that had, in her view, already failed. [ 22 ] besides, while exhausted by her descry function and constantly avoiding hand-to-hand combat train, Annie is angered when he pushes her to take the train badly, to the point she uses her fighting style on him, despite his protests and her already having demonstrated it on Eren at Reiner ‘s bidding. [ 23 ] While outwardly callous, Annie has expressed levels of guilt and shock, most notably when apologizing to a certain cadaver after the struggle of Trost [ 24 ] and when Reiner emotionally manipulated her to help him kill Marco. [ 25 ] Annie is highly healthy, able to think deeply about situations, and has shown considerable problem-solving ability and a promptly wag. These personality traits, in junction with her calm attitude and analytic skills, make her a commodity tactician. [ 26 ] [ 27 ] [ 28 ] While clandestine as a refugee, and late as a trainee, she does most of the spy workplace for the Warriors. [ 29 ] [ 30 ] Annie besides realizes the contradictions of the military train system within the Walls and is not fooled by the Marleyan propaganda. [ 31 ] however, she is a bad liar, being called out on this by both Eren and Kenny, the early regarding her apathy towards her martial arts art, and the latter when she lies about being his daughter, even sarcastically insisting further. [ 32 ] [ 33 ] On the other hand, she is very dear at spotting the lies of other people, seen when she realizes Armin Arlert ‘s dishonesty army for the liberation of rwanda before they had even reached the underground tunnel, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as Reiner ‘s lie about befriending their chap trainees as being nothing more than a hardheaded try to gain their faith. [ 34 ] [ 35 ] She is extremely hardheaded and self-conscious, being honest about her strengths and weaknesses, and is rarely ever prone to self-deception or emotional mistakes. A noteworthy case is when she recognizes her miss of skill in seduction and charm when thinking about possibly seducing a member of the Fritz kin, causing her to readily dismiss the idea. [ 36 ] Furthermore, she had a casual acceptance of her negative personality traits, freely admitting her faults even to almost-complete strangers such as Marlowe Freudenberg, [ 37 ] calling herself worthless and evil with no trace of self-loathing. She is however able of self-loathing. For exercise, she proposed to Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover to get close to one of the men in the Fritz class and marry into it for the sake of her mission. [ 28 ] She besides claimed to be ampere selfish as the Marleyan politics. [ 19 ] Annie is very concentrated on her mission as a Warrior, to the point that she is volition to kill to reach her finish, although she is slightly hesitant to kill former comrades and sheds tears when she fails to capture Eren. [ 38 ] Though she is apparently indifferent towards her capability as a hand-to-hand battle combatant, she remains gallant of her skills and seems to enjoy the impression of fighting. [ 39 ] The entirely prison term that she is seen truly smiling is when she expresses a curious pastime in teaching Eren how to fight in her unique contend style. [ 40 ] however, what drives Annie more than anything is her desire for a normal life. Though she has no love for Marley itself, the only cause she is so reduce on her mission is that it because it would allow her to go back home to her father, and she had urged Reiner several times before her eventual capture to return to Marley with the information they had gathered thus army for the liberation of rwanda ; despite her differently cynical and realist worldview, Annie managed to convince herself of the faithlessly notion that it would be enough to avoid punishment. [ 19 ] [ 41 ] When she lost Eren ascribable to the actions of both Mikasa and Levi in the Titan Forest, Annie saw the easiest opportunity to return to her father was gone and she began visibly crying in her Titan form. [ 42 ] After escaping her restriction, Annie undergoes a significant switch in fictional character, becoming more unfold about working with her former friends to stop the actions of Eren and the Yeagerists. [ 43 ] She besides freely acknowledges to Hitch that she has committed inexcusable acts, something Annie normally would have kept to herself. [ 44 ] late, as the Wall Titans ravage through Marley, she admits to Armin that she authentically appreciated him visiting her for the four years she was envelop inside her crystal. Annie besides tells him she sees herself as nothing more than a giant. [ 45 ]


After Annie ‘s birth, her blood test revealed she was a subject of Ymir, which suggested her mother had an matter with an Eldian world. While it is unknown what happened to her mother, Annie was deported to an imprisonment zone and belated adopted by Leonhart who was relocated for similar reasons. Her adopted father intended to train her to become a Warrior so that he could live a privilege biography. therefore, from a young age, Annie undergo rigorous fight education with Leonhart. Annie would finally become deoxyadenosine monophosphate strong as he wanted ; but in retaliation for all she had endured, she attacked him and left him permanently crippled. The barbarous train she endured left her callous towards others, ineffective to find any prize in whether one lived or died. [ 46 ] At some point in her childhood, Annie joined the Marleyan military as a Warrior candidate, meeting comrades such as Bertolt Hoover, Reiner Braun, and Marcel Galliard. Annie was praised as impeccable for her fight abilities [ 47 ] and was late chosen as one of seven promising candidates to inherit the power of the Titans. [ 48 ] She was belated granted the office of the Female Titan in accordance with her stellar battle skills. Alongside the rest of her Warrior comrade, the six Titans in Marley ‘s command used their powers to crush an entire nation, testing their abilities in the process. The six Warriors proved themselves to be more effective weapons than their predecessors, largely alleviating Marley ‘s concerns about entrusting the approaching Paradis Island Operation to children. [ 49 ] Annie was selected as one of the four Warriors to carry out this mission, along with the Jaw, Armored and Colossus Titans. [ 50 ] The objective of the deputation was to attack the Eldians know in the Walls and lure out and steal the Founding Titan. Before leaving Marley to begin the Paradis Island Operation, Annie was paraded through the streets in a horse-drawn carriage with Reiner, Bertolt, and Marcel and celebrated as a Warrior to save the global from the people of Paradis Island. [ 51 ] Around this clock, Leonhart apologized to Annie. ultimately seeing her as his truthful daughter, he regretted his actions in making her become a Warrior and begged her to promise him to come home. [ 52 ] [ 46 ] After arriving at the frame of Paradis Island, Magath gave a final debriefing to the Warriors before they departed for the Walls on hogback. [ 53 ]


As the Warriors are camping for the night, a Pure Titan ambushes them and devours Marcel, who dies saving Reiner ‘s life. [ 54 ] After escaping from the Titan, Annie is able to find Reiner and angrily attacks him for his cowardice. She argues that they should retrieve the Jaw Titan ‘s fresh wielder and hark back to Marley, but Reiner attempts to manipulate her into continuing the mission. Annie continues to beat him, saying that she never bought into Marley ’ s brainwashing propaganda. [ 55 ] Reiner manages to win the scuffle and forces Annie and Bertolt to continue the mission, telling them that Marley would kill them if they flee now and that this was the only means they could ever go home. [ 56 ] Having planned for Marcel to transport them to the Wall using the Jaw Titan ‘s high levels of endurance, the remaining Warriors are forced to switch their plan : Annie is tasked with the transport rather. Upon transforming into the Female Titan, Annie carries Reiner and Bertolt towards Wall Maria while bringing a horde of Titans behind her. however, Annie is pushed to the limit and becomes exhausted when they are in eyesight of the Wall ; she leaves her Titan body and switches roles with the Armored Titan, who takes the Warriors the rest of the direction. Slipping into unconsciousness, Annie is carried up the Wall by Reiner while Bertolt demolishes the gate to the Shiganshina District, the outer zone to Wall Maria, before Reiner subsequently leaves Annie in Bertolt ‘s care as he demolishes the inner gate to Wall Maria .
After the attack, Annie regains consciousness in a refugee camp inside Wall Rose with Reiner and Bertolt. [ 57 ] While with the refugees, the three suffer a serviceman from a small village in the southeast of Wall Maria that was destroyed by the Titans. The man is late found having apparently killed himself, and the three decide to co-opt his fib as their own to cover for their miss of family records and preserve their cover. Annie would former compare the world ‘s demeanor to their desertion of Marcel. [ 58 ] During the future two years, Annie enters the royal capital multiple times to do research for the Warriors. She discovers that King Fritz is merely a figurehead and that she, Reiner, and Bertolt inactive have to find the genuine royal syndicate. Reiner decides that they will become soldiers and enroll in the Military Police. [ 59 ] Upon joining the 104th Training Corps, Annie is one of the few trainees not to undergo Keith Shadis ‘s “ ritual of passage, ” as her face proves that she already has been through hell, according to another teacher. [ 60 ] While clandestine, Annie exhaustingly handled all the responsibility of their mission [ 61 ] and learned that the Church of the Walls was monitoring companion trainee Krista Lenz. [ 62 ] At some degree during their hand-to-hand fight training, Annie is caught sneaking away by Reiner ; Annie ignores Reiner until he subtly hints to their hassle following Marcel ‘s death. [ 63 ] He asks Eren Yeager to confront Annie with a wooden dagger, and she effortlessly defeats and disarms him. She then gives Eren ‘s knife to Reiner and tells him it is his call on to face her, defeating him shortly when he tries. Eren praises Annie for her technique ; and even though she reveals that it was her father who taught her the move, as Eren shows interest, she dismisses the think. She proclaims such train to be useless and continues mocking the entire military system, even including her church father ‘s ideals. Annie late watches as Eren uses her move to pacify Jean Kirstein. She then expresses interest in teaching Eren the proper way to perform it. [ 64 ] about five years into their mission, Annie investigates the whereabouts of the Founding Titan in one of the cites at night and finds Kenny Ackerman. Hoping he will lead her to the real number king of the Walls, Annie decides to follow him. When Kenny discovers and confronts her about it, Annie attempts to deceive him by telling him that she is his long-lost daughter. unsuccessful in fooling him, Annie attacks Kenny and flees into the sewers. [ 65 ] The future night, Annie takes part in a meeting with Reiner and Bertolt. She tells Reiner that Kenny might have seen her confront and that she will not be able to do anything in the Interior MPs if he is there. She again proposes going back to Marley with the information they have gathered so far, but Reiner insists that Marley will not be satisfied with their advancement after five years. Reiner decides to destroy Wall Rose to hasten their mission and smoke out the King in the capital while chaos would ensue in Trost District. Annie notes that his plan will kill a set of his newly friends from the 104th Training Corps, but Reiner replies to her that they are not friends and are precisely Eldian devils. [ 66 ] Annie continues her training until she successfully graduates at the rank of four. [ 4 ] concisely after gradation, the Colossus Titan appears in the Trost District and breaks through the out gate, letting Titans into the township. In malice of the evacuation being finished, the trainees are unable to return due to insufficient gasoline, much to everyone ‘s despair. In this situation, Annie is on the spur of the moment approached by Mikasa, looking for Eren. She is then surprise to hear that he, along with most of his squad, were purportedly killed in conflict. Trying to keep her cool, Mikasa attempts to shock everyone into action, with Annie and the others rushing after her to reach the HQ and replenish their gas. [ 67 ] They finally manage to get there, albeit with casualties. [ 68 ] With one of the Titans fending off the others attacking the HQ, Annie and the others attempt to get rid of the small Titans inside. After the plan ‘s success, the group witnesses the Rogue Titan being eaten by early Titans. Annie argues that the Titan should be kept animated as it could serve as a knock-down ally, but all argument on the topic is halted when Eren emerges from the nape of the Titan ‘s neck. [ 69 ] When Eren transforms into a Titan to protect Armin and Mikasa, Annie is one of the first to rush to the picture of the transformation. The Warriors watch as Armin attempts to persuade the soldiers that Eren is strategically crucial for world until Dot Pixis arrives and stops Weilman. [ 70 ] belated in the struggle, Annie comes upon Reiner and Bertolt as they are preparing to execute Marco, who overheard the two discussing their plans. Reiner insult Annie ‘s conviction as a Warrior, bringing up the fact that she saved Connie ‘s life from a Titan, and demands that she prove her loyalty to the Warriors by taking away Marco ‘s upright steer equipment, leaving him defenseless. Although reluctant, Annie agrees and disposes of Marco ‘s gear. Annie, Reiner, and Bertolt then retreat to a safe distance and vigil as Marco is eaten by a Titan. [ 71 ] In the aftermath of the Battle of Trost, Annie is seen apologizing to an obscure cadaver as she, Reiner, and Bertolt aid in cleaning up the remaining fall bodies of other soldiers. [ 72 ] soon after Eren ‘s enlistment into the Survey Corps, Annie and Reiner kill the two Titans captured for research, Sonny and Bean. [ 73 ]

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An investigation is launched and all soldiers are ordered to present their steer gear for inspection. Annie presents Marco ‘s alternatively of her own. Armin and Connie Springer hash out with Annie which military branch they want to join. When Annie reveals that she plans to go to the Military Police Brigade, Connie considers joining them excessively and asks for her opinion ; Annie responds by telling him that it is his decision to make, not hers. When she learns Armin plans to join the Survey Corps, she asks him what he would do if he was ordered to die. He tells her if the reasons are adept, then he will do indeed. Annie thinks he is unaccented physically but that he is very strong at heart. [ 74 ] ultimately, during the Survey Corps draft, Annie leaves to join the Military Police .
During the 57th excursion of the Survey Corps, Annie uses her female Titan shape to lead a group of Titans to capture Eren, wiping out the majority of the spotters on the right side of the Survey Corps ‘ formation. Advancing far inside the formation, Annie encounters Armin. Although she corners Armin, she decides to spare his life after recognizing his face under the hood and continues her search for Eren. [ 75 ] Armin, Jean, and Reiner coordinate a design together in an try to distract Annie and buy the other soldiers some clock to regroup. Annie easily outmaneuvers them and incapacitates Armin. Jean attempts to attack her, but her resilience and awareness of a Titan ‘s weakness allow her to fend off his attacks. Armin claims that Eren has already been killed in the mission, [ 76 ] distracting Annie long adequate for Jean to escape and for Reiner to attack her. Annie manages to catch Reiner in mid-air, [ 77 ] and Reiner cuts his way out of her hand, discreetly carving Eren ‘s location into her palm in the summons. [ 78 ] Annie continues to head in the management of Eren ‘s location, killing any soldiers in her path. Annie pursues the Survey Corps into a Titan Forest and finally catches up to Eren and the special Operations Squad as they are attempting to flee on hogback. Annie is finally lured into a trap in which her movements are halted by the special target-restraining weapon. [ 79 ] Annie manages to cover her nape with her hands, forcing Erwin and his soldiers to search for ways to destroy them. ceaseless provocations by Levi induce her to let out a roar that causes multiple Titans to converge on her position. [ 80 ] The Titans devour her Female Titan phase, allowing Annie to escape from her Titan undetected. Donning a Survey Corps cloak as a disguise, Annie pursues Eren in homo form. Catching up to Eren, Annie kills Gunther Schultz [ 81 ] before transforming into her Titan form to continue her pursuit. The special Operations Squad engages Annie in battle after instructing Eren to flee [ 82 ] and although they apparently gain the advantage to the point of injuring her and cornering her against a tree, Annie cursorily retakes the upper berth hand by using her selective re-formation and her temper .
Annie systematically kills Eld Jinn, Petra Ral, and Oluo Bozado, causing Eren to turn back and ultimately engage her in his Titan mannequin. The two begin a brutal contend using hand-to-hand combat techniques, at the end of which Annie succeeds in incapacitating Eren ‘s Titan form by decapitating it. [ 83 ] She captures Eren inside the mouthpiece of her Female Titan shape and begins to flee. Mikasa gives chase, endlessly attacking her in a meet of rage and Levi soon arrives to help her. Although Annie attempts to fight back, she begins to get overwhelmed by the bombard of attacks inflicted by Levi, allowing him to incapacitate her while gaining the find to slice her Titan form ‘s mouth and rescue Eren from within before retreating. [ 84 ] erstwhile late, Annie awakens in her room in the Stohess District of Wall Sheena. [ 85 ] She and her mate rookies are given an grant to guard a Survey Corps convoy with permission to use their vertical steer equipment. soon after departing for her appointment, Armin approaches her and asks for help in hiding Eren until they can convince the King to better protect the Walls. Annie reluctantly agrees before putting on a ring and escorting them to a place where they can hide .
When Eren and Armin undertake to convince her to join them in an belowground passage, she claims that she is besides frightened. As Eren and Armin continue to plea for Annie to join them and prove herself innocent, Mikasa openly accuses to Annie as the Female Titan, taunting her to fight just as the two had fought ahead. Accepting that she has been found out, Annie smiles in stand-in [ 86 ] and praises Armin for having cornered her. Armin fires a sign, causing Survey Corps members to emerge and restrain Annie. apparently capture and immobile, she however manages to flick her flick to open a modest blade shroud in her resound, which she uses to wound herself and transform into her Female Titan form, killing those restraining her in the process. [ 87 ] Annie stomps through the metro, killing some soldiers and blocking Eren, Armin, and Mikasa ‘s escape way. [ 88 ] Eren then transforms into his Titan mannequin to face the Female Titan. During their conflict, they kill everyone inside the church except Minister Nick and two other priests. [ 89 ] [ 90 ] Annie then takes fledge towards Wall Sheena, with Eren, Mikasa, and respective soldiers in pastime. The chase continues until Annie reaches a flat down with no buildings, forcing the soldiers and Mikasa to take a long detour while Eren gives chase alone. [ 91 ] Annie uses this opportunity for a final undertake at capturing Eren. A brief struggle between the two of them ensues, during which she gains the upper hand again, but fails to capture him because of the Survey Corps ‘ intervention. [ 92 ] She refocuses her efforts towards trying to escape, attempting excessively climb over Wall Sheena. however, Mikasa cuts off all of the fingers of Annie ‘s Female Titan form, causing Annie to lose her handle on the Wall. [ 93 ] As she falls, Annie recalls her father apologize to her for all the rigorous train forced upon her and instructing her to return home one day. Eren, in his Titan form, holds down her Titan as soldiers attempt to extract Annie. Upon reaching her in the nape, they find that Annie is completely enclosed inside what appears to be an durable crystal. [ 94 ] While Annie is trapped inside the quartz glass, Hange Zoë orders both the Military Police Brigade and the rest of the Survey Corps to make a electrify net, necktie her up, and move her underground. [ 95 ] In the consequence, Hange conducts a background confirmation on Annie, revealing that she has a history with Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover, who fall under intuition as her accomplices. [ 96 ] late, when Eren engages the Armored Titan, he recalls the technique that Annie taught him and uses it against Reiner to temporarily turn the tide of the battle. [ 97 ] [ 98 ] Annie ‘s capture is finally revealed to her comrades, Reiner and Bertolt, when Armin bluffs and claims she is being tortured for information. [ 99 ] After the Survey Corps get back Eren on Wall Rose, Armin recalls the Female Titan ‘s ability to get the Titans to attack her by screaming, deducing that Eren must have used a like ability to command Titans to attack the Armored Titan and the Smiling Titan. [ 100 ] While Marlowe and Hitch are taken prisoner by Levi ‘s team, Hitch accuses them of getting Annie killed during the fight in Stohess. When she is informed that Annie was one of the Titans responsible for the end, she is shocked. [ 101 ] After defeating Reiner ‘s Armored Titan in struggle, Zeke Yeager proclaims that the three will worry about saving Annie entirely after they have retrieved the Coordinate from Eren. [ 102 ] Zeke explains his apathy towards Annie ‘s situation, believing that the fib Reiner and Bertolt were told about her torment was a lie. [ 103 ] When Armin Arlert confronts Bertolt, Armin reasserts that Annie is being tortured ; but Bertolt sees through Armin ‘s bluff, claiming to not care about Annie ‘s situation. [ 104 ] While speaking with Karina Braun, Annie ‘s founder adamantly insists that Annie is animated, having promised him she would come back from Paradis. [ 105 ] shortly after the Survey Corps return from their approach on Liberio, Armin visits Annie ‘s crystal to confide in her. He compares the Survey Corps attack to the Warriors ‘ attack on the Walls, ascribable to having no choice. Despite Armin asking Annie to answer him with something, she remains asleep and in stasis within the crystal. [ 106 ] Armin late returns to Annie ‘s underground holding area. After being spotted touching the quartz glass by Hitch, Armin claims that he was doing thus in an attack to unlock memories from his Titan. Hitch mentions that it is nice that person comes on a routine basis besides her to check on Annie. [ 107 ] After gaining full restraint of the Founding Titan ‘s abilities, Eren releases the Wall Titans and causes the Walls to crumble aside ; this besides causes the crystal about Annie to break apart, inadvertantly releasing her from imprisonment. Annie lies drenched and limp, surrounded by the break crystal fragments. For the first time in four years, Annie ‘s eyes unfold and her body begins coughing up liquid. [ 108 ] After reasonably recuperating, Annie easily escapes her confinement from within the basement and conceals herself in an adjacent room. When Hitch enters the room, Annie attempts to take the girlfriend hostage but is easily beaten in her de-escalate state. Hitch tries to call for assistant ; but Annie reveals her cut, threatening to transform if Hitch were to call any more soldiers. Despite Annie ‘s meager discipline, Hitch accepts her demands and willingly allows her to accompany her outside Stohess. While Hitch is preparing a knight, Annie reveals that she has a decent idea of what has been going on since she was in a semi-conscious state inside her crystal and could recall Hitch and Armin ‘s voices. Annie then begins to wonder if Eren will destroy the populace .
As they observe the Wall Titans, Hitch asks Annie if all of the killing she did was justified in the end ; and Annie claims that she never cared about stopping the Rumbling. She tells limp about her coarse childhood trail to be a Warrior and the last interaction she had with her father before she left for Paradis. Although she acknowledges that what she did to Paradis was irreclaimable, she asserts that she would do it all again in order to return to her father. [ 109 ] After days of travel, Annie and Hitch arrive in Shiganshina during the middle of a festival. The two stop to eat, and Hitch goes to get refreshments for them while Annie waits. As she is waiting, she hears Armin and Connie talking about her and by chance gives away her position to them. Annie chooses to go with them, leaving a eminence for Hitch explaining what happened. [ 110 ] Annie departs Shiganshina ‘s military headquarter with Connie, Armin, Mikasa, Gabi Braun, and Falco Grice while Pieck causes a distraction for the Yeagerists. While leaving Shiganshina, they stop to pick up a comatose Reiner. Annie wakes him up from his coma by kicking him. [ 111 ] The group meets up with Hange, Magath and their allies outside of Shiganshina and share a meal together. As tensions run high between the Warriors and the Survey Corps, Annie demands to know if the Corps will be able to kill Eren if no other options are presented. easily noticing the disquiet in Mikasa, Annie hypothesizes that if Eren does not back down and his death becomes a necessity, Mikasa will turn on them to protect him. Mikasa attempts to attack Annie, but Annie defuses the situation by assuring Mikasa that she has no topic with Eren living if he can be convinced to stop the Rumbling. [ 112 ] The group travels to Paradis ‘ harbor, intending to use an airship to pursue Eren, only to find it occupied by Yeagerists. [ 113 ] Annie has no queasiness about launching an all-out attack, but Mikasa and Pieck luff out that the Azumabito, who are needed to properly operate the ship, could be killed in the crossfire. Observing that her former comrades do not want to kill the Yeagerists, Annie demands that they explain a way to take back the Azumabito and the embark without casualties. [ 114 ] The argumentation is cut unretentive by Hange and Magath, who inform the group that Eren and his Titans have apparently already reached Marley. [ 115 ] This spurs the group to proceed with a plan to trick Floch into handing over the Azumabito mechanics, with Reiner and Annie on understudy in case things go amiss. When the plan fails and the Yeagerists are alerted to their presence, the group takes the Azumabito to the basement of the build they are being held in, allowing Annie and Reiner to transform and attack the Yeagerists without risk of collateral price. [ 116 ] Despite their world power, Annie and Reiner are quickly overwhelmed by the Yeagerists ‘ Thunder Spears, as their attention is split between defending themselves and protecting the Azumabitos. Reiner tries to use his armor to shield Annie, but both Warriors are left crippled by the weapons, and it is only through the intervention of their former 104th allies that they are saved. Once it is time for the ship to depart, Mikasa needs to help Annie ‘s injured form board it. [ 117 ] once onboard the boat, Hange reveals that they will be going to Odiha alternatively of Liberio, and Jean and Mikasa have to restrain Annie in her distress. Hange reveals that they do not have enough time to save Liberio, and Annie, overwhelmed, decides to leave the group, as she now has no reason to fight and states she is getting off. Hange tries to convince Annie to stay by reminding her that there are more lives at impale besides Liberio, prompting Annie to circle back to a wonder which she had asked before ; will they be able to kill Eren and if she tried to kill him, would they be able to sit bet on and watch. however, soon subsequently, Annie ‘s demeanor weakens and she states that she no longer wants to fight or be prepared to kill Mikasa, the perch of the Survey Corps, or Eren for that matter. [ 118 ] At some point, Eren pulls Annie and the lie of his friends into Paths individually in order to speak with each of them. He reveals his true intentions, to have his friends kill him sol that the outside populace will be indebted to them, and wipes their memories so that they will not remember anything he has revealed until after his death. [ 119 ] On the deck of the boat, Annie asks Armin if he has healed up and offers him to seat beside her. She then thanks him for talking to her while she was stuck in her crystal but asks why he chose to talk to her and not anyone else. Armin tries to tell Annie how he feels about her but Annie chooses to rather believe that he only talked to her because he is a good person. Armin reminds her that he does not like being called a “ good person, ” noting that he has killed many people and chosen to betray his own subspecies. Armin laments that the worldly concern beyond the Walls did not match his and Eren ‘s pipe dream, but he tells Annie that he still chooses to believe that there is a separate of the global yet to be discovered. [ 120 ] After reaching Odiha, Annie watches as the others begin working on the flying boat. Mikasa suggests that she exercise with the anti-personnel gear before they leave but Annie reaffirms her intention of staying behind, claiming to feel no desire to save world now that Marley has been wiped out. Mikasa says that is all right, but tells her that Armin is coming with them. Annie is aware, but that does not change her mind. She asks Mikasa if she will kill Eren to save the world, but Mikasa insists they will talk him down. [ 121 ] late, Annie informs Reiner and Pieck of her intentions to stay behind. Reiner apologizes for having forced her and Bertolt to carry out the Paradis Island Operation and Annie agrees to watch over Gabi and Falco for him. After returning to the embark, Annie barricades the door to Gabi and Falco ‘s room so that they can not escape. [ 122 ] On the ship ‘s deck, Annie speaks with Kiyomi Azumabito who informs her the ship is sailing to Hizuru. Kiyomi admits that she feels responsible for bringing about the Rumbling and laments on her regrets, prompting Annie to reflect on her own experiences. however, their conversation is interrupted by Gabi and Falco. The two speculate that Falco ‘s Titan is capable of flight based on the memories of one of Zeke ‘s predecessors and reveal that they intend to leave. Annie is unwilling to let Falco transform and destroy the ship but to her surprise, Kiyomi reveals she is will to accept that result. [ 123 ] Falco succeeds in using his colossus to fly and he carries Annie and Gabi to Fort Salta. The group arrives fair in prison term to save Mikasa, Reiner, Jean, Connie and Levi from being devoured by an army of Titans. [ 124 ] Her comrades inform her that Armin was captured by Eren ‘s Titans and Annie agrees to help rescue him. Levi decides to besides have some of the group attack Eren ‘s nape in the hopes of destroying the Founder while Armin is being rescued. Mikasa tries to protest, but Annie convinces her to focus on Armin so that she will not have to think about Eren .
Annie, Connie, and Mikasa oversee to identify the Titan which captured Armin near Eren ‘s Titan ‘s tailbone and deploy to try to rescue him. As they fight the Titan attempts to flee and Annie uses her female Titan to throw Mikasa after it. Mikasa is stopped from reaching the colossus by an Armored Titan which Annie defeats, but the three comrades are promptly surrounded before they can stop Armin ‘s captor from fleeing to Bertolt ‘s Colossus Titan. [ 125 ] Annie is quickly overwhelmed by the absolute number of Titans, but she is saved at the last moment by the intervention of Bertolt ‘s Titan. Mikasa releases Armin from the Okapi Titan and Annie catches him as he falls to the grind. jean manages to detonate Eren ‘s nape thanks to the help of their new allies and Annie joins her friends in evacuating atop Falco ‘s Titan so that Armin can transform. [ 126 ] Returning to Fort Salta, the Warriors are greeted by the Eldian refugees from Liberio. Annie is bewildered by their presence but is overjoyed to hear from Karina Braun that her beget is besides give and immediately goes to look for him. She finds him further into Salta, but before the two can properly reunite smoke begins pouring into the fortify. The fume causes Annie ‘s forefather and the remainder of the Eldians in the fort to transform into Titans, to Annie ‘s horror. The Titans all begin rallying to defend the Source of all live matter as it attempts to return to Eren and Annie joins Pieck and Reiner in trying to hold the creature and its Titans rear with their colossus forms. Because the three are focused on holding back the animal, they are ineffective to defend themselves as the pure Titans begin attacking them. [ 127 ] Following Eren ‘s death, the Power of the Titans is eliminated from the earth and all of the Eldians return to their human forms. Recovering her memories of her concluding conversation with Eren, Annie mourns for her supporter. Her spirits are lightened when she is reunited with her don, but the happy reunion is ephemeral as the Marleyan forces from Salta come out to confront them. The Marleyans threaten to kill them if they can not prove that they are no longer Titans, and alone Armin is able to talk them down. In the three years following Eren ‘s end, the survivors of the “ Battle of Heaven and Earth ” at Fort Salta are made peace ambassadors between the remnants of the external worldly concern and Paradis. As the ambassadors sail to Paradis to begin peace talks in the year 857, Annie voices her agnosticism that they will have any success negotiating with Paradis. Armin is convinced that the sight of the Warriors and the Survey Corps, former enemies, working together will be adequate to get the Eldians of Paradis to listen. [ 119 ]


Out of the 104th Training Corps members, Annie is one of the strongest fighters, along with Mikasa and Eren. She was ranked as one of the top 5 trainees ( achieving the 4th position ), meaning a degree of skill in several military fight forms. Although she is rate 4th, she is normally portrayed as being on par with Mikasa in battle. Her being placed lower was probably due to a combination of her slacking off and not taking things seriously, arsenic well as her nightly reconnaissance oeuvre as part of the Paradis Island Operation. Despite her impressive abilities, she appeared to be outmatched by Kenny Ackerman : not only did he manage to get behind her without her notice, but he was besides able to dodge her gripe with apparent ease. [ 128 ] The fact that Annie immediately chose to retreat into the sewers is far proof that she was uncertain of a victory against him. [ 129 ]

  • Vertical maneuvering equipment: As her graduation rank implies, Annie possesses a great amount of skill at controlling the vertical maneuvering equipment. With the use of the equipment’s blades only, she was shown to effortlessly kill a Titan inside the Military HQ at Trost District in order to help the soldiers to refill their gas and then proceeded to slay another Titan that Connie failed to dispose of. Later, Annie was also able to utilize the equipment to kill Gunther Schultz.
  • Martial Arts: Annie is noteworthy for her unique fighting style, with a strong focus on minimizing the advantages of larger, stronger opponents through kicks, throws, and holds. She states that her father taught her this style, and during their time in training together, she teaches it to Eren Yeager. Annie retains the same fighting style in her Titan form, as Eren noticed in his first battle against the Female Titan.[130]

Annie Leonhart ‘s statistics as of year 850 [ 131 ] :


Like her Marleyan comrade Bertolt, Marcel and Reiner, Annie is capable of transforming into a Titan, referred to as the Female Titan ( 女型の巨人 Megata no Kyojin ? ). Her colossus form is 14 meters, the one-third short, being rivaled by the Cart Titan who is 4 meters and the Jaw Titan who is 5 meters. As the Female Titan, Annie is easily able to overpower veteran Survey Corps members, and wipe out several squads in Erwin ‘s specify scouting formations. Annie acquired her Titan powers while she was a warrior candidate in Marley and was trained with using them by the military of Marley and by her founder. [ 132 ] [ 40 ] During the 57th Expedition Outside the Walls of the Survey Corps, she was far more feel in using her Titan shape compared to Eren, who had alone discovered his titan powers recently. She is one of the more skilled of the Nine Titans, sporting a variety of presumably learned powers and especial abilities, some of them not exhibited by any others with Titan power. The Marleyan officials noted during Annie ‘s train that she exceeded all of their expectations. [ 133 ]

  • Regeneration: In her Titan form, Annie is capable of healing any injuries and even regenerating any parts of her body that were possibly lost in a battle. However, she takes this ability to a new level, being able to focus this ability on certain parts of her body, healing the chosen injuries at a much faster pace as opposed to the automatic, simultaneous regeneration of all the damaged parts. This has proven to be useful in battle as shown when Annie chose to regenerate only one eye to see the approaching Special Operations Squad and to defeat them, using the moment of surprise.[134]
  • Crystallization: Annie has the ability to harden parts of her skin at will, something that is similar to the ability of the Armored Titan, as stated by Erwin. However, unlike the Armored Titan, Annie’s hardened skin cannot be maintained for prolonged periods, as it will chip if struck. Annie employs this ability in various situations for various effects. The armor is hard enough for the soldiers’ blades to be unable to cut through it and thus Annie can effectively defend herself against any attacks, even those coming from Eren in his Titan form. She also uses this ability for destructive attacks, being able to heavily damage Eren’s Titan body by hardening her fists or legs.[135] This way, she also avoids hurting herself as opposed to Eren, who easily loses even entire limbs after performing attacks in his Titan form. Upon capture and extraction, Annie used this ability to generate a cocoon of incredibly durable crystal to trap herself in to avoid being interrogated, something that is similar to the Structural hardening ability of the War Hammer Titan.
  • Titan Control: Annie is able to summon pure Titans, though her range is limited.[132] Annie was the one who led Titans near Shiganshina District before the Colossus and Armored Titans broke Wall Maria.[136] During the 57th expedition, she was able to lead an army of Titans to destroy a part of the Survey Corps formation in order to capture Eren. Later, after being trapped by the Survey Corps, she also used her ability in a smart way to attract Titans, as upon hearing her shouts, all nearby Titans ignored any other humans and rushed to her location, devouring her Titan form.[137] This allowed Annie to effectively escape the Survey Corps’ trap in her human form without being detected.[26] This ability is similar to the Founding Titan, as stated by Armin and Erwin. It is also similar to the screaming ability of Zeke Yeager.
  • High mobility and endurance: In her Titan form, Annie has high mobility and endurance,[132] unlike most human-controlled Titans, who are less fast than her and who tire out to the point of collapsing. During the 57th expedition, she was able to run long distances while fighting against many soldiers and the Attack Titan. Also, after escaping the Survey Corps’ trap, she was able to transform for a second time without an extended recovery period.[138][139]
  • Adaptation: As the Female Titan, Annie is able to take in parts of other Titans and manifest their abilities easily.[140]

Female Titan ‘s statistics as of class 850 [ 141 ] :



  • Leonhart – Having been abandoned at birth, Annie looked to her adoptive father as a source of strength despite his goal to solely train her into becoming a Warrior of Marley so that he could have a wealthy life. Annie would hold him in contempt for his selfish desires just before and throughout her tenure as a candidate in the Warrior program. However, her views on her adoptive father would change the day she was sent to Paradis; he tearfully apologized to Annie for the harsh upbringing he inflicted on her and begged her to come back home at any cost, even if it was not as an honorary Marleyan. She has since vowed to fulfill that promise.[142]
  • Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover – When they trained to become Warriors, Annie seemed indifferent to Galliard harassing Reiner and remained aloof when Bertolt attempted to involve her in their conversation.[143] After Marcel’s death, she saw the mission as being futile and wished to return back to Marley, clashing with Reiner who desired to continue. Eventually, the two fought and Reiner became her leader.[56][144] After the fall of Wall Maria, it seems that she usually acted as a lone wolf during their mission, and her few interactions with Reiner during this time often resulted in tensions.[145][146][147][66] The trio struggled during two years after the fall of the Wall to find the Founding Titan, and then realized that King Fritz was fake. Annie then suggested her trying to marry one of the men of the Fritz family, causing Bertolt distress, but quickly decided she could not because the Fritz family would never do anything that would risk infecting their family tree with filthy blood and plus she did not possess the charm to do so. Bertolt expressed his disagreement, causing Annie to be confused about the compliment then thanked him, having a lighter expression thereafter.[148] It was hinted by Reiner that Bertolt had feelings for her, though it is unknown if she was aware of this.[149] Both Reiner and Bertolt reacted with shock and anger upon learning of her capture[99] and Reiner was willing to duel with Zeke for the right to rescue her, prioritizing Annie’s rescue over capturing the Founding Titan. After returning home alone, Reiner remembers Annie as one of his fellow Warriors and feels immense guilt and responsibility over her fate, driving him to the brink of almost committing suicide.[150] Later, Reiner talks to Annie again before taking the flying boat at Odiha. He apologizes to her for forcing her and Bertolt to continue to attack Wall Maria after Marcel’s death. Annie pardons him and they hug. Before they separate again, Reiner asks Annie to take care of Gabi and Falco for him, which she agrees.[151]
  • Marcel Galliard – Though the two of them were never shown interacting with one another, as a fellow Warrior candidate and a comrade chosen for the Paradis mission, it can be assumed she shared some sense of camaraderie with him. After he was eaten by Ymir, Annie grieved the loss of the team’s leader and beat Reiner, blaming him for Marcel’s death.[152]
  • Zeke Yeager – Zeke trained her when she was a Warrior candidate and it seemed that she was aloof from him.[153] It is apparent that Zeke is very familiar with Annie and her abilities, particularly her expertise in kicks. When he heard that Armin claimed that the Survey Corps had captured her, he did not prioritize the need to rescue her from the possibility of capture or torture, believing that her abilities as one with the power of the Titans and a skilled Warrior are enough to save her from such situations.[154]
  • Eren Yeager – Eren was one of the few people Annie had a somewhat friendly relationship with. During their time in training, Annie and Eren developed a mutual respect and interest for each other. She was his mentor and she explained to him the contradictions of the military training system inside the Walls, where the people with the best ability to oppose the Titans get the privilege of staying far away from them.[31][155] She trains him in her unique fighting style, and he is one of the only people who have managed to make her genuinely smile.[40] But when her mission required it, she ruthlessly pursued him and fought him twice.[156][157] Her betrayal deeply shakes Eren and he is initially unable to transform in order to fight her. Mikasa even suspected Eren held “special feelings” for Annie and Eren has expressed far less malice towards Annie than he ever did with Reiner and Bertolt.[158]
  • Connie Springer – While they did not seem to be particularly close, Annie risked her life and the future of her mission to save Connie from a Titan.[159][160] Later, when Annie reveals that she will go to the Military Police Brigade, Connie considers joining them too and asks for her opinion. She then answers by seemingly trying to convince him not to join the Survey Corps by frightening him about a possible death as a Survey Corps member.[161] She probably did not want to have to kill him later during her attack on the 57th expedition. Connie seems then to be afraid, however, he later decided to join the Survey Corps after much hesitation.[162]
  • Mikasa Ackerman – Their interactions suggest some level of rivalry, with Annie once describing Mikasa as a “beast.”[163] However, Annie may have heard and hinted about the legend of the Ackerman clan,[164] thus her description of Mikasa as a beast could be interpreted as a fact and not as an insult. This only worsens when Annie’s true identity is revealed, with Mikasa aggressively confronting her and later aiding in Annie’s defeat.[165] After her reemergence 4 years later, it initially seemed like they would continue their old rivalry. However, they were able to improve their relationship somewhat, as shown when Mikasa supported an exhausted Annie into the ship. In Odiha, Annie was even comfortable with Mikasa discovering her relationship with Armin. Annie still expresses doubt of Mikasa’s intention to try and talk to Eren to stop the Rumbling, preferring to part with Mikasa and leave with the ship.[112][121]
  • Armin Arlert – She respects Armin, recognizing his strong will and treating him well. This results in her trying to convince him not to join the Survey Corps and later sparing his life during her attack on the 57th expedition of the Survey Corps, which later allows him to discover her true identity.[166][167][168] She admits to not being sure why she did not kill him and is seemingly bothered by his willingness to maneuver her into a trap.[169] After Armin inherits the Colossus Titan, and therefore Bertolt’s memories, he frequently visits Annie in her crystal to confide in her, which she would later admit she appreciated him doing.[170][107] Underway to Odiha, Annie conversed with him while they were alone, inquiring on his motive when he talked to her in the crystal. She was bewildered when Armin revealed his feelings for her, and tried to downplay those feelings herself, nearly leaving Armin alone. But after further heart-to-heart conversation between the two, they came to accept their growing relationship, as in Odiha, Annie looked towards Armin as she conversed with Mikasa, before they stared wistfully at each other in the Alliance’s departure.[121]
  • Marlowe Freudenberg – Assigned to the same squad in Stohess District, Annie and Marlowe did not seem to be particularly close. They were in a way opposites, Annie fighting for her father’s and her own personal interests over everything else while Marlowe wanted to defend the general interest of the public and was not passive in the face of evil. When Marlowe declared that he wanted to clean up the military police brigade from corruption, she compared Marlowe to Eren and she admired him for his willingness to go against the flow.[171] When Annie vanished during the battle of Stohess, Marlowe showed concern over her well-being.[172] However, when he was captured by Survey Corps, he did not show much concern for her well-being.[173]
  • Hitch Dreyse –  As roommates, assigned to the same squad in Stohess District, the two were in many ways opposites, Annie being stoic and withdrawn while Hitch is outgoing and enjoys an easy life which was why they were not particularly close. Hitch found Annie to be annoying at times due to her dark and antisocial outlook on life, frequently teasing the latter in an effort to provoke a reaction on which Annie would apathetically respond with sarcasm. However, after Annie’s disappearance during the fight in Stohess District, Hitch felt anger towards the Survey Corps, blaming them for losing the opportunity to get to know Annie better, believing she had died in the conflict. But then Hitch was shocked and livid after learning Annie’s true identity as the Female Titan responsible for the destruction in Wall Sheena, afterwards desperately questioning her about how her misdeeds make her feel. Hitch would later be assigned to guard Annie’s crystal and was often the only one to speak to her, implying that she was still somewhat fond. Hitch was the first to find Annie upon her escape from her crystal. After accepting Annie’s demand to take her to Shiganshina, Annie uncharacteristically opens up to Hitch about her harsh past and feelings regarding her actions, to which Hitch thanks Annie for sharing. In the following days, Annie leaves Hitch a goodbye note, in which she thanks her for keeping her company, talking to her for four years during her lonely isolation in her crystal.

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