Attack on Titan: How Much Has Annie Changed Since Season 1?

Annie Leonhart was one of Attack on Titan ‘s biggest riddle in its first base season. All we knew about her was that she was gifted with a sword, packed a powerful punch and is decidedly not a people person. Up until the season ‘s ending, Annie was harbouring her identity as the cryptic Female Titan, a colossus with incredible strength and apparent intelligence. In the season finale, Annie concealed herself in an impenetrable crystal and has remained that way until Part Two of the Final Season. immediately recently emerged after many years of encasement, Annie has entered a world a lot unlike to the one she left in .
As a warrior campaigner from Marley, Annie was sent to Paradis Island with chap Warriors Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover and Marcel Galliard when they were very young. Their deputation was to locate the Founding Titan. It was the Warrior unit that broke through Wall Maria in Shinganshina, and was frankincense the catalyst for the events of the zanzibar copal that followed. In Part Two of the Final Season, Annie ‘s loyalties seem to have changed, as she fights alongside her fellow cadets to save the populace from the Rumbling .
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“I Didn’t Care About Anything”

Annie Leonhart (Attack On Titan) Annie was abandoned by her parents as an baby. A blood test showed that her Eldian blood was the result of her mother ‘s adulterous affair with an Eldian man. A alien man with Eldian rake who was placed in the impoundment camp adopted Annie, then that he could train her to become a Warrior in regulate for him to live a wealther life style. Annie was excessively unseasoned to understand why she was undergoing all this rigorous combat prepare. Before she even knew her don ‘s intentions, she was learning hand-to-hand fighting techniques from his fatherland. In his eyes, her deserving was determined by whether she can attain Warrior campaigning, which stemmed from selfish reasons of her don. When Annie became firm adequate in subsequently years, she fought her beget to the charge where he could not walk properly – which he rejoiced at, for nowadays she can kill enemies without weapons.

It is for this argue that Annie never cared about life or end, including her own. No matter where Marley deployed the Warrior unit of measurement, she was able to take lives well without emotional responses. She never found value in the concept of life. Her cold outside protected her so that she can be the best warrior in the unit of measurement .
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In temper one, when the main trio discovers that Annie is the Female Titan, she laughs at them. She tells Armin that she is gladiolus that she can be a good person to him, as she did not kill him in her titan form when the Survey Corps first saw her. She then transforms into the Female Titan and finally fights Eren which concludes with her encasing herself in a crystal. Her eerie blush and laughing at her discovery may be interpreted as her mocking the lives she ‘s about to take when she transforms. She is not shocked or scared that she was discovered as the Female Titan, which supports her detached position.

“I Don’t Think Nothing Matters Anymore”

Attack On Titan Campfire Gathering Of Marley And Eldian Main Characters With Annie In The Centre In Part Two of the Final Season, fans see her mentality change before she departed for her mission to Paradis, when her founder kneeled in front of her, sobbing. He regretted drilling all that previous prepare into her during her childhood. He begged her to come dwelling even if it meant throwing away warrior status or becoming an honorary Marleyan. Annie realized at that moment that she had a don who wanted her to be home and safe, and she promised him that she would return to him after her mission.

In Part Two of the Final Season, Annie says that there are others barely like her with sleep together ones that are dear to them. She recognizes that she committed sins that are unachievable, but arsenic long as she makes it back to her father then that is all that matters. In Annie ‘s eyes, she would redo all her harmful acts if it meant she would return to her forefather. She joins Connie, Armin, Falco and Gabi after running into them at a festival. Along with Reiner, she is immediately separate of the alliance to save the world from the Rumbling. Annie remembers her predict to make it back to her church father in this separate of the zanzibar copal, which fuels her alliance to Mikasa and the others. Her beget will be dead if she does not stop Eren, and therefore this may be her motivations to making certain that Eren is stopped .
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