10 Similarities Between DC’s Aquaman And Marvel’s Namor The Submariner

Aquaman ‘s one of today ‘s most recognizable heroes. He and Marvel ‘s Namor the Sub-Mariner partake like backstories and powers- but Namor came first. With filming wrapped on Marvel ’ randomness Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and its anticipate November dismissal date still holding fast, fans are wondering if they ’ ll see the arrival of Namor, Marvel ’ s aquatic anti-hero before they return to Atlantis for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in 2023 .
With the success of the DCEU ’ second Aquaman, and the Fox learning enabling mutants to join the MCU, it seems like a perfect meter to introduce Marvel ’ s take on the King of Atlantis. It ’ randomness easier for fans to highlight their differences, but Namor and Aquaman ‘s similarities are an significant gene in how these characters fill a very specific niche in their respective comic universes .

They Are Both Half-Atlantean

A split image of Atlantis in the Marvel in the comics

Aquaman and Namor share exchangeable beginning stories. Both of their mothers were Atlantean royalty and both of their fathers were surface-dwellers. Aquaman ‘s mother was the Queen of Atlantis, and Namor ‘s was a Princess, providing the royal bequest needed for each fictional character to one day rule Atlantis .
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While their upbringings highlight the differences in their attitudes towards the surface world and its relationship to Atlantis, their lord linage bonds both characters to their respective versions of their submerged kingdoms. It besides provides reasonings as to what makes these characters different from everyone around them .

They Are Both Strong Leaders

A split image of Aquaman screaming and King Namor screaming in the Marvel

Both Marvel and DC ‘s Atlantian heroes take the enthrone of the submerged kingdom of Atlantis for a part of their continuity. While their tactics as King of the Seas differ, they both take their responsibilities and ruling identical seriously .
Each character places a great deal of emphasis on what their kingdoms can achieve as a wholly separate entity from the rest of their universe ‘s population. Both Namor and Aquaman put a lot of broth into the militaries of Atlantis and focus on ensuring the self-sustainability of the kingdom .

They Were Both Exiled From Their Kingdom

A split image of Attuma and Orm taking Atlantis

While Namor and Aquaman have both led atlantis, both kings have besides been ousted from their kingdom. Both Kings face these issues as a result of their half-Atlantean, half-human parentage. Aquaman ‘s stepbrother, Orm has taken charge of Atlantis on multiple occasions. His ocean Master persona is regarded as one of Aquaman ‘s most recognizable villains in both the comics and mainstream media .
Namor ‘s exile from Atlantis is the leave of a politically-focused situation than the line of ascension. His banishment is facilitated by dishonor Atlantean warrior Attuma, who takes the throne before Namor finally defeats him and regains the crown .

They Both Have Mixed Feelings About Society

Aquaman and Namor destroy Europe and Wakanda in Marvel Comics

disenchantment about the surface-dwelling company is another trait both characters share. While most visible for Aquaman in Flashpoint, it played a major character in the fictional character ‘s growth in the DCEU. His hesitation to join the other Justice League team members was a solution of this disenchantment .
Namor ‘s distrust of the surface populace has been a authentication of his quality since his introduction during the Golden Age of Comics. His kinship with the dry-land company is army for the liberation of rwanda more strained, leading to his anti-hero condition and the rarity of his expansive team-ups .

They’re Both Part Of A Team

An image of Aquaman with the Justice League and Namor with the Illuminati

Aquaman ‘s most celebrated team-up has been as a penis of the Justice League, and whenever he ‘s joined a team for nefarious reasons, it ‘s about always in one of DC ‘s Elseworlds stories. Like Aquaman, Namor ‘s teamed up to save the universe on a number of occasions, but, his most iconic team is n’t as wholesome .
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Namor ‘s been a extremity of several different teams, including the Defenders, the Avengers, and most notably, the Illuminati. He was besides a member of the X-Men, but operating under Norman Osborne ’ mho commission as a member of the Dark X-Men in the “ Dark Reign ” arch .

They Are Both Fathers

A split image of Aquaman with his children and Namor with his in the comics

Both Namor and Aquaman are fathers, but they each practice very different parenting methods. Namor ’ s daughter Fen, gets separated from Namor, thinks he abandoned her, and she comes back as an adult to kill him. His son, Ove, was recently introduced as a bane for Captain Marvel .
As for Aquaman, he ‘s more frequently been a beget figure to his young Atlantean sidekicks, but he besides had a son and a daughter. The death of Aquaman ‘s son ranks as one of the saddest moments in DC Comics history, but his daughter, Andy, has been taking a more outstanding character in the Aquaman titles during the Future State fourth dimension leap.

They Both Have Super-Strength

A split image of the Hulk fighting and Aquaman holding up a building in the comics

One of the powers that both characters have in common is super forte. In gaze to protecting Earth, Atlantis, or their syndicate and friends, this enables them to fulfill the superhero tropes of moving debris, throwing cars, and indeed on .
This is due to their Atlantean biology. Atlantis is a significantly more evolve civilization than the come on dwellers in both amusing universes, and are not identified as homo-sapiens. During Namor ‘s comics run, Professor X clarifies Namor as a Homo Superior mutant. atlantis in the DC universe was built from a slipstream known as the “ Homo-Magi. ”

They Have Similar Weaknesses

An image of Aquaman talking to Wonder Woman talking and Namor flying in the comics

obviously, since both Aquaman and Namor are half-Atlantean, they have the ability to breathe submerged vitamin a well as on land. There have been points when they both have been significantly weakened by staying on dry nation for besides long, but the badness of this has not been reproducible throughout their mark histories .
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Aquaman has besides had a few points in his continuity where he was able to fly, notably in the Prime Earth universe, thanks to his trident. Namor does n’t have a necessitate for his trident to enable him to fly. Rather, the modest wing-like fins on his ankles give him propulsion through ocean and sky .

They Both Wield The Trident Of Neptune

A split image of Aquaman and Namor holding a trident in the comics

Tridents have been part of ocean mythology since the beginning, so it ‘s not a surprise both Namor and Aquaman wield tridents in conflict. They both have their respective universe ‘s Trident of Neptune. Based on the actual fabulous artifact, the trident of Poseidon, the multi-pronged weapon is symbolic of the power the animal trainer has over the ocean .
In both versions of the weapon, the trident has been endowed with charming abilities that are separate from Namor and Aquaman ‘s powers. Among its powers, the Trident can shoot out energy that can be used in battle, used as a shield defense, or even heal .

They Can Communicate With Fish

An image of Namor and Aquaman communicating with Marine life in Aquaman

No conversation about Aquaman is complete without mentioning the fact that he talks to fish. And so can Namor. actually, both have a telepathic connection with sea life and can communicate and influence the pisces to do what they ‘re asking. however, Aquaman seems to use this give more frequently than Namor .
Since Namor at one point had the ability to imitate the ability of any sea creature, he did n’t have a motivation to influence his scaly subjects american samoa much as Aquaman did. He can besides summon marine life to him using a magic trick french horn, while Aquaman equitable uses his telepathy .
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