Ben Affleck Reportedly Replacing Michael Keaton as Batman in Aquaman 2

Jason Momoa shocked DC fans recently when he announced that Ben Affleck would return as Batman/Bruce Wayne in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Affleck last played the cap reformer in Zack Snyder ’ mho Justice League ( 2021 ) and will besides appear aboard companion Batman Michael Keaton in The Flash .
Ben Affleck is now set to make another DC Extended Universe appearance as Batman in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which per reports, is due to continuity issues arising from the secrete date reshuffle of the DC Films ‘ roll. The Flash and Aquaman 2 were both slated to hit the screen this year but were delayed to 2023. While an claim reason has yet to be revealed, the Warner Bros. Discovery amalgamation and the affair of the debatable stars Ezra Miller and Amber Heard in the movies are touted as likely reasons behind the postponement .
Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will now arrive on March 17, 2023, three months before The Flash, which will debut on June 23. Michael Keaton in the first place cameoed in Aquaman 2, but per several insiders, the test audiences were left confused by his inclusion, as he was supposed to be introduced in The Flash in the first place. And this apparently opened the doorway for Ben Affleck ’ s return. Grace Randolph and KC Walsh have confirmed the newsworthiness, but like constantly, take them with a grain of salt.

And as for Affleck ’ s DCEU future, there are still no plans for his blue, beefy Batman, particularly now that SnyderVerse has besides been scrapped. Michael Keaton will play an aging, serious Batman in the main DC timeline, with Robert Pattinson playing a younger interpretation of the mask vigilante in The Batman series. It seems there good isn ’ t a place for Ben Affleck ’ s Batman to fit into the DC Extended Universe anymore, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will probably set up his revert and eventual farewell in The Flash. however, it is rumored that Affleck is rethinking his DCEU retirement .
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Ben Affleck Is Excited To Return In The Flash

Ben Affleck Will Return as Batman in The Flash Movie Ben Affleck has confirmed multiple times that he ’ randomness done playing Batman in the DCEU and is just fulfilling his anterior commitments, but he equitable can ’ thymine seem to bring himself to say adieu to the character. Owing to personal struggles and the sub-rosa mess of Justice League, Affleck exited his solo Batman movie in 2019, which he was besides going to direct .
Robert Pattinson was soon cast in The Batman, with Matt Reeves directing from an entirely different script. And Michael Keaton was then announced to be reprising his function as the iconic superhero from 1989 ’ sulfur Batman in The Flash. But for some reason, barely a class after stepping down as Batman, Affleck decided to return in The Flash and besides nip newly scenes for Zack Snyder ’ sulfur Justice League .

Could a change in WB and DC Films management have prompted Affleck ’ s decision ? Or possibly the Warner Bros. Discovery amalgamation did, since the new CEO David Zazlav has big plans for the superhero franchise. In any character, Affleck is excited to don the cape and hood again in The Flash and had a much different ( less nerve-racking ) know shooting the movie than he did on Justice League, or therefore he told Variety last October .

“ It was a truly dainty way to revisit that as the anterior feel had been unmanageable. This was in truth cover girl. in truth fun. I had a great fourth dimension … I ‘m credibly under some gag order that I ‘m not even mindful that I credibly equitable violated and I ‘m now going to be sued … I love Ezra [ Miller ] and I had a find to see Jason [ Momoa ], who ‘s over there [ in the UK ] making [ Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom ]. ”

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