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Main Nemesis


Other Enemies

Aqualad, Tempest, Mera, Aquagirl, Aquababy, Dolphin, Justice League, Teen Titans





Base of Operations

Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Atlantis

Arch Villains

Black Manta, Ocean Master

Current Members

Dead Water, Deep Six, The Drowned, King Shark, Scavenger, Nereus

Deceased Members

The Dead King, Fisherman

Place of Formation

Atlantic Ocean


Mort Weisinger · Paul Norris

First appearance
More Fun Comics #74
(December, 1941)

Aquaman, in any of his incarnations, is not known for having an ill-famed rogues gallery. His recurring foes have not achieved the lapp level of fame as Batman ‘s adversaries or the Flash ‘s Rogues gallery. Through the years though, there has been a slowly growing cast of foes that has been known contribute Aquaman headaches from fourth dimension to time – the most dangerous of which stems from his own family tree : Ocean Master.

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In the Golden Age continuity of Earth-Two, the original Aquaman had very few recurring foes. In his first base populace gamble, he fought against Nazi naval officers aboard a german submarine. soon after however, he encountered a one-eyed modern day pirate named Black Jack. Aquaman matched wits against the criminal on many disjoined occasions. The final examination destiny of Black Jack however, has yet to be recorded. In Earth-One continuity, Aquaman began attracting the attention of a bevy of costumed villains. These ranged from the cockamamie ( the Human Flying Fish ) to the sincerely baleful ( Ocean Master ). In fact, Aquaman would late discover that the Ocean Master was actually his own brother. The Ocean Master ‘s history and demeanor has been inconsistent over the years, a bunch of which owes itself to the villain ‘s ever-deteriorating sanity. The Ocean Master has presented himself as both a scheme murderer angstrom well as an aloof crazy. Since Aquaman never grew up with any true sense of family, he always tried to show constraint when it came to the Ocean Master. When the two beginning clashed, the Ocean Master suffered from amnesia and had no estimate that the world he sought to destroy was actually his sibling. Although the Ocean Master is credibly Aquaman ‘s most potent enemy, he is not the most dangerous. The one man who has cost Aquaman more anguish than any early is the cryptic subaqueous pirate Black Manta. For years, Black Manta served as little more than just another masked super-villain, but he solidified his put as Aquaman ‘s arch-nemesis on the day that he kidnapped and murdered Aquaman ‘s two-year-old son Arthur Curry, Jr. [ 1 ] This one act changed Aquaman ‘s life forever. It permanently affected his personality and demeanor and cost him his kingdom and his wife. Lesser known foes that have cropped up over the years include the Fisherman, a mercenary with preference of using high-tech fish rods and lures as weapons. There was besides the Scavenger, another criminal who terrorized the seas in his submersible Scorpion-Ship. [ 2 ] Aquaman has besides had dealings with a condemnable arrangement known as O.G.R.E. ( Organization for General Revenge and Enslavement ). O.G.R.E. ‘s primary deputation was to destroy Aquaman ‘s native home Atlantis. Aquaman did succeed in reforming two of O.G.R.E. ‘s agents, the Huntress and Typhoon.

Another menace that came from beneath the waves was Karshon, a mutate Tiger Shark. Although the Shark was primarily a foe of Green Lantern, his chosen venue made him an ideal combatant for Aquaman a well. As years passed, Aquaman ‘s ever-evolving rogues veranda began to grow and included foes such as King Bres, a race of sentient giant star jellyfish, and the extraterrestrial being draco known as Tiamat. Charybdis, one of Aquaman ‘s more minor foes, proved to have a major impact on the Sea King ‘s life. It was through the machinations of Charybdis that Aquaman lost his leftover hand to a pool of starving piranha. [ 3 ]

Membership History


  • Ocean Master: Aquaman’s secondary archenemy and half-brother who plots to take over the Throne of Atlantis and destroy the surface world.
  • Black Manta: Aquaman’s primary archenemy. Primarily being a mercenary, Black Manta killed Aquaman’s son. In a fit of revenge, Aquaman murdered Black Manta’s father. This sparked an eternal hatred that becomes an endless battle between the two. He is the father of the second Aqualad.

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