The Truth About 2-3 Prong Adapter and Outlet Safety

Why would you want to ground your arranger to your wall socket ? Isn ’ t my exit already grounded ? What could happen if I don ’ metric ton ground the adapter to my wall socket ?
In 1969, Underwrites Laboratories started requiring 3-prong plugs for safety. Some people use the NEMA 1-15R adapters to plug their 3-prong cables into the erstwhile 2-prong outlets. These adapters prevent the cost of hiring an expensive electrician to replace your outlets .
Why do I ground my adapter to my exit ?
Grounding provides electricity the way of least resistance bet on to the surf and exiting to the main land connection. When there is a demerit, if there are no ground outlets in your home, the easiest path for the electricity is through the metallic element of any electronic or home appliance you are using. This is dangerous and will cause an electric shock absorber.

2-Prong non-grounded outlet
As stated above prior to the 1960 ’ second homes were installed with 2-prong non-grounded outlets when built or remodeled. Having some of the old-style outlets is a problem because they won ’ thymine accept your equipment plugs immediately that the 3-prong spark plug requirements have changed. Most importantly, the outlets don ’ t have a ground wire or provide any safety. 3-prong outlets can be dangerous if they are not grounded. If you are uncertain that they have been grounded properly you should check them to be positive. The risk of a 3-prong wall socket is that a homeowner changed the outlets from the old 2-prong to the new 3-prong style without properly grounding the newly exit .
How to tell if your wall socket is grounded or not ?
2-3 prong adapters will come with a small metallic element grounding prong attached to them. The prong is a square determine piece of alloy with a circle in the center. This grounding prong is attached so you can connect your adapter to the grounding source. All you do is install the mercantile establishment cover plate screw through the hole in the metallic ground pin and your adapter will become prime .
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When is this not true ? If your mercantile establishment is not grounded your adapter will not be grounded, even if installed by rights. There is a instrument you can purchase to test your electrical outlets and determine if they are grounded or not .
here is a link to purchase one of these types of tools on Amazon. We do not sell these tools and do not have a preference, you will have to research the tools to find the one you want to purchase.

When you start testing outlets check for any snap, break or damaged outlets and have them replaced. If cords and plugs start to hang or fall from your exit that means it needs to be replaced. If you have tested your outlets and found they are not grounded, we recommend you contact a certify electrician to help you install and make the necessary updates. One choice you have is to install GFCI outlets which will detect any faults, like urine for example, and avoid shocking you by shutting off the power. GFCI will slip the tour when necessity, avoiding electrocution .
What will happen if I don ’ metric ton follow this simple guard operation ?
Remember if you have not used the prime feature by rights on your 2-3 prong adapter it will not provide any safety for you and will pose a gamble to you and your dwelling when in use. The grounding bowling pin should be connected to the electric ground and without the proper ground system in set, there is a great electric potential for electric shock .
here are some more safety tips to follow :

  • NEVER cut the grounding pin or wire off your plug or adapter.
  • Always unplug your electrical items, heaters, dryers, range, AC Units, etc. when not in use.
  • Do not unplug an electrical item during use, this can cause shock, especially during times of peak power.

2-3 prong adapters can be dependable if grounded and used properly, however, they might not provide the best function. If you own a home with all 2-prong outlets it is not probably you will move the adapters around uninstalling and reinstalling them as you need to plug things in and out of your outlets. It can be annoying to unscrew and move the adapter every clock you need to move it around your house. Another trouble is being able to use multiple outlets on one plate, as the adapters can be bulky and may not allow you to use multiple adapters by rights or at all on one wall socket plate .
IMG 5144
never remove the ground peg of a 3-prong plug to fit into a 2-prong mercantile establishment constantly have the mercantile establishment changed to match the hack. Removing the ground pin from an arranger or using ungrounded outlets can lead to a fire, shock, or even worse.

These lapp concepts can apply to your dry release and we have the product solutions you will need. For example to create a 3-prong dry release, needed to match your dry hack, from the existing 4-prong mercantile establishment you can use the AD14301030 compact arranger with grounding telegram .
If you are looking for early solutions please contact us and we can help you with our free consultations, making certain you order the right product the first time and avoiding you any harass of return or exchanges .
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