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We always see Samsung ’ second mark in about every electronics and that is because Samsung is a reputable stigmatize when it comes to smartphones, tablets, televisions, air conditioners, and refrigerators. And when it comes to avail centers, Samsung had service centers around the earth and that is expected because they are one of the most popular electronics & laptop brands in the market .
however, Samsung laptops are not that popular to masses and they don ’ t have a big customer base. Samsung has a bad repute when it comes to its previous laptops due to its poor build and battery life, and homely designs. But it is not that all bad, Samsung had some popular laptops like the ATIV Book 9 and ATIV Book 9 Plus which is known for its great specifications in an ultra-thin designed body .

Is Samsung Laptop Good ?

Samsung Strengths

Decent value selection: Samsung may don ’ t have a boastfully choice of laptops, but they have a decent prize choice that ranges from cheap machines to expensive ones .
Good Tech support: Samsung ’ s Tech supports are identical friendly, but they don ’ thyroxine know much about the laptops. Their cognition is more on smartphones.

Samsung Weaknesses

Lacks Innovation: Samsung laptops are pretty basic when it comes to initiation, they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate in truth have outstanding machines .
Poorly designed laptops: Samsung laptops are ailing designed, they don ’ t very give feat in designing their laptops and precisely go with the basic build up .
Average warranty: They don ’ thyroxine offer an extension on warranties, and you would shoulder the ship cost. besides, Samsung invalidate warranties on laptops that are upgraded .

Top-rated Products

Samsung 2022 Brand Rating

What people ’ s reviews say

Samsung ’ s former laptops are mediocre, they don ’ thyroxine very shanghai buyers. well, we can ’ thymine blame them, who would spend bucks for not desirable laptops ? Besides, there are other brands that offer more than Samsung can .

Samsung ’ s previous laptops are mediocre, they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate actually shanghai buyers .

But hey, let me tell you. Samsung is improving. They release new note-worthy laptops, not to mention the fresh Notebook Odyssey a bet on laptop that is fully redesigned with a portable all-metal chassis and that is powered by RTX graphics. Odessey ’ randomness price starts at $ 1999, although it ’ reasonably expensive, the specification and build are impressive .
This campaign of Samsung to change its laptop quality would be a game-changer for them if they continue to improve every year. They may not the strongest brand for now, but Samsung is a bright trade name and well like to see what improvements they would offer in the table for years to come .

Design ( 20/30 )

When it comes to its design, Samsung laptops aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate truly that alone looking. Most of the laptop designs look like silver fictile cases that you see at plaything stores. Their design international relations and security network ’ t in truth something particular and it is lacking in smasher .
Samsung ’ s latest laptops are quite an improvement in design, the new models are far from mediocre laptops of the past but still not that outstanding in terms of invention. But this is a bang-up startle for Samsung, the gaming laptop Odessey is a animal and compact but the design of brand is boring .
With this, Samsung ’ s design gene got a 20/30 rate which is not high and not that bad either considering their badly repute on how their laptop looks. It is because Samsung is trying to change the badly repute with its fresh releases of redesign laptops .

support and Warranty ( 22/30 )

Samsung has a friendly and dependable customer that responds promptly. however, their staff specializes in smartphone technical school therefore in some cases they might not be able to help with your laptop related problems .
Samsung laptops generally have at least a 1-year guarantee but you rarely hear of them having products having up to 2 or years of guarantee. So their guarantee is a little under median when compared to early brands .
One of the biggest downsides of Samsung ’ s confirm and guarantee is that unlike early brands that do not void their warranties in casing users decided to upgrade storehouse or RAM, Samsung is reasonably sensitive and voids warranty the moment you open its second dialog box. That is a big turning off for most of its customers .
thus there it is, Samsung is not pretty considerate when it comes to their guarantee. We give them a score of 22/30 evaluation .

Innovation ( 6/10 )

Samsung might be a conduct brand for electronics but when it comes to laptops the former releases are all categoric. They don ’ triiodothyronine truly have any noteworthy innovations worth mentioning asides from their Samsung Notebook 9 Pro- Best Premium Touchscreen laptop which stretches the line between tablet and laptop.

Samsung might be a lead trade name for electronics but when it comes to laptops the former releases are all categoric .

Although, there are some improvements to its invention on newer releases like the Notebook Odessey which is very promise. The changes are not that one of a kind compared to other brands in the market .
Samsung got a 6/10 score rat in its initiation factor, one of the lowest ratings that we ’ ve given. If Samsung ’ second changes to its laptops would continue to thrive for approaching years, there is no doubt that this rat would go much higher .

Value and Selection ( 24/30 )

Samsung is pretty newly to laptop making clientele therefore its apprehensible that they don ’ t have a lot of laptops to choose from .
however, Samsung understands its market so they have laptops ranging from bum available laptops like the Samsung XE500C13-K03US chromebook 3 to premium high-spec laptops like their Samsung Notebook 9 Pro that price ranges from 00 to 00 bracket .
If you are a casual or pro game, the Samsung Notebook 9 Pen 13 ” is a beneficial choice for you. It is packed with 8th Gen i7 8565U central processing unit backed by Intel integrated UHD graphics 620 GPU, 8Gb of RAM, and 512GB SSD storage for $ 1400. The Notebook Pen 9 15 ” had the lapp specification but with more memory of 16GB of RAM for $ 1599, you can besides opt for the NVIDIA interpretation that would cost $ 200 more .
If you are an artist or writer and value portability, Notebook 7 is a perfective match. The 13.3 ” -inch exemplar is powered by 8th Gen Intel Core i5 central processing unit and integrate graphics, and 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD for $ 799 to $ 900 depending on your shape. While the 15-ich discrepancy is powered by AMD Ryzen 5 2500U processor and integrated AMD Radeon Vega 8 graphics calling card for $ 800. This Notebooks are dependable for doodling, quick scribble, and annotating .
Want a mid-range bet on laptop ? Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z is precisely perfect. For $ 1800 monetary value tag, you ’ ll get a 15-inch laptop that is powered by Intel ’ s 8th Gen Core i7-870H processor, an NVIDIA dedicated 6GB GeForce GTX 1060 graphics chip, 16Gb of RAM, and a 256GB SSD storehouse. All of this in a 0.70 inches thick and weighs 5.29 machine .
Of run, the Notebook Odyssey lets you play games as they were meant to be played ! This 15.6-inch beast is powered by Intel ’ s 8th Gen Core i7-8750H central processing unit, an RTX 2060 graphics card, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB SSD of repositing for $ 2000. Which we personally think a pretty clean price for its hefty performance .
If you want vogue and affordability just for simple tasks like write and every day basic calculate chores, the Notebook Flash may suffice. This retro-styled Notebook is identical cheap, you can get the one with Intel Celeron N4000 chip with incorporate UHD graphics 606 part, 4GB of RAM, and 64 GB memory for $ 350 .
See, Samsung isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate actually that bad, they have adequate machines vitamin a well, for a fair price. We give them a score of 24/30 rat on this one because they have thoroughly value but not thus across-the-board choice category. besides, the cheap models aren ’ thymine actually worth it .

overall Verdict ( 72/100 )

Let ’ s just say that for nowadays, Samsung is behind on the competition. But we can not besides say that Samsung would stay that way, why ? well, we can see their efforts in changing the means they are making their laptops and if they continue to up their game then Samsung may catch up to other brands in no prison term .
Samsung may not arsenic aggressive as other brands but they have selections of machines that are worthy of compliment and would suffice the needs of users. You just need to find out what you need and what works best for you. Samsung has something for you .

Who makes Samsung Laptops ?

Samsung laptops are produced by Samsung Electronics a south korean multinational conglomerate that is headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. Samsung stigmatize is the largest south korean multinational accumulate.

Samsung had more uracil patents than other american brands, they have a good reputation for their smartphones, although their laptops are not that known. Samsung is new on the laptops industry, possibly that is the reason .

Should You Buy Samsung Laptops ?

When it comes to dependability, the new machines of Samsung is far more authentic than those early machines they circulated in the grocery store. Samsung ’ s newly machines are pretty authentic and can compete with early brands .
But when it comes to price and spectacles proportion, you can credibly find a better buy with another stigmatize .

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