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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 1930s-2011

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Mars · Ares Buchanan


Harmonia, [ 1 ] ( daughters )
Eros, Phobos, Deimos, Children of Ares &
Wonder Woman, Hera (parents) Hebe (sisters) Lyta, & Hippolyta (daughters) Lycus (sons) Nubia (granddaughters)


Gods of Olympus

Base Of Operations

Mount Olympus
Earth-Two: Mars ( satellite ), Duxo Hades, formerly Areopagus





Public Identity


God of Olympus


God of Conflict, God of War





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Earth-Two · Earth-One · New Earth

First Appearance
Wonder Woman #1
(June, 1942)

Ares is the God of War. He represents the forcible or violent aspect of war.

Earth-Two, Mars of Mars

Mars is the immortal martian rule who has a long going animosity with his fan Aphrodite, which by and large plays out with them sending versatile representatives of their ideologies against each other. Going most frequently by his Roman name Mars but acknowledging the Greek ‘s name for him as Ares he sets his champions against Aphrodite ‘s Amazons until their retirement to Paradise Island following their betrayal by Hercules. Despite their differences and centuries farseeing conflict he and Aphrodite meet for casual conversation and argument regularly, and will lounge together while watching their human champions and those they believe to represent their ideals come into dispute. During the days of ancient Greece he had his dependent Count Conquest rescue infants abandoned to the wilds in Sparta, with them raised as child soldiers on Duxo. These children were used to attack Paradise Island as they were not only human, which meant killing them would violate the Amazons ‘ curse, but children whom the Amazons would be antipathetic to attack. The Amazonettes and immortal girls of Infanta, who had besides been rescued as abandoned infants, helped subdue the children from Duxo and they were brought to Infanta for rehabilitation and an immortal life sentence of peace. [ 2 ] When the Amazons ‘ champion Wonder Woman entered the wide populace during WWII he fought her himself on many occasions while his generals normally fought her and her allies using homo intermediaries. She defeated him at every opportunity .
Mars was an foe to his granddaughter Wonder Woman. He allied with other herculean beings like Hephaestus in his attacks on humanity .
He is the son of Zeus and his wife Hera. Despite being Zeus ‘s son, Ares never fit in with the other gods of Olympus and created his own kingdom, the Areopagus. Aphrodite, the patron of the Amazons, swear that her women would save the global with beloved from the hatred and war of Ares. Ares did his best to destroy the Amazons, once using Hercules against them. In modern times he attacked them again, but Hippolyta ‘s daughter Diana was brought into the universe just in time to fight Ares. This attack took the form of an american english military aircraft, assigned to Steve Trevor but driven by one of Ares ‘ homo puppets, crashing into Paradise Island. Ares ‘s diagram at this time was to fire nuclear missiles between the United States and Russia, simultaneously, provoking World War III, but Diana managed to make him see, trapped in her Lasso of Truth, how this chaos would lead to his own disappearance, with Ares having no one to worship him. Although Ares abandoned those plans that clock time, he subsequently managed to possess an unimportant human criminal, Ari Buchanan. Possessing Buchanan ‘s body, he changed his name to Ares Buchanan, and began climbing the clientele run, by providing high-tech weapons for gang wars. As Buchanan, he had a relationship with his lawyer Donna Milton ( who was Circe in disguise, although not even she knew it then ), conceiving a daughter named Lyta. Lyta was shown to possess a bang-up sum of magic, which she was still learning to wield. however, Ares did n’t care much about Donna, shooting her while she was fraught. Circe survived, and as Donna, she used the survive of her forces to shoot a grease-gun, which produced a classify of mini-black hole that absorbed Ares. In recent years, as opposed to ancient times, the roles of diverse gods have altered slightly, according to modern practices and beliefs. Because of this, the actual faith-based power that Ares ‘s father Zeus received has proved to be very much diminished. On the other hand, early gods such as Athena, Aphrodite, and Ares began to gain more world power ascribable, respectively, to the appearance of the calculator age, to love never decrease, and to conflict remaining consistent. Thus the three divine siblings finally teamed up and took over Olympus, as the godly home ‘s new masters.

Realizing that conflict was the reference of his greatest military capability, Ares changed his title to the God of Conflict. To celebrate this transfer he altered his appearance to a more approachable countenance. His time, under this entitle, proved to be ephemeral, as the god Hades was besides overthrown, and Ares was all besides eager to take up the mantel of God of the Dead. Accordingly Ares took over the kingdom of Hades, leaving his sister Athena, to rule over Olympus .

kin Reunited

Realizing that a crossroads for the Gods of Olympus was soon to be reached, Ares confided in his half sister Cassie Sandsmark about a future war. In exchange for extra powers, he requested in return alone her love. He then traveled to Themyscira and kidnapped his daughter, Lyta, who was under the protection of the Amazons. Discovering this fact, Circe confronted Ares, and was surprised to learn of his new godly title. She agreed to remain as his harmonize and to raise their daughter Lyta in the Underworld. Ares had gifted Cassie with a powerful lasso, able to expel Zeus ‘ lightning in times of anger, for her to use in her character as Wonder Girl. Ares subsequently appeared to Cassie repeatedly, in ordering to warn her about “ the come war. ” The Teen Titans were thrown ten years into the future, where Cassie had inherited the mantle of Wonder Woman after Diana ‘s death. She was besides referred to as “ Ares ‘ supporter. ” Ares appeared to Cassie for obviously the final examination time, and he revealed that the gods were leaving this plane, and that Zeus was reclaiming the ability he had granted Cassie arsenic well. In exchange for acknowledging their relationship as siblings and becoming his ace, he offered her some of his power, saying entirely that she would be “ more powerful than [ she ‘s ] always been. ” The full extent of Cassie ‘s powers was not revealed at that time, and she retained all of her early powers. During the events of Amazons Attack it was discovered that Ares had left Circe and kidnapped their daughter to raise on his own. As he and Lyta were only speak of during those events, their whereabouts are even unknown. Cassie late was confronted by Ares ‘ son, Lord Lycus, whom Ares had sent to interfere with Cassie ‘s powers .


Shifting himself into the future, Ares stole the dead body of Wonder Woman and brought it back into the early twenty-first hundred. He then manipulated respective villains to use the consistency to create his new bride and headman agentive role Genocide. He then imbued this fresh animal with his own charming dominance, causing the modern being ‘s character to be more deadly but besides completely obedient to him. Ares ‘ plans to destroy Wonder Woman went askew when Diana was able to destroy Genocide, leaving the monster ‘s dead body to drown in the ocean. Angered, Ares commanded a son of Poseidon to cause a swarm of madly ocean creatures to attack Themyscira and the new island nation of Thalarion. During this battle Diana deduced that Ares was the distinguished operator behind the attacks, and confronted him. not allowing Ares much prison term to gloat in his latest masterpiece of war, Diana took a struggle ax and used it to strike Ares ‘ head, splitting his helmet in two. Ares fell to the deck express in his stopping point breath, “ Amazon what have you done ? ”


Ares has since appeared to Diana, sans helmet, his head artlessly stitched together, to reveal he has gone to some level of the afterlife reserved for the gods, where he is being tortured by all those who have died in all the global ‘s wars. Despite being gone from the deadly global, he revealed that he was placid manipulating events to lead to the end of the Amazons. This new plot involved the birth of five male children, via five random Amazons. Once they were born he took them under his fly, before being banished from Themyscira both in body and spirit, by his father Zeus.



  • Weaponry
  • Occultism
  • Martial Arts: Every Martial Art form is at his command. He knows all the military wisdom of the ages… the strategy and tactics of each battle from the beginning of time.[6]
  • Leadership


  • Power Loss: Ares will gradually lose his powers without worshipers, but he can derive indirect worship from the wars.[3]
  • Amulet of Harmonia: Ares is vulnerable to any attack from a person who uses the Amulet of Harmonia.[citation needed]


  • Crystal Orb: Ares can watch other places with this artifact.[4]

  • This character is an adaptation of Ares, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at
  • His Latin avatar is Mars.
  • Ares states that compared to modern man he is a dabbler in war.[7]


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