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Real Name

Roy Harper

Main Alias


Other Aliases

Red Arrow, [ 1 ]
Black Lantern,
Omega Lantern


[ 2 ]
Big Bow ( adoptive don, deceased ) [ 3 ]
Bird ( adopted brother ) [ 4 ]
( daughter ) [ 5 ]

Unnamed father (deceased)Big Bow (adoptive father, deceased)Bird (adoptive brother) Lian Harper (daughter)


Team Arrow,
Teen Titans,
Iron Rule,
Justice League Reserves [ 6 ],
Seven Soldiers of Victory,
Black Lantern Corps,


Base Of Operations

New York City · Formerly Seattle





Public Identity



Marital Status



, Former Mercenary












Prime Earth


Mort Weisinger · George Papp

First Appearance
Red Hood and the Outlaws #1
(November, 2011)
Quote1.png Sure, I’d like to think I turned out okay…That I am the best me I can be. But if I can keep them from messing up as bad as I did? Why the hell not? Quote2.png

Arsenal src

Roy Harper is Arsenal, once operating as Green Arrow ‘s buddy Speedy. He is a member of the Titans and a former penis of the Outlaws.

early Life and Career

Roy Harper was adopted by Big Bow as a child and lived with him on Spokane Indian Reservation, learning how to shoot a bow and arrow from him. He much got into trouble with the police but, because it normally happened on the reservation, Big Bow was constantly able to get him out of trouble. One day, Roy steal from a liquor storehouse off the reservation and got blackout drink, waking up to find a crouch in his handwriting and Big Bow dead. not knowing his mentor had been killed by an aggressive police officer, Roy fled the reservation. [ 3 ] Roy somehow made it to Seattle, where he lived in a promenade by hacking the camera feeds. It was at this plaza he picked the pouch of Oliver Queen, who, when he came to get the wallet back, was intrigued by the foreign boy, by and by taking him on as his buddy and dubbing him “ Speedy “. While Speedy, Roy designed Green Arrow ‘s detailed trick arrows, much to the man ‘s frustration. [ 4 ] As Speedy, Roy joined the original Teen Titans ( Robin, Wonder Girl, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Omen ) and worked with them for a while ; finally he and his friends would have their memories of the team erased following an confrontation with Mr. Twister. besides during this time Ollie would regularly have adventures with Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern, who acted as a secondary mentor to Roy. [ 7 ] At some decimal point Jade, the daughter of the master Green Lantern Alan Scott, joined the Titans and she and Roy had adventures together. They would later reunite in the Outsiders. [ 8 ]

struggle With Addiction

Outraged by Roy ‘s haunting party-boy behavior, Oliver angrily fired Roy as his buddy. Roy left and took residency in an vacate apartment build and, in his despair, became addicted to heroin. [ 9 ] Oliver returned concisely in an undertake to reconcile, but was thus disgust with what his erstwhile appoint had become, left again. After being dragged into an evil diagram orchestrated by Count Vertigo, Roy was formally reunited with Oliver, who apologized for firing him. oliver offered to give their partnership another changeable and help Roy get clean, but Roy adamantly refused, vowing to strike out on his own. [ 3 ] Roy became a depress alcoholic and death seeker following the death of the second Robin, who he briefly befriended advance. He attempted to commit a version of suicide by fighting Killer Croc. Croc figured out what Roy was doing, stopped him, and gave him a pep lecture, which Roy thanked him for. [ 10 ] Soon after, Roy began a recovery program with Killer Croc as his sponsor. [ 11 ] He would gain Lilith Clay as his counselor, not remembering their former bail as Titans. At some point Roy had a daughter with Cheshire. He believed she was killed by The Electrocutioner, although she had in fact survived. [ 5 ] He besides finally took on the name ‘Arsenal ‘ .

Iron Rule

once his submit improved, his desire to surpass Oliver Queen pushed him to leave for Qurac which was under the rule of a dictator. There, he formed a team called Iron Rule in promise to help the people overthrow the authoritarian. As a group of mercenaries, they entirely had one rule to follow : no matter the job, leave things better than the way they found them. The team was successful and earned a lot of money. however, for some members, it was n’t enough. One day, as Roy was absent, the rest of the team attempted to take over the town they were residing in. Because the inhabitants resisted, they were slaughtered in retaliation. When Roy came back and found out there was n’t a single survivor, he avenged the towners by launching a deadly blast against his early team. [ 12 ] [ 13 ]

The Outlaws Begin

Having murdered his former team, Roy was captured by the Quracan military and sentenced to death for war crimes. [ 14 ] [ 15 ] however, Roy was saved from performance by his former acquaintance Jason Todd and the estrange princess Starfire. The three of them would finally form a team themselves – the Outlaws. [ 15 ] A few weeks after their meet, Roy and the Outlaws headed to China for some unfinished clientele. According to Todd, the All-caste, a fabulous train league he fell into after his resurrection, was in trouble and he was purpose on stopping it. The trio travelled the worldly concern, helping Jason line up and destroy any of the ability hungry Untitled. [ 11 ]

Outlaws in Gotham

Near the end of their mission, the Outlaws stopped in Gotham City to aid the Bat syndicate during the Night of the Owls. The Outlaws attempted to protect Mr. freeze from his manque Talon assassin but caught the wrath of the supervillain himself. however, they were successful : Mr. freeze was saved, the Talon was stopped, and the Night of the Owls concluded with minimal casualties. [ 16 ] Though they tried to return to their mission against the Untitled, the Outlaws continued to help in Gotham when the Joker resurfaced, wearing his own discerp grimace as a mask. Jason was abducted by the clown, having allegedly learned all their mysterious identities, and Arsenal and Starfire bounce into military action to find him. Their aim caused them to cross paths with the Teen Titans, who were besides looking for their Bat-affiliate Tim Drake. Arsenal took an unprecedented leadership character with the teenagers as they tried to handle an outbreak of Joker Venom among Gotham ‘s civilians. The Outlaws and Teen Titans were successful, administering the toxin ‘s cure before the Gothamites perished. Jason and Tim would finally return to their teams, bruised but alive, after Batman defeated the Joker yet again. [ 17 ]

league of Assassins v. The ignoble

Troubled by the past few months, Jason had all his memories erased by the sorcerer S’aru. Roy, disapprove, brought Jason back to their headquarters to try to rejog his memory but, upon finding out that he was murderer, amnesic Jason fled, leaving the Outlaws temporarily leaderless. [ 18 ] Isolated from his friends, Jason was abducted by the League of Assassins to lead them in their fight against the ignoble due to Jason ‘s skill at defeating them in the past. To rescue their friend, Arsenal and Starfire actually joined forces with the Untitled to lay siege on the League, instigating the war between the two factions. Despite Roy and Kori ‘s best effort, they were defeated by Jason ‘s League of Assassins and slated for performance. Ra ‘s alabama Ghul returned to the League of Assassins and resumed leadership. Talking to his former friends in their prison cells, the Outlaws apologized to one another for the batch they had gotten into, causing Jason ‘s memories to last return. Reunited once more, Red Hood and the Outlaws escaped from the League of Assassins and caused their headquarters to explode, last ending the conflict .

bolshevik Hood and Arsenal : Heroes for Hire

After the apparent death of Batman during the Joker ‘s endgame, the Outlaws dissolved, with all three members going their branch ways. however, after helping Arsenal during a solo operation though, Jason convinced Roy to work with him again. The duet set up shop in Roy ‘s warehouse despite being broke. To raise funds, they turned to fixer Tara Battleworth for a job. Though she disliked their reputations, she gave them a job as mercenaries. Though they were successful with their mission, they were fired because Roy set up his own Hero-for-Hire english business for the two to make money that competed with Battleworth ‘s. Taking another contract, the two discovered the universe of Underbelly, the physical embodiment of all the populace ‘s corruption. When underbelly tried to recruit Jason to his cause, the duet responded by vowing to destroy him. Anticipating where Underbelly would go to hide, the two headed to the most crime-ridden city on the planet : Gotham. While there, the Heroes-for-Hire were caught in the sights of the fresh Batman and convinced him to help them take down underbelly. Their deputation was ultimately a success .

return of the Titans

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The Return of Roy Harper

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Titans Rebirth

Roy and the Titans encountered Wally in Nightwing ‘s Gotham apartment, but did not remember him thanks to the machinations of Abra Kadabra. After punching the speedster, electricity coming off of Wally managed to restore Roy ‘s memory of his honest-to-god teammate .
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Heroes in crisis

Roy ‘s contend with addictive vices continued to plague him. After the Titans separated, Roy flew binding to Star City and assisted ally and mentor green Arrow in his local heroism, helping him save a group of citizens from an exploding build. He was scheduled to have lunch with Oliver and Dinah, though it did n’t go a planned. They arrived former to the lunch and good as Roy was about to confide in them about his problems, the conversation was interrupted by the new villain Citizen, and Roy was never able to ask for assistant .
soon after, Roy after helping Jason Todd reclaim from injuries received from his side effect with Batman, and at the behest of Killer Croc alternatively sought avail at Sanctuary, a rehabilitation center for heroes. however, there was an incident at the center, and Roy was unintentionally killed [ 19 ] along with all the early heroes inside the facility at the time ascribable to an uncontained Speed Force explosion. It was initially believed that the explosion was caused by Wally West, another affected role at Sanctuary, losing control condition of his powers. In fact, the explosion was caused by the nefarious speedster Savitar attempting to become one with the Speed Force. The Speed Force tried to expel Savitar from itself with surges of bare-assed energy, however, Savitar was able to resist the surges and they discharged into the corporeal universe through random speedsters across clock, space and latitude universes. The Speed Force besides pulled Wally ’ s future self into it to try to force Savitar out, and he began jumping through time, possessing other speedsters during the surges. wally finally jumped into himself in the immediate consequence of the explosion, in an clamant of frozen time. The other residents were already dead, but Roy was animated. wally explained the position, and Savitar emerged from the Force. The two fought him, but Savitar had absorbed the majority of the Speed Force and was besides knock-down. In the future, Barry Allen and Mister Terrific had determined a manner to pull Wally and Savitar into the future where they could fight him with the entire force of the Justice League, but the consequence would be collapsing the temporal bubble, entail prison term would resume and Roy would die. green Arrow, who was besides watching from the future, and Wally both begged them to find another solution that would allow them to save Roy, but the consequences of changing history were excessively big, and they did not have prison term to find another way as Savitar had already absorbed enough of the Speed Force to potentially destabilise the stallion Omniverse. Roy used Wally ’ s connection to the future to say adieu to his mentor and shot the house of cards. Wally and Savitar were sucked into the future and and Roy was struck by the Speed Force lightning, killing him. His last words were “ Love you, Lian ”. [ 20 ] Roy ‘s funeral was held on the hilltop where he decided to get sober, attended by his finale friends .

Dark Nights : Death Metal

During the preparations for the final conflict, Batman resurrected Roy Harper. In an undead department of state, he joined the rest of the Teen Titans in their contend against The Batman Who Laughs ‘ new multiverse. [ 21 ] During the fight he killed The Fastest Killer Alive, a blue counterpart of Wally West created from Wally ‘s fear that the Sanctuary calamity had not been an accident, with an arrow through the principal. Roy assured Wally that he did not blame him for the Sanctuary disaster and that he could never have been like the Fastest Killer. The two fight side by side, facetiously referring to each other as “ Kid Flash “ and “ Speedy “. [ 22 ]

Infinite Frontier

Roy was restored to liveliness by the changes to the timeline following the get the better of of The Darkest Knight. He called green Arrow from an untraceable phone, but hung up before his mentor could answer. Deciding not to call any of his friends he discarded his call and bow and plainly walked away. [ 23 ] His fellow heroes believed he was however absolutely, [ 24 ] but the DEO were mindful that he was alive. Although Roy initially returned to his self destructive behavior, he stepped in to rescue a civilian who was being threatened and regained his will to live. [ 5 ] While Roy was eating in a dining car, a raw villain named X-Tract and two henchmen ( later revealed to be working for the DEO [ 25 ] ) attacked him, telling him he didn ’ thyroxine belong to in the animate worldly concern. Roy was knocked unconscious, however before X-Tract could capture him, mysterious figures appeared and fought the attackers off. Roy regained awareness and realised to his shock that he was wearing a Black Lantern uniform and power ring, and the “ people ” who saved him were actually energy constructs of himself from diverse points in his biography. [ 26 ] While practicing with his call, Roy asked it to explain how he was animated and why it had chosen him. The ring generated an enormous construct showing the faces of Darkseid, the Psycho-Pirate, Barry Allen, the Flashpoint timeline Batman and Lian as a adolescent. Roy realised his daughter is alive and demanded promote answers, but Darkseid took see of him through the ring, his side transforming into the typical corpse-like appearance of a Black Lantern and the Corps symbol on his thorax changing into an Omega. [ 7 ] The ring pulled him into space, but Roy ’ s desire to find Lian allowed him to resist it and regain control, his appearance returning to normal. Roy was left stranded in eye socket, unwilling to use his ring again to return to Earth in casing it possessed him again. He was quickly picked up by a DEO starship commanded by Hector Hammond, who had been restored to normal by the multiversal boot. The DEO had been rounding up people whose origins are tied to alternate realities or who came back from the dead, including Roy and members of the Justice Society. The DEO agents incapacitated Roy with Sonar technology and Hammond took the embark into The Bleed. however, the agents were distracted by the JSA attacking the transport and Roy was able to use his ring to overpower them. unfortunately, the band began to take him over again and the JSA attacked him, mistaking him for a villain. [ 25 ] fortunately Jade was among them and recognised him. With Jade ’ mho help Roy was able to overcome the world power of his Ring. The JSA decided to take the ship to it ’ s final examination destination, but when they arrived at Earth Omega they found it under the control of Darkseid. They realised they needed reinforcements and planned to return to Earth 0, but before they could another Carrier Ark materialised in the same space and the two ships crash landed on the planet ’ s come on. [ 8 ] Roy escaped the wreckage and began searching for Lian, who he believed was on Earth Omega. however, before he could get far he and the early crash survivors were attacked by the Psycho-Pirate and Injustice Incarnate. Chains of colored energy erupted from out of the background to ensnare all the heroes except Roy. The Psycho-Pirate told him that if Roy voluntarily surrendered to the Ring and joined them he would ensure that they would leave Earth 0 alone and Lian would be condom. Roy realised that Lian was not on Earth Omega and used the full power of the Ring to free the others. As the Ring took control he asked them to save the Multiverse and his daughter. [ 27 ] The Ring transformed Roy into the Omega Lantern, an reference of the Great Darkness which Darkseid would use to control the Multiverse. Obsidian, drawing on his own experience of fighting the dark inside him, helped Roy break free of the Ring ’ s control. President Superman managed to foil Darkseid ‘s design to open the cracks in the Multiverse, which cut off the Ring from its ‘ office informant. Darkseid just took the band from Roy and returned him and the others back to where they came from. A few days later he met up with Cameron Chase in New York City, precisely across the river from Titans Tower, and told her that he was ready to get back to living his life. [ 28 ]

Titans Academy

Roy returned to the Tower hop to reunite with the Titans, unaware that in his absence it had been converted into a school which bore his diagnose. He walked in and asked why the tower was full moon of children and there was a statue of him external, much to the shock of the students who had been attempting to contact his spirit via a séance. [ 29 ] After the initial surprise he caught up with the Titans, including Wally. He told them that Lian was alive, and they promised to help him find her. Summer Zahid reported that five students had disappeared, and Raven realised that their psionic trails simply stopped in their dormitory rooms, which should be impossible. Roy deduced that Psimon was responsible. Raven was able to track Psimon and the Titans arrived good after Red X murdered the psychic villain. Red X and Dane fled, telling the Titans not to follow them. [ 30 ] Dane was beginning to fulfil his fortune to transform into the demon Nevermore and destroy the universe. red x believed the Titans would kill him to prevent this, and finally destroyed the Titans Academy build while trying to “ protect ” him from them. Roy helped to evacuate the students from the Academy. [ 31 ]


early Characteristics



  • Stolen Composite Bow

  • Roy has various tattoos he doesn’t remember getting.[39]
  • Roy and Jason Todd consider each other best friends.[40]
  • Killer Croc was Roy’s alcohol recovery sponsor. [11]


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