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Artemis Grace · Red Her · General Artemis


Justice League Amazons of Bana-Mighdall · Formerly Outlaws

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Bana-Mighdall, Formerly Gotham City





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Prime Earth


William Messner-Loebs · Mike Deodato, Jr.

First Appearance
DCU: Rebirth #1
(July, 2016)

Artemis is an Amazon of Bana-Mighdall who left home to recover the Bow of Ra. During her travel she teamed up with Red Hood and Bizarro to defeat Black Mask. They decided to aid Artemis in her quest to recover the bow, and the three came to be known as the Outlaws.

early animation

Like most modern Bana-Mighdall, Artemis was not born an Amazon. She was born in America, the daughter of two soldiers, who instilled in her the importance of a biography of serving and protecting others. After they shipped out, Artemis lived with her grandma. They finally died in the agate line of duty, and after her grandma ‘s death, Artemis found her manner to the Bana-Mighdall, becoming a penis of the Amazonian sliver state. From a young long time, Artemis was told that she would become an matchless warrior, and one day become Queen of the Amazons. One day, she arrogantly tried to claim the most herculean weapon given to the Bana by the egyptian Gods : the Bow of Ra. however, the weapon rejected her, and the goddess Nephthys appeared and confirmed that Artemis was not ready to wield it. In her youth, Artemis dream of becoming the Shim’Tar, the champion of her people. Despite not believing the endeavor wholly realistic, her best supporter and former fan Akila served as her training collaborator. One day, Artemis noticed Akila had gone missing. She spent several weeks searching to no avail until Akila was teleported back from the mansion of the gods. After nursing Akila back to health, she learned that Akila was summoned by the gods and officially made the Shim’Tar .

Heroic Career

At some point after the Death of Superman, Artemis left the Bana-Mighdall, and wearing a white-and-green costume, joined the Justice League alongside other new members like Zauriel, Huntress, and Connor Hawke. During this period, Artemis came to befriend Cassandra Sandsmark, the protege of the legendary Wonder Woman [ 1 ]. finally, however, she returned to the Bana .

Bana-Mighdall Under Siege

One night, Artemis noticed Bana-Mighdall under attack and rushed back to help. It turned out that the nation of Qurac, who had been trying to expel the Bana from their home, managed to penetrate the charming dust storm protecting them. When she reached the city she saw Akila carrying the Bow of Ra and and Wonder Woman, had come to stop the battle between the Quraci and the Bana. Seeing the embodiment of everything she wanted to be in movement of her, Artemis attacked Diana in a paroxysm of jealousy. Diana stopped her and explained that she came to help the Bana until Akila used the bow to take out the Quraci and her own sisters. Artemis was still doubting until Akila began preaching about protecting their home by using Ra ‘s power to destroy it. Diana explained that the Bow ‘s exponent had consumed her acquaintance and offered Artemis a choice : side with what ‘s left of Akila or help her goal her madness. Artemis sided with Diana, but they could not get through to Akila, so they were forced to kill her. In her concluding moments, Akila apologized for everything and told Artemis that she was the real Shim’Tar all along. The Bow went missing, so Artemis and Diana assumed the gods had taken it away. however, Artemis belated learned that the Bow was stolen from its resting target, and dedicated herself to finding it .


Dark Trinity

After a class of search, Artemis was able to get a firm run by interrogating a US Senator. She learned that a criminal called the Black Mask was smuggling a weapon into Gotham City, and assumed it to be the Bow of Ra. Her search led her to meet the Red Hood, who was working clandestine as a member of Black Mask ‘s gang. Artemis, thinking him a simple hood, jumped in to fight him. Jason managed to get her to ally with him after explaining that he was working clandestine, and the two combined their efforts. Artemis was shocked to discover that the weapon was not the Bow, but rather a Superman ringer. Before either her or Jason could do anything else, the two were incapacitated by Black Mask ‘s security measures. Artemis was locked in a cellular telephone opposite the ringer. When Red Hood tried to see if the knockoff was sentient, Artemis warned him against it, believing the creation to be nothing more than a monster. Jason intended to free Artemis, but she chose to remain imprison to monitor the clone and see if Black Mask had any leads on the location of the Bow of Ra. Considering the clone a kindred heart, Red Hood resolved to try to reach him anyhow, and formally gave him the name Bizarro. Confused by the name, Artemis claimed that he was a monster incapable of understanding him, a statement which caused Bizarro to go amuck. Bizarro attacked Jason and Artemis initially refused to blow her traverse by helping, but she soon had a change of affection and prepared to break out of her cell. however, Jason managed to calm Bizarro down and get him to see himself and Artemis as friends. The following day, Artemis escaped and, eavesdropping on Red Hood and Black Mask, followed them to the basement. once there, Jason, mindful of her presence, inquired about the Bow. Mask revealed that he had it but sold it to person in Qurac. Upset that the Bow escaped her grip, she left as Jason mutely wished her luck. When Red Hood was forced to battle a brainwashed Bizarro, Artemis intervened before Bizarro could kill him. She claimed that she could handle Bizarro alone, but when Bizarro damaged her magic trick ax Artemis was weakened due to the bond she shares with it. Jason came up with a plan to stop Black Mask, but Artemis refused to cooperate. She attacked Bizarro forefront on but was overpowered, and Red Hood stopped her from charging in again. Though upset that he had put a bridge player on her, Jason called her out on actually caring about the terror Bizarro posed. Artemis was moved to cooperate, and Red Hood convinced her to avoid killing Bizarro long enough for him to implement his design, so she switched to non-lethal tactics. Along the way, she noticed Bizarro regaining his senses, prompting her to realize Jason ‘s plan : divide Bizarro from Black Mask to weaken their alliance. Despite her best efforts, she could not stop Bizarro from returning to Black Mask ‘s side. fortunately, the couple prevented Black Mask from killing him .
once red Hood and Artemis recovered, Artemis renewed her attack, hoping to stall Bizarro long enough for the techno-virus Black Mask was using to control Bizarro to backfire and damage his genius. Though she held Bizarro off, she was finally cornered. Before he could kill her, Jason ‘s plan worked, leaving Bizarro free and Mask brain damaged. Though she was satisfied at the consequence, she was upset that she deviated from her quest for the Bow of Ra. Artemis prepared to leave, but Red Hood offered to help her in her quest out of gratitude. She initially refused, but Bizarro convinced her to relent. Artemis decided to let them help provided they split up once her bay is complete, and they all agree, forming the newfangled Outlaws .

What to Do with Bizarro

later, after Red Hood and Bizarro returned from an come out of the closet, Artemis talks to Jason about how dangerous it was to keep a Superman-level being with the mind of a child about. Jason wanted to teach him to be a bomber, but Artemis inactive believed him to be besides dangerous. Using a video diary of one of the scientists creditworthy for creating Bizarro as proofread, she warned him that he is a risk not to themselves, but to those around them who could not handle a trouble like Bizarro .

Who is Artemis ?

Artemis and Red Hood were tracking a metahuman criminal and the two headed into a cake following a lead. When the bartender refused to talk about a patron, Artemis instigated a stripe fight. As she and Jason fended off everyone introduce, Artemis saw Akila aiming the Bow of Ra at her. Shocked to see her absolutely friend, she froze, causing Jason to protect her, revealing that it was their aim using his power to take the form of person from her memories. Concerned at how person vitamin a unafraid as Artemis froze with fear, Red Hood asked about what she saw. She tried to brush him off but Jason insisted, so she relented. She went on to explains the history of Bana-Mighdall and her connection to Akila, Wonder Woman, and the Bow of Ra. Satisfied, the two headed off to begin their search for the Bow. As the two left the bar, Red Hood gave Artemis a compliment, to which she responded by threatening to punch him.

Using the information that Red Hood got from Black Mask, the Outlaws headed to the place where the buyer of the Bow of Ra resided : Qurac. Stealing a decrepit cargo plane, Jason had Bizarro fly it into Quraci airspace while he and Artemis watched a news tip about a Quraci city being leveled by Quraci General Ahmed Heinle. Artemis recognized the destruction as the work of the Bow of Ra, but since only a Shim’Tar is capable of using the bow, she was the only living person who could wield it. As Artemis beat herself up for failing her ally, General Heinle himself hailed their plane and demanded that they turn back. Red Hood refused, so he scrambled fighters to shoot them down. Though the Outlaws avoided being shot down, a light bright adequate to obscure the night sky shined in front of them .
Rendered unconscious mind by the fire, Artemis came to bound to the ceiling above a stone of displace, a location that she recognized as a maze underneath Bana-Mighdall. When she got her bearings, she was shocked when she realized that her captor was Akila, who was supposed to be abruptly. finally, Akila released Artemis and took her to celebrate her reappearance with the raw Amazons she had trained. Artemis felt guilty over what happened the last time she was home, but her friend convinced her that all was forgiven. As the Amazons celebrated, Artemis stepped away and Akila followed. The two gazed at the newly restored Bana-Mighdall, and Artemis tried to understand Akila ‘s plans and how she was even alive. She explained that when the general received the Bow, none of his men could control it, so he dug up her remains and used a sample from her body to activate it, and she was restored as a side effect. Akila forgave Artemis for killing her and asked her to help her stand at her side and rebuild their home. glad at the candidate of having everything she wanted back, Artemis agreed to help. later, Akila led an assail on the Quraci military. In the melee, Artemis ‘ beginning act was to find red Hood, who was fighting against her colleague Amazons. As the fight escalated, Red Hood tried to convince her that Akila had the Bow of Ra, which Artemis refused to accept. Artemis tried to force Heinle to surrender, but he chose death over letting Akila destroy Qurac. At that here and now, a fiery arrow killed him on the touch. Recognizing the arrow, she was forced to face the reality that her best supporter had lied to her. Akila revealed that she lied to get Artemis on her side. When loss Hood prepared to engage Akila, Artemis was hesitant to kill her acquaintance again but was convinced by Jason to fight. At that moment, Bizarro arrived with Quraci refugees and by chance dropped a mountain of debris on Akila. When she recovered and attacks Bizarro, Artemis was moved to fight Akila alone. however, Akila fired a massive arrow at the refugees. Before it could reach them, Artemis shielded them at the cost of her ax. Akila asked again for Artemis to join her, but Red Hood and Bizarro used the opening to rejoin the contend. Though they could not defeat her, Artemis took up the Bow of Ra and used it to take Akila down. however, Akila lost control of the might she absorbed from the Bow, causing her to go nuclear. Before she could explode, Artemis had Bizarro carry her into space to explore safely, and she cried as she lost her best acquaintance once again. After the fight, Artemis shared a warm moment with Jason and thanked him for helping. now leaderless, the newly Bana looked to her for steering. She instructed them to remake Bana-Mighdall alongside the Quraci refugees and try to live in harmony rather than isolation. Satisfied that she no longer needed to stay, she decided to remain an Outlaw and let the people choose a new Shim’Tar, though she did plan to keep the Bow of Ra for herself. Her conversation with Jason was cut short-change when a refugee found an obviously dead Bizarro .

Rescuing Atalanta

Artemis was contacted by Wonder Woman after the new Aztek had a vision regarding Atalanta, fabulous laminitis of the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall and aunt to Diana. Disappeared a long time ago from her people, Atalanta was handling the discovery of the armies of the malefic Sky Lord Tezcatlipoca who tried to enter Earth breaching an aztec temple connected to the kingdom of Thirteen Heavens. [ 2 ] Assembling a team, the three warriors gathered in Mexico and successfully rescued Atalanta. then they entered the Thirteen Heavens and faced the evil deity himself : thanks to the combination of Artemis ‘ Bow of Ra and Diana ‘s Lasso of Truth, and an attune of the two weapons by Aztek, they were able to deliver a critical blow to the actual shape of Tezcatlipoca, stopping his invasion. [ 3 ] After their victory, Wonder Woman offered Artemis and Atalanta a drive to Qurac, current family of the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall. once there, Artemis found out that Queen Faruka II was counseled by former rebel and terrorist Rustam, who gave her the opportunity to start a war against the government of Qurac. Faruka claimed to do the will of her people, as they wanted to stop having a nomad biography, finally settling down in one target. Faruka then put Atalanta in imprison and Artemis, because of her duty to her people, decided to side with the Queen and join the war. [ 3 ] Diana made her change her heed thanks to the Lasso of Truth, which revealed the fact Faruka and Rustam manipulated facts for their own personal profit. After she about killed Faruka, Artemis realized that she changed besides much since she left her people : the external world made her into another person and as she saw her baby hush confirm Faruka as queen, even with Atalanta as counselor, she took a final decision, the one of leaving the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall and restart her adventures in the outside universe. As Diana told her she saw a fortune of similarities between her own path and the one Artemis just chose to follow, she trusted her with a powerful weapon, the Lasso of Submission, which now Diana renamed the Golden Promise. Armed with a herculean bond between sisters, Artemis promised Diana she would honor her giving, wielding it with pride. [ 4 ]

Infinite Frontier


When Artemis hears of the prophecy surrounding Yara Flor if she remains in her fatherland, Artemis receives Faruka ‘s license to find Yara on her own. Thinking that Wonder Girl – who was besides looking for Yara on behalf of Hippolyta – was follwing her, she ambushes her they briefly fight before being stopped by two Amazon ‘s of unknown origin. [ 5 ] After defeating the Amazons, who were sent by Queen Nubia, she agrees to team up with Cassie, as Cassie knows where Yara went. Artemis late saves Cassie from an Amazon of the Amazon. [ 6 ] After tracking Yara down, Artemis berated Yara for her recklessness. But out of deference for Cassie, she would allow Yara to make her decision of whether or not to become Hera ‘s ace. [ 7 ]

What Lies Beneath

Artemis would return to the Bana-Mighdall and participate in the ceremony for the Bana-Mighdall ‘s newest member. During the festivities, they were attacked by a Manticore. [ 8 ] Artemis leads the attack on the beast and is able to kill it. With many wondering where the Manticore came from, Atalanta informed them that it was from Themyscira. [ 9 ] Queens Faruka and Atalanta, along with Artemis watched and listened to the prophet ‘s visions of the future and destine. Faruka claims that Yara must be the one behind the visions, but Artemis disagreed, saying that while Yara can be potent willed and wild, she is an Amazon at heart. Atalanta determines that since Nubia is no longer guarding the Dooms Doorway, the Manticore was able to escape, and was drawn to Atalanta, who had defeated it in the past. She proposes that a Bana enter the contest to determine who the newly champion to guard the doorway will be, as since the Bana-Mighdall are even seen as Amazons, they have the right field to compete. If Artemis wins the contest, then the Bana-Mighdall will no retentive be exiled and will receive immortality. [ 10 ] soon after the meet, Queen Faruka met with Artemis to propose that she becomes the fresh champion, and that the Bana-Mighdall should possess the Themyiscrian throne, and tells Artemis to prove her commitment to her sisters. During the night, Artemis slipped out of Bana and met with Queen Atalanta along with her nieces, Antiope and Queen Hippolyta. together they planned to unite the tribe of the Amazons to face a coming threat. Artemis agreed and pledged herself to their induce. [ 11 ]

trial of the Amazons

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  • Lasso of Submission: The Lasso was the weapon of the evil Earth 3 counterpart to Wonder Woman, Superwoman. When Superwoman was killed Wonder Woman took the lasso, swearing she would give the weapon to somebody more worthy. The lasso was capable of forcing people to obey the wielder’s commands. After the defeat of Rustam in the battle between the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall and the Quraci army, Diana gifted Artemis with the Lasso of Submission, renaming it the Golden Promise.[12]


  • Mistress: A giant battle axe of the Gods[13] that Artemis can call to her person.
  • Bow of Ra: A powerful artifact once belonging to Ra and his designated Bana champion.[14] With it in hand, Artemis can discharge either regular or hyper-destructive solar energy arrows potent enough to shatter stars and planets.[12] (Possibly Formerly)
  • Pair of Sai[15]
  • Sword: A massive broadsword Artemis can conjure on a whim.[16]

  • Akila was one of Artemis’ greatest loves, according to Wonder Woman,[17] and the romantic nature of their relationship was made clear when they met again after Akila’s resurrection.[18] Recently, however, Artemis has shown interest in Red Hood by kissing him, and saying that he kisses well “for a boy”.[19]


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