Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Leaks: Find Out What Happens In The Last Chapter Of The Manga

It has been fair a few days since attack on Titan zanzibar copal wrapped up the first separate of season 4. The final chapter of the manga is set to be released on April 9. While manga readers are curious to know how the floor will end, there are certain spoilers and leaks on the internet. As the countdown begins to the concluding chapter of the most popular shounen, here is a detail expression at the Attack on Titan Chapter 139 leaks .

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 leaks 

(Spoiler Warning: All the leaks are not 100% accurate and can differ from the actual chapter) 

In Chapter 138, we saw that Mikasa experiences a dream where she is spending quality time with Eren. The last jury of the chapter shows Mikasa, holding and kissing the head of Eren, while Ymir is standing at the back. The leak has been released on versatile websites and even on Reddit under r/Titanfolk. here ‘s the number of Aot chapter 139 leaks.

According to leaker Zekken, the first chapter will show the future memories of the attack giants, followed by crying Mikasa as she is holding Eren ‘s sever question. A conversation takes place between Mikasa and Armin, where she tells him that Eren is dead. Ymir, who was standing behind, says that she can fix everything. This is where adult Mikasa goes binding in time and meets Eren who is portray there as a child deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as an pornographic. Eren talks to Mikasa and apologises and assures her that he will fix the timeline. The scene then continues with Eren going to the Paths with Ymir to ask her something. While both of them are on the Path, it starts to collapse on them. The leaker besides revealed that Eren implanted memories in Armin a farseeing time ago and that he wants to be the bad guy and wants them to kill him. This memory will lone activate after his death. On the early hand, Levi ca n’t see from his justly eye. The final page shows the pornographic Eren holding a baby in his hands and saying “ You are release ”.

Another leaker went on to reveal a different kind of spoiler. This interpretation of the leak says that Eren will take Armin to the trails where they will have a conversation as they are looking at the ocean. Armin out of the blue hits Eren and the scene changes to the erstwhile hugging the latter while they sit down to say the last adieu. Armin then wakes up to see Mikasa. The giants have all turned back to human again and are fine. Levi saw Hange and others on the trails while Jean and Connie see Sasha smiling. Reiner hugs his mother again. Armin and Mikasa have to take care of one last thing. A few years late, the queen holds the baby in her arms to celebrate the birthday alongside a mysterious man. Others have grown up and are on their way to Lena on a boat. Gabi and Falco accompany captain Levi who is in a wheelchair. Birds are flying above the ship but there is another particular dame that is nameless. Mikasa is then seen sitting near the tree where there is a grave. A boo appears and pats on Mikasa ‘s scarf joint, then flies away.

Aot chapter 139 release date

The release go steady of the chapter is April 9 which will mark the end of the 10+ year-long manga. The second base character of the anime will release in Winter 2022. All the leaks that are surfacing on the internet are not 100 % accurate. The merely confirm leak is of the foliate that writer Hajime Isayama released in 2018 where he created a blueprint of the last page where a person with long black hair’s-breadth is holding a child and saying “ You are free ” .1617804001606dbae163da4

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