Attack On Titan: Before The Fall – 10 Things You Need To Know

now that the main manga has ended, readers may want to experience some spin-offs, with the best arguably being Attack on Titan : Before the fall. assail on Titan is one of the best manga series of all time. It follows world ‘s struggle against their predators, the Titans, and focusing on a military outgrowth known as the Survey Corps. The series has sold millions of copies, but not a bunch of fans know about the spin-offs that are besides in truth good .
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now that the main manga has ended, readers may want to experience some of these spin-offs, with the best arguably being Attack on Titan : Before the Fall. Though readers do n’t need to remember anything about the chief series to enjoy this underestimate by-product, there are some things they should know.


10 It’s A Prequel That Takes Place Decades Before The Main Series

Attack on Titan Before the Fall characters Newcomers to the franchise can enjoy Before the fall about equally much as those that are already Attack on Titan fans. The reason behind this is because Before the fall begins seventy years before Eren ‘s venture started .
The events that took station seventy years anterior serve as a prologue to the rest of the by-product, most of which takes position fifteen years after that. With fifty-five years between the majority of the plot in these two stories, most of the characters in Attack on Titan have n’t been born yet, so the missions they go on and answers they learn are irrelevant to this plot .

9 It Began As A Light Novel

Attack on Titan Before the Fall cover Unlike the main series, a draw of Attack on Titan ‘s by-product began as light novels, with this one being a capital example. There are three books in the series, which released between the end of 2011 and the middle of 2012, though the second and third base were released together in English .
They were published by Kodansha and Vertical, which had besides published other light novels in the franchise, Lost Girls and Harsh Mistress of the City .

8 There Is Also A Manga Adaptation

AOT Before the Fall Vol 3 A manga adaptation released two years after the first light novel came out. however, the manga begins by covering the events of the second gear reserve .
There are seventeen volumes, which were released between 2013 and 2019, making it the second-longest series in the franchise, right after the original Attack on Titan, which ended earlier this year .

7 The Manga Is Different Than The Light Novel

AOT Before the Fall Vol 8 Though the manga is based on Kuklo ‘s journey from the moment and third base books in the light fresh and they begin the like direction, the two versions of the history have a draw of differences after the foremost few volumes .
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Though some fans of the luminosity novels may have been disappointed to see that the history changed and would n’t be the manga adaptation they expected, the manga turned out to be even better than the lightly novels in some ways. And if person starts reading one adaptation of the fib and does n’t like it that much, they may enjoy the other a set more, so it ‘s worth reading both .

6 Hajime Isayama Is Not The Writer Or The Artist Of This Series

attack on titan Before the Fall Characters Hajime Isayama is the creator of Attack on Titan, writing and illustrating every volume of the main series. however, other authors and artists have worked on the spin-offs .
The Before the Fall light fresh was written by Ryo Suzukaze and illustrated by THORES Shibamoto. Suzukaze returned to write the manga, but Satoshi Shiki replaced Shibamoto as the artist.

5 One Of The Main Characters Is Known As “The Titan’s Son”

Attack on Titan Before the Fall Volume 1 Kuklo, the main character of the manga, equally well as the main character in the second and third light novels, is one of the most concern characters in the franchise. Rather than being a Titan gearshift, like Eren and Annie, he was cursed by being born while his mother was eaten by a Titan .
When the Titan spit her out, Kuklo was found and was given the title “ the colossus ‘s son, ” causing many people to hate, reverence, and abuse him. He was kept as a prisoner his unharmed life and was finally bought by Dario Inocencio, whose daughter, Sharle, freed Kuklo early on in the report. immediately getting to live his animation as the human he always was, Kuklo chose to become a penis of the Survey Corps .

4 The Creator Of Vertical Maneuvering Gear Is Another Main Character

AOT Before the Fall Vol 10 upright maneuver gear is one of the most important things in the integral franchise. Without it, the Survey Corps never would have been able to defeat Titans, and most of the characters ‘ lives would be wholly different. however, not a draw about the device is known by readers of the chief series .
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only by reading Before the precipitate will they know how the godhead, Angel Aaltonen, the main character of the beginning light novel who would finally join Kuklo in his travel, came up with the idea of having people swing around the Titans, reach their necks, and kill them .

3 A Lot Of Experiments Were Conducted On Titans

Before the Fall Titan research on Titans is n’t anything raw to fans of Attack on Titan. Hange would constantly perform experiments on capture Titans, vitamin a well as on Eren, early on on in the series .
however, in club to get the cognition they learned in the main serial, the characters from Before the fall had to run a lot of experiments of their own, which would teach them how to design equipment, like the vertical maneuver gear, and weapons that could hurt their enemies .

2 The Survey Corps Looked Very Different In This Spin-Off

Attack on Titan Season 4 Eren Levi Historia Survey Corps Throughout the decades, the Survey Corps became completely different compared to what they once were. In the independent serial, a lot of civilians despised this branch of the military. But in Before the fall, they were praised, even though the members back then were n’t about vitamin a potent as characters like Mikasa and Levi .
The Survey Corps was led by captains Jorge and Carlo Pikale, with the erstwhile becoming the steer teacher of the Training Corps, like to the 104th Cadet Corps ‘ teacher, Keith. Kuklo ‘s father, Heath, was a police squad drawing card that died before his son was born. Though these three soldiers were loved by many, they did n’t have much experience or skill compared to those from the chief series .

1 Paradis Also Looked Different

Shiganshina _ Attack on Titan Paradis, the independent mise en scene of Attack on Titan, was besides very different in Before the Fall. For starters, rather than having a draw of fields and forests, the island was a barren outside of Wall Maria.

There were besides different parts of Paradis in Before the fall that were never shown in Attack on Titan, such as the Industrial City. other areas inside of the walls, like Shiganshina District, appear in both stories, allowing readers to see how the set has both changed and stayed the lapp .
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