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Well, it last happened.
After well over a decade and alone one break due to a pandemic, Hajime Isayama has brought his epic report of Attack on Titan to a close.
I can hush remember entering this fandom when I watched the first season, all the way back in early 2018.
When I saw the second season, I knew that this fib would become something extra to me and, indisputable adequate, it is now my favorite story of all time.
Chapters 119-123 particularly are the best fabrication I ’ ve ever read.
now, it ’ mho over.
Isayama concluded his history with chapter 139, “ Toward the Tree on That Hill. ”
So, what did I think about the ending ?
Well… it ’ sulfur complicated.
Ever since I finished the chapter I ’ ve been constantly changing my opinion, going from liking to disliking the way it ended.
Eventually, I good sat down and carefully read the concluding chapter, trying to understand what Isayama was attempting to say with this ending.
This caused me to come to the termination that the ending is decent.
not great but surely not bad either.
There are both big and bad things in the chapter, though.
In fact, I think the perfect room to describe “ Toward the Tree on That Hill ” is as a assorted bag.
There ’ s a lot to like and a batch to dislike.
I ’ ll startle from the very beginning.
chapter 139 opens with a flashback to Chapter 131, where it is revealed that Eren actually spoke to Armin when he pulled him into the Paths Dimension.
It is here that Eren proves one of my past theories right field, that he did the rumble to set up the Alliance as heroes to the world so he could protect them.
Is this a short besides similar to Lelouch from Code Geass ?
Yes but it surely makes certain plat holes from anterior chapters easier to solve, like why Eren didn ’ t have the Warhammer Titan remove the explosives.
As for the electric potential problem of Paradis being destroyed, Eren reveals that the Rumbling will kill 80 % of humans outside the walls, giving the island a active prospect.
The horrified look on Armin ’ s face following this declaration is truly well drawn by Isayama.
From here, Isayama gives a great mirror image of Eren and Armin ’ randomness friendship, as the two travel to lands they constantly dreamed of through Paths, which is something I actually appreciated.
It is in these travels that Eren provides some more twists and it is here that my problems with the final chapter begin to pop up, and the first problem is by far the worst.
Eren tells Armin that the cause why Ymir didn ’ t go against King Fritz for 2000 years was because she was in love with him.
Yes, you hear right, Ymir was in love with the ridicule who killed her parents, enslaved her, used her as a weapon in war, raped her, and fed her dead soundbox to their daughters.
I suspected Ymir was suffering from some kind of Stockholm Syndrome, given that she sacrificed her biography for King Fritz.
however, the trouble is that the narrative does not seem to be classifying it as that.
Eren says that what Ymir felt for her abuser was actual sexual love and then Isayama draws a twin to Mikasa ’ s love for Eren by having Mikasa ’ second actions in chapter 138 causal agent ymir to be free from that load of love, precisely like Mikasa freed herself.
The one matter you definitley don ’ thyroxine want to do is draw a parallel between your chief couple and an incredibly abusive kinship, if you can even call Fritz using Ymir a relationship because I know I don ’ t.
Another rationality I truly don ’ triiodothyronine like this is because it makes me like chapter 122 thus a lot less to the point that I ’ m not sure that I can call it my favorite chapter anymore.
When I first read it, I interpreted Ymir following the King because of her stockholm syndrome, not of sexual love but of enslavement.
Ymir had been a slave for then long that she didn ’ t know how to be anything else and thus she continued to do as she was ordered for 2000 years until Eren freed her.
But, no, she did it because she obviously loved the ridicule who abused her for retentive, which still does not appear to be labeled as Stolkholm Syndrome, which it most surely is.
nowadays, I ’ m not saying that Isayama actually believes that what Ymir had with Fritz is love, surely not.
I ’ m barely saying it was ill portrayed.
besides, what the heck even happened to Ymir anyhow ?
She was completley absent in this chapter.
Did she precisely disappear with the Titan kingdom ?
It ’ s a shame because not merely does all of this decrease my taste for “ From You, 2000 Years Ago ” but besides because it is obviously quite baffling to portray Ymir ’ s feelings about King Fritz in this way.
unfortunately, this is not the only baffling matter in this scenery because later on Armin actually thanks Eren for becoming a multitude murderer for their sake… yikes.
I ’ ll always defend Attack on Titan from those who claim that it is facist propaganda but if this is an accurate translation then Isayama in truth dropped the testis when considering the implications of this line.
It besides seems quite out of character for Armin to thank Eren for killing potentially billions of impeccant people.
Speaking of out of character, there ’ randomness besides the unwrap that Eren sent Dina to kill his mother to set them on this path.
not lone do I not believe Eren would do this but it is besides brought up and then forgotten about in an blink of an eye.
You could completley remove this twist and nothing about the final chapter would change.
then there ’ s Eren crying out about how he doesn ’ metric ton want Mikasa to have any other valet but him and how he wants her to be constantly thinking about him.
This picture seems like it ’ s being played for laughs but, given how it came after the unwrap that Eren had murdered 80 % of the human population and allowed Dina to kill his own mother, it feels actually out of place.
Eren ultimately revealing his true feelings for Mikasa should have been played as serious quite than comedic.
We besides get the tease final examination empanel in this setting and it is actually not the final gore but quite a little flashback of Grisha telling Eren that he is detached.
While I do like the symbolism of this, showing that Grisha changed his ways and besides set Eren on his path to exemption, I do think that teasing this as one of the last panels was a error.
It led to excessively many fan theories and expectations, which naturally made a draw of people disappointed when their own theories didn ’ thyroxine turn out to be true.
In any case, following Eren ’ s adieu to Armin, we then cut to the present where Eren being killed has caused the Hallucigenia to self destroy and turn all the Titans back into humans, including Jean, Connie and Gabi.
While this is quite commodious, I ’ thousand good personally gladiolus that those three characters came back because I felt their goodbyes in chapter 138 weren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate as fleshed out as they could have been.
Along with this, it ’ sulfur revealed that Eren besides sent most of the Alliance a adieu, before erasing their memories of it.
This includes Mikasa, which doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate actually make sense because she ’ s an Ackerman, so her memory shouldn ’ triiodothyronine have been able to be erased.
Although, possibly the memory she saw was the one Eren sent her right before she killed him in chapter 138, so that would explain it.
Either way, this does lead to some reasonably fishy and moving moments, like Pieck comedically saying she wishes she could have spoke to Eren excessively and Falco running to reunite with Gabi, lone for her to fling him in the air in exhilaration.
Following this, we get the absolute best here and now of the final chapter.
The fit that actually made me tear up.
As Levi is resting up against a rock ‘n’ roll, he see his old comrades standing among the smoke, giving him the Survey Corps toast.
Levi says that this consequence is the leave of their devoted hearts, before returning the salute and shedding a pluck.
What an absolutley perfect way to conclude Levi ’ s arch.
It was beautiful and, in my opinion, the best conclusion of any character in this chapter.
Almost as beautiful was Jean and Connie seeing Sasha.
Following this dear moment, Mikasa takes Eren ’ s head to bury it in the place the stallion history began, just as Muller and the other Marleyan officers from Fort Salta arrive.
Muller is anxious about the Eldians, which is consistent from him seeing that they all transformed in chapter 138.
I besides like the lineage where he tells them to prove if they are humans or Titans, just like Eren was told to prove this when he transformed for the first prison term in the Trost Arc.
It is at this point that Armin strolls in and begins the peace negotiations, claiming that he was the one to kill Eren.
On this dramatic note, the chapter cuts to three years subsequently and another one of my problems come in, this being Historia ’ sulfur destine.
It is revealed that her pregancy went well and she now lives on her farm with her daughter and the farmer, who she married.
That ’ mho right, those of us who thought Eren was the don looked besides deeply into it.
now, I just want to say, this is not me criticizing Isayama ’ sulfur choice to not make Eren the forefather.
That ’ mho on me for looking besides thick into it and getting invested in that theory.
More indeed, this is a criticism of Isayama pairing Historia up with the farmer of all people.
I equitable think it is poor writing to have a character, who was once thus crucial, be wholly sidelined and then married to an unamed character that no one cares about.
It is particularly annoying when this is the refilling for a fantastic relationship, if Freckled Ymir and Historia truly were supposed to be implied as amatory, which I like to think that they were.
Speaking of which, my headcanon is that Historia named her child after Ymir and I will not be accepting any arguments against that.
Jokes away, I ’ m actually not going to hold the farmer being the father against this chapter.
No, that ’ s more a problem I have with its unwrap in Chapters 107 and 108.
What I will hold against the chapter, though, is the wholly perplex miss of importance surrounding the birth of Historia ’ s child.
With all of the themes about children, it seemed like Isayama wanted us to think there was going to be something significant about this baby.
From Historia ’ s pregancy being the cliffhanger of the inaugural chapter for the final arch, to her pregnancy constantly being brought up, despite her scantily making an appearance, to her asking Eren what he would think about her having a child, to her being shown about to give give birth veracious before the final battle.
All of this seemed like foreshadowing for the baby ’ sulfur importance.
I thought it was going to be through a Founder Ymir reincarnation or, at the identical least, a symbolic theatrical performance of exemption, with Historia ’ s child being the first Eldian born after the Titan excommunicate had been removed.
rather, her pregnancy was otiose and all of that build up and Historia being sidelined was for nothing.
It seems pretty open now that Isayama had no estimate what to do with Historia post time skim.
Oh, well, at least she seems happy and Isayama didn ’ metric ton decide to barely kill her off during childbirth.
Anyway, once this brief moment with Historia ’ s unimportant child is shown, we get another unwrap that is controversial within the fandom but one that I actually like.
This is the uncover that the bicycle of ferocity hasn ’ thymine rightfully ended because Paradis has formed an united states army to fight the remainder of the earth if want be, with Eren being viewed as a martyr.
While many seem to think that this makes Eren ’ mho actions otiose because the cycle international relations and security network ’ metric ton over, I think it actually works well because Eren distillery gave the island a gamble and it ’ s besides example of the actual world.
unfortunately, full solid peace good international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine feasible.
There will always be violence, war and horrors throughout our history.
That doesn ’ thymine mean that there international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate adept in the world, though, because as one of attack on Titan ‘ sulfur chief themes states, “ the earth is barbarous but it ’ s besides beautiful. ”
It is this populace that the Alliance now seek to help make better, going on a diplomatic mission to Paradis where Historia and Kiyomi are waiting.
talk of Kiyomi, though, if she ’ sulfur there then where ’ s Yelena ?
last we saw of her, she was on a gravy boat in the ocean with Kiyomi and now she ’ s gone.
There ’ mho another character Isayama didn ’ thyroxine know what to do with at the end but she wasn ’ t besides much of an crucial fictional character, so it ’ s thankfully not arsenic bad as it is with Historia.
back to the Alliance render, we get one final adieu with all these characters who we have come to know and love, with enough of Isayama ’ s textbook wit on display, as the characters joke about Reiner ’ s oppress on Historia and Jean looking like a horse.
The conversation then turns good when Annie and Pieck wonder if they ’ ll truly be welcomed as ambassadors to Paradis for the populace but Connie says to trust in Historia and Armin tells them those on Paradis will want to know what they saw.
I wonder if this is implying that Armin ’ sulfur narration throughout the floor is actually him telling the people of Paradis what lead them all to this point.
That ’ sulfur reasonably cool if it ’ second true.
We besides get a look at Levi, Gabi, Falco and Onyankopon living their lives in the away universe.
I ’ m truly glad that all the surviving members of the Alliance got their own glad ending.
I ’ megabyte pretty much satisfied with all of their conclusions.
The empanel of Armin, Annie, Jean, Connie and Pieck looking up at the flip from their boat, right as Levi and the others do where they are, is striking.
We then get the final, touching scene of this fantastic fib, as Mikasa rests at the titular tree on the hill where the story began, correct following to Eren ’ second grave.
As she breaks depressed into tears about wanting to meet Eren once more, a dame flies down and wraps the remainder of the scarf around her before taking off.
The manga ends with Mikasa looking up at this bird, thanking Eren for wrapping the scarf around her all those years ago.
Pretty fitting that the report ends with all of the characters looking up at the flip, at the exemption of birds and planes.
so, all in all, this final chapter is a desegregate bag.
There is some very bad material about it, like the highly baffling compose of the open view and Historia and her pregnancy ’ mho treatment.
however, there is besides some amazing stuff, like Levi ’ s tear jerking termination to his character arch and the final examination scenes with all the characters we love.
With this concoction of commodity and bad scenes, it creates a final chapter that I consider to be overall decent.
not closely ampere good as it could have been but even satisfying adequate, however.
yet, even though I am slightly defeated with the ending, I placid appreciate Hajime Isayama for gifting us with this amaze narrative that delivered some of the best characters and plot twists that I have experienced.
so, from the bottomland of my affection, thank you, Hajime Isayama.
You have been arduous at ferment on this fib for over a ten and you should pat yourself on the back for all your hard work and the rejoice ( and suffering ) you brought to sol many readers, myself included.
Attack on Titan will always remain as one of the greats for me and I can ’ t believe that it ’ sulfur over.

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