Above and Below (Chapter)

This article is about the 116th chapter of the Attack on Titan manga. For the anime episode of the same name, see Above and Below (Episode).

Above and Below

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Above and Below

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All Creation

Japanese release date

April 9th, 2019

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April 8th, 2019


War for Paradis arc

Anime episode

Above and Below

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Quote1.png I don’t trust Marley. I pray that Eldians will be freed. But I do trust those who’ve fought beside me! Quote2.png
— Pieck explains her loyalties to Gabi Braun

Above and Below ( 天地 Tenchi ?, illuminated. “ Heaven and Earth ” ) is the second chapter of the 29th book and the 116th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama .


Pieck Finger lowers her gunman and tells Eren Yeager that she can not shoot him because she suspects that he has a way to use the Founding Titan to defeat Marley, and she wishes to liberate the Eldians in the internment zones. As a proof of her intentions, she offers to show Eren the placement of her boyfriend spies in Paradis Island. meanwhile, Yelena fills in the appropriate Survey Corps soldiers on the details of Zeke Yeager ‘s euthanasia plan for the Subjects of Ymir. Eren accepts Pieck ‘s offer, and the latter takes Eren and Yelena to the roof of the prison. however, it turns out to be a ruse to lure Eren outside so Porco Galliard can attempt to eat him. Galliard is unable to do more than sever Eren ‘s leg though, prompting Eren to transform into his Titan. Overhead, an airship evanesce led by Theo Magath appears and identifies the roll of tobacco sign from Pieck and Galliard, announcing that they have located the Founding Titan .


As Pieck aims her pistol at Eren, she orders Gabi Braun to take the dead soldier ‘s plunder and indicate it at Eren. She then tells Eren to take his hands out of his pockets or she will shoot him. Eren calls her out, saying that if she rightfully wanted to, she would have already done thus, but Pieck ‘s mission is to capture the Founding Titan, which means that she can not kill him without eating him. Violating her mission would doom not precisely her, but her entire class. Pieck makes a testify of raising her gun and giving up but says that she had another reason why she could not fire. If Eren has the Founding Titan, he might be able to defeat Marley. meanwhile, several members of the Survey Corps have tea inside their prison cell along with Niccolo and the Blouse family. Connie Springer asks Armin Arlert if he can use his Colossus Titan to get out, and Armin replies that he could, but if he did thus, he would blast the entire town and that his Titan is not identical accurate. Jean Kirstein asks why Eren hit Armin back at the restaurant, and Armin explains how Eren verbally hurt Mikasa Ackerman, indeed Armin attacked him. Though jean pushes for details, Mikasa refuses to elaborate. Jean suspects that Eren would not do that without a argue and wonders if there is something else that Eren has in mind .
Yelena, Onyankopon, and Griez arrive outside their prison cell and Yelena greets them as the heroes of Shiganshina. Connie yells at Onyankopon for siding with Yelena, but Onyankopon is unkindly, considering that he had been under family collar and in about the same situation not farseeing ahead. jean suspects that Yelena is feeling good considering that indeed much has gone according to Zeke ‘s plan. They attacked Marley, they got the hold of the Eldian people, and they used the wine spiked with spinal anesthesia fluid to control the military. With the Founding Titan, they can destroy Marley and get retaliation for their homelands. Jean calls this the real argue why they came to Paradis Island. Griez says they civilized this island, which was a century behind the rest of the populace. This sparks an argumentation with Niccolo, who calls him a scab who sold them out. Griez is impenitent though, expressing his dislike for repeatedly hearing about Niccolo ‘s affection for Sasha Blouse and calling her both a prostitute and a descendant of devils.

Yelena ends Griez ‘s frustration by swiftly shooting him in the point. She bows as she offers an apology to the captive soldiers. She has no manipulation for anyone who would curse the Eldians as devils and clarifies that the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers ‘ finish has never been about revenge. rather, they wish to save both Eldia and Marley from the chain of hate. Yelena then explains Zeke ‘s euthanasia plan to them. back in Gabi ‘s cell, Pieck explains to Eren why she became a Warrior, and how she would like to show her beget a bright future before her term is up. For that to happen, she needs to crush Marley, so she would be willing to help. Beside her, Gabi grapples with the fact that Zeke masterminded the attack on Marley, and now Pieck is besides talking about becoming a traitor. She asks what they have been fighting for. Pieck asks her if they are Marleyans or Eldians, and when Gabi says they are honorary Marleyans, Pieck corrects her, saying they are Subjects of Ymir, which is the one ineluctable truth. No matter what they say they are, they will always be people who can turn into Titans, and as both of them witnessed at Fort Slava, the exponent of the Titans will soon be disused. When that happens, Marley will have no use for them and will resort to killing them all. They can keep trying to prove they are “ good Eldians ”, but they will never be freed, therefore Eldians must secure their right to live, themselves. Hearing this, Eren asks Pieck to prove that she is will to help him. She then offers to show him where the other infiltrators are in this township, but they will have to go on the roof for her to point at them .
In their cell, the capture Survey Corps soldiers absorb what the euthanasia plan means for the Eldian race. Yelena calls it a peaceful end. When jean points out that the population will finally dwindle to nothing more than the aged, leaving their state unprotected, Yelena says that they will however use the rumble as a hindrance. The royal family and the Founding Titan will be maintained, and Historia Reiss already has a successor. The Founder will merely need to be passed around until the end of that child ‘s life. Jean is disbelieving that plan will work, and Yelena admits that there are no absolute guarantees, but she is sealed that Zeke and Eren will end the menace of the Titans, leaving an impact on human history, long after they are gone. As Armin breaks down and cries at the nobility of the plan, a soldier runs up to Yelena to notify her of enemy infiltrators. The Yeagerists suit up in anti-personnel erect steer equipment, making enough noise that Nile Dok notices the commotion in his cell where he is being held with Falco Grice and a count of other dissenting soldiers .
Eren leads Pieck and Gabi upstairs through the main hallway, where Pieck waves at the crowd of Yeagerist soldiers below, which includes a cloaked Porco Galliard. As they continue up the building, Eren reveals that Falco is besides being held here and that he has been affected by Zeke ‘s spinal fluid. Pieck asks Eren why he knows about Zeke ‘s special ability and if he might know any other secrets. She does not feel that Zeke has been wholly upfront with his chap Warriors. They reach the roof before Eren answers, and Pieck and Gabi head outside while Yelena warns him not to trust Pieck. Eren says he does not, the same as another charwoman he knows. He then tells Pieck to point to the enemy ‘s placement.

Pieck clasps Gabi ‘s trembling hand and smiles at her, before turning around and pointing at Eren. The roof below him rumbles and jaws emerge through the stone in an undertake to eat him. Galliard ‘s Jaw Titan fails to capture Eren, severing his peg at the knees, and Eren transforms into his Titan before Galliard can attack him again. Galliard lands on the roof and protects Pieck and Gabi from the impel of Eren ‘s transformation. Gabi is surprised that Pieck did not actually deceive Marley. Pieck tells her that while she does not trust Marley, she does trust her friends. She has Gabi look up, and above them is a fleet of airships led by Magath. Magath sees the pot sign from Pieck and Galliard, notifying the Marleyan military that they have found the Founding Titan. He says that it is time to get revenge for Liberio .

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