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34 3 137




Japanese release date

February 9th, 2021

Reading: Titans

English release date

February 8th, 2021


War for Paradis arc

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Dedicate Your Heart A Long Dream
Quote1.png Greater power. Greater size. She gave birth to an undying body. And then she escaped to a world that was free… even of death. Quote2.png
— Zeke Yeager explains how Ymir became the first Titan and entered the Paths

Titans ( 巨人 Kyojin ? ) is the 3rd chapter of the thirty-fourth bulk and the 137th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama .


Zeke Yeager and Armin Arlert converse in the Paths about the nature of life and how in her fear, Ymir Fritz managed to escape to a world without death. Zeke does not believe escape is potential, and that it is pointless since to live besides means to finally die. however, Armin speaks about personal moments that are valued to him, tied if they are not in the service of continuing their species, and Zeke realizes that he has moments like those that he cherishes adenine well. This leads to them meeting several former Titan inheritors who had passed away before them and they chose to connect with those they are closest to before requesting their help oneself. In the outside universe, some of the Titans deepen sides, with Bertolt Hoover, Ymir, and the Galliard brothers ‘ Titans moving to protect Reiner Braun and Annie Leonhart. Mikasa Ackerman catches up with the Beast Titan that had eaten Armin, and with help from Gabi Braun, manages to cut him loose. jean Kirstein grabs the detonator and triggers the explosives to blow off the Founding Titan ‘s head and Reiner tackles the centipede-like spine that emerges, trying to reconnect with it. Falco Grice picks up most of the team on his flying Jaw Titan save for Reiner and Armin, and clears the area therefore Armin is free to transform into the Colossus Titan and destroy the Founder ‘s body .


As both Zeke Yeager and Armin Arlert rest within the Paths, the early begins to tell the latter a narrative about how life was able to form a long time ago due to the hope for it to multiply. however, it besides dealt with the fear of death and extermination, finally leading to the charge where Ymir Fritz gave give birth to an deathless body and escaped to a populace that was free of death. Armin asks what Ymir ‘s ultimate goal is and Zeke admits he does not know even after spending indeed much clock trying to understand her. He wonders why Ymir never defied King Fritz and remained obedient to his wishes for two thousand years. Eren Yeager was able to understand her attachment to the world she left behind when Zeke himself did not, leading to Ymir to go with him. When Armin asks if there is placid some way to get back to the away populace, Zeke thinks it is impossible. He asks Armin why he refuses to give up and if continuing his species is that authoritative to him. What is happening now is the consequence of lifeforms controlled by fear. Armin protests that he and his friends are fighting fear, but Zeke is unmoved, because living means one day dying. He speculates that death might even bring respite from the days of being manipulated by the drive to multiply .
Armin glances down and notices a flick in the backbone. Picking it up, he tells Zeke of a childhood memory when Eren challenged him and Mikasa Ackerman to a race to a tree on a hill. While he had no luck of winning, Armin reflects on how running feel good to him and he wondered if he was born so he could be in that race. He has had other, similar memories of small, personal moments that he has come to regard as valued. however, to Zeke ‘s surprise, Armin is not holding a leaf, but a baseball. When Armin says that his memories are cherished even though they are unnecessary for a species to multiply, Zeke agrees, thinking back to his time playing catch with Tom Ksaver. He takes the baseball from Armin and looks at it fondly. He says that he would much quite have continued playing catch.

Noticing Armin looking at something behind him, Zeke turns approximately and sees many erstwhile Titan inheritors, including Marcel and Porco Galliard, Ymir, Eren Kruger, Tom Ksaver and Grisha Yeager .
meanwhile, Pieck Finger is hurt outside of her Titan and Jean Kirstein saves her. Though she wishes to keep fight, he says she is at her limit and plans to retreat towards Reiner Braun. however, the Armored Titan has been pinned down by the previous War Hammer Titans, with one armed with a sickle preparing to finish him off. further towards the back, near Bertolt Hoover ‘s Colossus Titan, Annie Leonhart is overwhelmed by respective of the Titans. abruptly, Bertolt ‘s Colossus attacks the Titans swarming Annie, swatting them aside. Pieck, Jean, and Reiner witness Marcel, Porco, and Ymir ‘s Jaw Titans bite and fighting off the Titans surrounding them. Though Mikasa does not know what to make of Bertolt ‘s Colossus, she decides not to waste the opportunity and chases after the okapi-shaped Beast Titan. From the back of Falco Grice ‘s flying Jaw Titan, Gabi Braun fires a rung into the okapi ‘s head and manages to stun it, allowing Mikasa to free Armin by slashing the Titan ‘s yack exposed. Armin falls out and the Beast Titan ‘s tongue shoots through his leg to grab him. He fires a thunder Spear into its head, killing it, and Connie Springer cuts him rid of the falling cadaver. Annie is then able to catch Armin. Behind Annie, the Survey Corps is shocked to see several of the Titans are fighting each early. Zeke partially emerges from one of the Founding Titan ‘s spines and waves to Falco ‘s Titan, calling out to Levi Ackerman. Armin explains that the current change by reversal of events is thanks to Zeke, who woke up everyone who was sleeping in the Paths. He thinks that the rationality all Eldians are connected through the Paths is because Ymir Fritz wants to be connected to them. She wants something. In the Paths, Zeke told Ksaver that he did not think their plan was mistaken, but he would not mind being born-again if it meant he could play with him again. He besides thanked his don, Grisha. Armin took the prison term to speak with Bertolt about how he took everything from him, thus he knows that they can not stay here. They asked the others to help them before leaving .
On the spine, Zeke takes a moment to appreciate how beautiful the day is and wishes he had noticed it earlier, but supposes that is besides much to ask because of all the kill he has done. In the following moment, he is beheaded by Levi and the Rumbling stops, with the Wall Titans coming to a halt.

At Reiner ‘s urge, Jean rushes for Eren ‘s head and grabs the detonator that Pieck left behind. Calling Eren a self-destructive dunce once more, Jean detonates the explosives, blowing off the Founding Titan ‘s head. denim spots the centipede-like creature Gabi talk of come forth from the neck, trying to reconnect to Eren ‘s head. Reiner hurls himself at the expanding spine and wrestles it to the ground to keep it from the severed promontory. Falco, now carrying closely all of their group, picks up Jean and Pieck so Armin can blow up the Founding Titan ‘s body with everyone else clear. Jean is worried about Reiner, but Pieck says that the Armored Titan can withstand the Colossus Titan ‘s explosion. Reiner is prepared for the consequences and they should not waste this opportunity. As Falco flies away, Armin thanks his friends and the Titan inheritors for their help. He then says adieu to Eren before transforming .

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