Attack on Titan chapter 139: Spoilers and leaks revealed for final chapter!

The final chapter of Attack on Titan is only a matter of days away, but what spoilers and leaks have been revealed online for chapter 139? It ’ mho about here…the final chapter in the epic manga series that has been Attack on Titan. From the adrenaline-pumping action to its heart-breaking goodbyes, the AOT manga has been an incredible ride and decidedly one that every lector will remember everlastingly.

so, with the countdown to the concluding chapter into its last few days, we take a look at the spoilers and leaks that have been circulating social media. Spoiler warning : Do not read on unless you wish to know the leak spoilers for Attack on Titan chapter 139. This capacity could not be loaded

Attack on Titan 139: Release date

attack on Titan chapter 139 is presently scheduled to release around the earth on Friday, April 9th.

You can read a full breakdown of the free date and time here. This message could not be loaded

Attack on Titan chapter 139: Spoilers and leaks

plunderer admonition : Do not read on unless you wish to know any likely spoilers for Attack on Titan chapter 139. Remember that these spoilers are unconfirmed and that leaks are never 100 % accurate. The following spoilers have been gathered from multiple sources across multiple websites.

  • The title of the chapter is ‘Yeager’ and opens with Armin and Eren talking in the paths.
  • Armin asks why did it have to end like this, with Eren replying that it was the only way to save the world and become heroes, but that Ymir is the only one who can give a proper answer to that.
  • Armin gets angry at Eren for what he has said and done to Mikasa.
  • Armin says that Mikasa can find love with someone else, to which Eren says that he wants her to be loyal even 10 years after he has died.
  • The two say goodbye to each other, with Armin thanking Eren for becoming the bad guy.
  • The next page we see Mikasa crying holding Eren’s severed head.
  • Armin reveals that the Titans are no longer part of this world as all of the titans turn back into humans.
  • All of the pure titans are detitanised, Levi sees Hange and Erwin in the hot steam whilst Connie and Jean see Sasha.
  • Reiner and the others are at a standoff, seemingly unsure whether either side still possesses the Titan powers.
  • Flashforward to a few years later and Historia is holding a child.
  • Everyone else has grown up and many have left Eldia, including Reiner.
  • However, it is revealed that the world is still at war with Eldia, with hope being put in Historia to continue the fight; Eren’s death only got rid of the Titans, but not the war itself.
  • A grown up Gabi and Falco can be seen pushing Levi in a wheelchair.
  • A bird flies over those leaving and eventually flies towards a tree.
  • Mikasa is under the tree next to a small grave, the chapter ends with the bird pecking at her scarf and flies away.

We are expecting more spoilers to be revealed in the come days leading up to the secrete of chapter 139 – remember that these may not be accurate.

This article will be updated regularly as more data on the final chapter leaks online, so keep checking back in for the latest news ! By Tom Llewellyn – [ e-mail protected ] In other news program, Where to buy Kane Brown ‘s 2023 tour tickets as star announces US dates

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