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During dead by Daylight ‘ s sixth-anniversary stream, Behaviour Interactive revealed the game ’ s first base anime collaboration with the massively popular zanzibar copal and manga series Attack on Titan. The collab will feature a place of 10 outfits for existing survivors and killers and will be available for players “ soon. ” Behaviour Interactive revealed that run supporter Eren Yaeger will make an appearance as an kit for Dwight, Scout Regiment squad drawing card Hange Zoë will show up as a peel for Zarina, and Oni will get to hunt down survivors as the Armored Titan. here are the 10 outfits that have been confirmed to be featured in the Attack on Titan collaboration.

Dwight as Eren

dead by daylight attack on titanScreengrab via Behaviour Interactive The main character from Attack on Titan meets Dwight Fairfield. It ’ s clear from the concept art that the Dead by Daylight team wanted to make surely that fans could still recognize the beloved survivor, as shown by his hair and glasses.

Zarina as Hange

dead by daylight hange 1Screengrab via Behaviour Interactive During the stream, Dead by Daylight art director Xavier Etchepare explained that they chose to give Zarina Kassir Hange ’ s iconic eyepatch but opted to steer aside from her glasses because the survivor released in chapter 15 doesn ’ thymine always wear glasses in the plot.

Yui as Mikasa

Mikasu from Attack on Titan as Yui from Dead by DaylightImage via Behaviour Interactive Players will have the option to play as one of the other main protagonists in Attack on Titan with the Mikasa equip for Yui Kimura. The character has the same iconic equip of the character, complete with all the gear of a Survey Corps member.

Jake as Levi

Jake Parker from Dead by Daylight in a Levi Ackerman outfitImage via Behaviour Interactive Levi is the team captain for the extra Operations Squad of the Survey Corps, used to getting up close and personal with the nastiest titans. He ’ randomness been recreated in Jake Parker, accomplished with Survey Corps gearing.

Meg as Annie

Meg Thomas from Dead by Daylight in an Annie Leonheart outfitImage via Behaviour Interactive Annie Leonhart, besides known as the Female Titan, is a singular fictional character in Attack On Titan. Her skill in battle and fast reflexes will likely come in handy against the newly Titans in DBD. Meg Thomas faithfully recreates Annie ’ s expect.

Felix as Armin

Felix Richter from Dead by Daylight in an Armin Arlert outfit from Attack on TitanImage via Behaviour Interactive Eren ’ s childhood supporter Armin is besides getting to enter the mist in dead by Daylight with a cosmetic set for Felix Richter. Players will be able to take on the function of the current commanding officer of the Survey Corps as they try to outlast the Killer.

Kate as Historia

Kate Denson from Dead by Daylight as Historia Reiss from Attack on TitanImage via Behaviour Interactive Kate Denson will take on the function of Historia, the smallest member of the 104th Training Corps and the stream Queen of the Walls. Players will be able to take on the role of the last remain descendant of the Reiss royal syndicate.

Ace as Kenny

Ace Viscotti from Dead by Daylight dressed as Kenny Ackerman from Attack on TitanImage via Behaviour Interactive Ace will be taking on the function of Levi ’ randomness mentor, Kenny the Ripper. Whereas the other characters are in Survey Corps uniforms, Ace as Kenny has its own unique style that players of dead by Daylight would be wise to pick up.

Oni as the Armored Titan

dead by daylight armored titanScreengrab via Behaviour Interactive The harden ability found in the Attack on Titan anime series will make an appearance on the Ultra Rare Oni cosmetic. Oni ’ s Blood Fury mode will cause blue crystals to sprout from the Armored Titan, and based on the concept artwork revealed during the air, the killer ’ second katana will be replaced by a crystal-like sword besides.

Spirit as War Hammer Titan

The Spirit from Dead by Daylight dressed as the War Hammer Titan from Attack on TitanImage via Behaviour Interactive The War Hammer Titan has the alone ability to build structures out of tempered Titan human body, making the Spirit an even more formidable foe. While players might not be getting that ability, they can still look awful while dominating their matches.

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