From You, 2,000 Years Ago (Episode)

This article is about the 80th episode of the Attack on Titan anime. For the first episode, see To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1. For the manga chapter of the same name, see From You, 2,000 Years Ago (Chapter).

From You, 2,000 Years Ago


Season Episode Overall
4 21 80



From You, 2,000 Years Ago
Nisen-nen Mae no Kimi Kara

Japanese air date

February 7, 2022

English air date

March 13, 2022


War for Paradis arc

Manga chapters

Memories of the Future
From You, 2,000 Years Ago
Island Devils



Naoki Matsuura


Hiroshi Seko



The Rumbling


Akuma no Ko

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Memories of the Future Thaw
Quote1.png Were you the one who led me here? You’ve been waiting this whole time. For 2,000 years… For someone. Quote2.png
— Eren Jaeger appeals Ymir

From You, 2,000 Years Ago ( 二千年前の君から Nisen-nen Mae no Kimi Kara ? ) is the twenty-first episode of the 4th season and the eightieth sequence overall of the Attack on Titan anime, produced by MAPPA .


Zeke Jaeger is pushed out of Grisha ‘s memories after learning that Eren manipulated their father into taking the Founding Titan from the King of the Walls. however, Zeke realizes that Eren ‘s ability to see the future has limitations, so he orders Ymir Fritz to remove the ability of all Eldians to reproduce. Eren breaks release of his chains to chase after her, and in doing so, learns her by. ymir was enslaved as a child and while being hunted for sport, she came into contact with a cryptic animal that transformed her into a massive Titan. The leader of the tribe who enslaved her used her and her fresh exponent to expand the fortunes of his people and approach Marley. He had three daughters with her before Ymir died, saving him from an character assassination attempt. After her end, her daughters were ordered to consume her flesh in order to keep her powers. Eren realizes her pain and tells Ymir she does not have to be a slave, and has a choice. In answer, in the outside world, the Walls come down and the Rumbling begins .


Grisha Jaeger remembers how he killed the Reiss family with his Attack Titan and laments that Eren would not show him everything in memory for the future. He warns his son Zeke Jaeger that things will not go his way and that the future Eren has foreseen is frightful. Grisha begs Zeke to stop Eren. After he does, Zeke is thrown out of Grisha ‘s memories and back into the arenaceous terrain of the Paths where he sees Eren hush chained nearby. Zeke asks if Eren pushed their forefather into fighting the King of the Walls and frankincense the rest of the world. Using the power of the Attack Titan, Eren could have shown Grisha specific memories in order to influence his behavior in the past. Grisha could not use the Founding Titan, so the primary coil reason he stole it was to entrust it to Eren in the future. Eren thanks Zeke, because this plan was alone possible through Zeke bringing him into Grisha ‘s memories. He goes on to explain that he saw his own future through Grisha ‘s memories four years ago .
Zeke recalls Grisha saying how things will not go his manner, but knowing he hush has control condition over Ymir he orders her to make Eldians no longer able to have children. She turns and walks towards the Coordinate as Zeke tells Eren that their don wanted Zeke to stop him. Eren struggles against his chains to run after her and Zeke says he does not know what future Eren determine, but he knows Eren did not see everything. For example, Eren did not expect that he could not use Ymir ‘s powers himself.

Eren screams and rips the chains off, severing his hands, which regrow, and he chases after Ymir. Zeke believes this campaign will be useless since the command has already been given sol nothing will stop her. In the distant past, Ymir is a young girlfriend living in a small village when invaders come. She and the other survivors are enslaved and their tongues cut out. One day a pig escapes its write and Fritz, the tribal leader, declares that if one of them does not confess, all of the slaves will have an center cut out. ymir is selected as a scapegoat .
unable to refute the others, she kneels in front of the captain and he tells her that she will be “ rid. ” ymir is set loosen to be hunted by men on hogback. Injured from arrows that have struck her, she tumbles down to find a big tree with a hollow entrance at the al-qaeda of the luggage compartment. She walks inside and slips, falling down a long tunnel and landing in a pool of water under. As she sinks into the water, a lank fluorescent creature swims up from the depths and align several of its tendrils along her spine. A idle flashes and a massive Titan rises out of the afforest. Years subsequently, she is immediately a pry monomania. Fritz is pleased with how she has built roads and cultivated the wilds for them. His kin has grown with her support and as a honor he intends to have her bear his children. He then has her attack Marley. She has three children with him, and Eldia is raised from a tribe in wooden homes to a kingdom with buildings of rock and trappings of riches. When enemy soldiers kneel before Fritz in capitulation, one of their officers rises to his feet with a spear. He manages to throw it before being killed himself, and Ymir hurls herself in the way, taking the blow through her center. She falls to the ground, unmoving, and does not rise when Fritz commands her to .
Determined not to lose Ymir ‘s office, Fritz has their daughters Maria, Rose, and Sina, consume the body of their mother. He declares that they should have children to continue the pedigree and when they die their spines should be fed to their own children, and therefore on down the line so Eldia will continue to dominate the world. As the Eldian Empire continues to rule, Ymir carries a bucket in the paths and builds Titans in the sandpaper at her descendants ‘ dominate, expecting to do indeed for all eternity. In the present, Eren embraces Ymir and tells her that he will end her slavery, saying that she is not a idol or a slave, but a person. She has a choice. Seeing that she has stopped moving, Zeke begins to panic and runs towards them as Eren asks Ymir if she is the one who led him here, suggesting that she has been waiting for two thousand years for person. In Eren ‘s arms, Ymir trembles and tears run from her eyes .
Outside the paths in Shiganshina District, a long translucent spine connects Eren ‘s pass with his body. It is similar to the creature Ymir had encountered in the pool. then the light of a Titan transformation flashes and the Walls crumble, interrupting the fight between the Paradis Island military and Marley. Hundreds of Wall Titans are revealed and they begin to march, crushing anything in their path. Eren leads them in a fresh Titan imprint, that is so gigantic it dwarfs even the Wall Titans.

Armin Arlelt realizes this means Eren has won and taken control of the Founding Titan. The Wall Titans are likely heading out to crush the ball-shaped confederation shape in Marley. Mikasa Ackermann struggles to accept that this could mean Eren in truth did come home to them, but Armin then realizes that the number of Wall Titans is excessive for that function .
As he talks to Mikasa, all Subjects of Ymir, no topic where they are in the global, are briefly pulled into the paths. Eren speaks to them and explains that he is talking to them through the might of the Founding Titan. He has undone the harden on all the Walls and sent the Titans out to march. Eren intends to protect the people of Paradis Island. Since the outside global wants to exterminate all Subjects of Ymir, regardless of whether they live on Paradis or not, he will alternatively use the Titans to trample every edge of the earth beyond the island until nothing is left animated outside of the Island of Paradis .

presently Publicly Available information

The Origin of Titans

According to legend, the Founder Ymir obtained the Power of the Titans when coming into contact with “something.” For generations, her blood and power were passed down by the Eldians. However, the identity of that “something” which began it all remains unknown. It may have been some type of pathogenic parasite, a god who pitied the Founder Ymir and gave her power, or something else entirely.

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