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Eren in the year 845 Eren in the year 850 Eren in 854 with his mustache and goatee shaved off Eren sees his mother get killed

Eren ‘s father promises to show him the basement once he returns Eren graduates 5th in the 104th train Corps Eren vows to kill the Titans Eren gets huffy at Hannes Armin besides decides to join the Survey Corps with his friends Hannes apologizes to Eren for Carla ‘s death Eren faces off the Colossus Titan Eren surprised by his friends Eren ‘s words rub off on Thomas Eren about to be eaten Eren gives Mikasa his scarf Eren emerges out of his titan Eren is interrogated by Weilman Eren, Armin and Mikasa surrounded by soldiers Eren on crown of the Wall with Pixis Eren is determined to seal Trost ‘s transgress Eren tries to attack Mikasa Eren carries the boulder in Trost District Eren punches himself in Titan shape Eren strikes his head against the ground Eren tells Reiner to grab the dagger from Annie Eren is kicked by Annie Eren remembers the horrors of the Titans Erwin shows Eren the key to his basement Eren at his trial Eren at the courthouse Eren taken to court Eren is welcomed into the Survey Corps Eren is beaten by Levi Gunther and Eld ask Eren if his discipline friends would join the Survey Corps Eren agrees to listen to Hange Oluo asks Eren about the recruits ‘ capabilities Eren reunites with his friends Eren looks back in repugnance as the Female Titan chases them Squad Levi look at the Female Titan in repugnance Levi calms down his squad Petra scolds Eren for doubting Erwin and Levi ‘s trust in Squad Levi Eren questions why Erwin kept Squad Levi in the benighted Mikasa is late to save Eren Annie says that she respects Eren Eren is rescued from Annie by Levi Armin proposes a design to distract Annie from Eren Eren is told by Reiner his and Bertolt ‘s identities Eren is thrown off the Wall as Reiner and Bertolt transform Eren turns the tables on Reiner The Colossus Titan falls on Eren Eren charges at the Smiling Titan Eren annoyed with his police squad Eren partially merges with his Titan form Hange and Mikasa pull Eren from his titan Eren as part of Squad Levi Eren learns of the experiment results Eren watches as Levi pressures on Historia Eren receives a memory from the Reiss ‘ Eren in the belowground chapel Eren watches as Rod transforms into a Titan Eren asks to be eaten Eren succeeds in hardening his titan Eren believes in himself Levi tells Eren to do what he wants Historia talks with Eren about his don Mikasa stops Eren from hitting himself jean mocks Eren about how he will soon be forgotten Keith Shadis meets with Levi, his police squad, and Hange Grisha prepares to take Eren into the afforest Baby Eren with his mother Eren and his friends atop the wall Armin speaks about the ocean Eren and the Survey Corps advance Eren prepares to seal the hole of Shiganshina The journey to Shiganshina The Armored Titan climbing down Wall Maria Eren fights the Armored Titan for the 2nd clock time Eren ‘s attack on the Colossus fails Eren with the Levi police squad in his colossus form Armin and Eren prepare for the replay Armin asks Eren to stick to his plan Eren ready to cut the Colossus Titan ‘s nape Erwin informs the corporation about the serum Eren fails to open the basement door The entrance to the basement Eren wakes up from his memories

Eren learns the accuracy of the universe Eren enters the basement kept mysterious from him Eren and Armin discuss the memories Eren discovers a way to use the Founding Titan Eren at the ocean The Survey Corps arrives at the ocean Eren is helped by Falco Eren among the shell-shocked Eldians Eren tells Reiner about his fears Young Eren, Mikasa, and Armin see the Colossus Titan Eren, Mikasa, and Armin see the Colossus Titan Eren asks Falco to mail him letters Falco asks about Reiner and Mr. Kruger ‘s relationship Eren transforms in presence of Reiner and Falco Reiner begs Eren to kill him Eren transforms in the build behind Willy Eren throws himself towards the crowd Eren demolishes the stadium while Udo is trampled Mikasa comes to Eren ‘s aid Eren struggles against the War Hammer Titan Eren is impaled by the War Hammer Titan Mikasa and Eren evade the War Hammer Titan ‘s counterattack Eren is questioned by Mikasa about his kill of civilians Eren is assisted by Levi against Galliard Eren about to eat Lara Tybur, as Galliard goes to attack him Gabi declares her intentions to kill Eren Eren is trapped by the War Hammer Titan Lara Tybur transforms a second time while she fights Eren Eren is ineffective to bite through Lara Tybur ‘s crystal Mikasa attacks the War Hammer ‘s crystal while Eren holds it Eren uses the Jaw Titan to break the crystal Eren, Zeke, and Yelena see Jean enter the room with two children Eren is kicked by Levi on the airship Eren reveals the hypothesis of controlling the Colossus Titans Eren declares he is going to locate Zeke Eren meets with his followers Eren gets punched by Armin after severing ties with him and Mikasa Eren cuts his handwriting before meet Armin and Mikasa Levi remembers the times he saved Eren Eren hears that Pieck has a exchangeable goal as him Eren asks for Gabi ‘s cooperation in exchange for Falco ‘s safety Eren transforms and prepares to fight the Jaw Titan Eren gets ambushed and wounded by the Jaw Titan Eren is attacked by the Jaw Titan Eren approaching Reiner as the latter transforms to fight him Eren creates hardened spikes to fend off Reiner and Galliard Eren uses the War Hammer Titan ‘s powers to try and repel Galliard Eren and Reiner face off once more Eren ‘s Titan branch is bitten by the Jaw Titan The Attack Titan is shoot Eren is shot in the neck by Gabi Eren sees the Armored Titan about to grab him Eren is surprised to find an older Zeke waiting for him Eren arrives at the Coordinate Eren and Zeke watch Grisha steal information from a curate Eren turns his back on Zeke, refusing with his euthanasia plan Eren wraps his scarf around Mikasa Zeke sees that Eren has constantly been stubborn Eren watches Grisha cry out for Zeke after seeing him in his memories Eren sees the past of Grisha seeing the future Eren incites Grisha to steal the Founding Titan ymir is moved by Eren ‘s words and chooses to be rid Eren escapes restriction and rushes towards Ymir Eren asks Mikasa about what he means to her Eren shares his plan to destroy the pillow of humanness with Floch Eren declares his design to destroy the world The face of Eren ‘s new Titan shape Eren and the Colossus Titans arrive at Marley Eren refuses to let Historia be used by the military Yelena shares her cognition about Marley ‘s geography with Eren Eren apologizes to the male child he saved Eren and his Titans arrive at Fort Salta Eren is grim about the grumbling Eren is saved by the War Hammer Titan Eren engages his former comrades Eren emerges in a new Titan Gabi recalls the moment after decapitating Eren Eren looks at Mikasa before she kills him Eren tells Mikasa to forget about him after his death Eren reveals that Mikasa was the key to Ymir Fritz ‘s freedom from Fritz Eren tells Armin that 80 % of the world ‘s population will perish in the Rumbling

Eren reveals he had a hand in his mother's death Eren reveals he had a hand in his mother ‘s deathEren does not wish for Mikasa to be with another man Eren does not wish for Mikasa to be with another worldArmin thanks Eren for taking on the world's hatred for Paradis Armin thanks Eren for taking on the world ‘s hatred for Paradis

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