Attack on Titan: 10 Pieces of Titan Fan Art Every Fan Has To See

Being one of the most popular anime series to come out in the past five years, Attack on Titan ( Shingeki No Kyojin if you ‘re nasty ) has gathered up quite an consuming measure of dedicated fan artwork. Whether it ‘s Annie x Bertholdt or Eren x Levi ( # LoveWins ), Attack on Titan fans leave no fictional character unpaired in their wildest creations .
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however, let’s redirect our focus toward the Titans for once. This article features some of the most matter to works of art that are based on some of your favorite Titans from the usher. indeed, here are 10 pieces of Titan sports fan art that you might not want to miss out on .

10 Eren &… Eren By ThunderSeth

Starting off with a stun piece illustrated by ThunderSeth, this winnow art portrays the two parallels of Eren Yeager — the human and the Titan. obviously, it elucidates the contact similarity between the intensities of both of his forms. Be warned, the homo Eren is just a boisterous as his Titan mannequin ; both a force to be reckoned with. If you see those piercing green eyes, you better run .

9 The Colossal Titan From Pixiv

The Colossal Titan might good have been the scariest thing to happen to the zanzibar copal region ever since, well Orochimaru ‘s TRUE form ( arguably the OG ). Sourced from Pixiv, this meticulously detailed artwork immaculately depicts the wrath of the Colossal Titan in all his glory. And son, does he not look felicitous. undeniably, with that solid, ardent look, you just forget about his enormous size for a consequence. A special shoutout to the artist for nailing those acute facial expressions. You would n’t in a million years want to be the object of that grim look .

8 Rogue Titan Vs Female Titan By MoshYong

The artist of this man, Moshyong, pays court to what was possibly the most entice competitiveness in the whole attack on Titan franchise. Who does n’t like seeing big Titan organs flying about ? Although this picture tells the history of a rogue Eren about to end Annie ‘s whole career, the fight went a short differently. It was wholly Annie ‘s game up until Mikasa intervened .
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however, in one way or another, it does convey the right sentiments. After Mikasa oh so coldly cut Annie ‘s fingers off and stood on her front, you could n’t help but feel a short deplorable for her. The distraught spirit on her face paired with the fact, that Eren continued to go ‘Berserk ‘ on what was left of her, did not help anyone feel good about her site. Poor Annie .

7 The Socially Awkward Colossal Titan By Viktormon

After that diseased hark back, let ‘s brighten things up a spot. In this particular artwork, the artist Viktormon shows you a glimpse of what it would be like if THE Colossal beast were just your modal next-door shy male child. Well, you would n’t technically call him a ‘next-door ‘ boy, unless you live on the hardening of The Walking Dead. But the think counts .
While calling out all the introverts for this assemble, Viktormon hilariously illustrates the Colossal Titan worried about stepping in on person ‘s ongoing conversation. arguably, this piece does hit a lot closer to home. We ‘ve all been there, even at times pretending to be invisible subsequently .

6 The Colossal Titan Is A Part-Timer By Zipskyblue

If you understand the reference book of this particular fanart, then that means you ‘ve seen what could well be one of the funniest anime ever created — The Devil Is A part-timer ! Zipskyblue has competently portrayed what the Colossal Titan ‘s liveliness would be like had he been the front-runner of the hilarious drollery. Fans would have never expected him to be working in a fast-food restaurant to make end meet. The universe is a barbarous put indeed. But hold on a second gear, what is Mikasa doing there ? apparently the whole project has chimed in on this unusual crossing.

5 Eren x Annie By Javiart Lopez

Javiart Lopez very captured the sentiments of an overwhelm phone number of fans with his Eren x Annie fanart. The piece depicts Annie madly latching on to Eren while he is surely showing some interracial signals. well, it is heavily implied in the Attack on Titan : Junior High series that Annie holds romantic feelings for Eren. so, this piece does have some come of truth to it .

4 Stuck Babysitting By Moni158

It seems as though the artist of this objet d’art in truth understands the dedication and hard make that goes into being the caretaker of needy little children. Moni158 shows us that life sentence as a defender of ‘three little twerp ‘ is no radiate of cheerfulness. Yes, that ‘s precisely what these three are to the Colossal Titan. Just take a expect at Annie spurring maleficence by writing ‘ L ‘ on the Colossal Titan ‘s frontal bone. How original, Annie. As if the poor guy has n’t gone through adequate already. unfortunately, Reiner and Eren are n’t making things any better either. Give the ridicule a break, it ‘s credibly been a long day at employment for him .
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But one thing that you ca n’t deny is that this piece does truly convey a very deep message — always think hanker and hard before having kids. tied the Colossal Titan ca n’t handle that life .

3 Bertholdt Consoling Annie From Pixiv

Sourced from the Pixiv gallery, this artwork shows a identical strong shackle between Bertholdt — AKA the Colossal Titan — and Annie, the Female Titan. Bertholdt is holding what seems to be a small rose and consoling a shout Annie. This unusual transport most probably besides stemmed from the Junior High serial where Bertholdt admitted to having a crushed leather on Annie. however, this artwork is surely a heart-rending masterpiece

2 Armored Titan Vs Rogue Titan From Pixiv

Another masterpiece from the Pixiv gallery, it ‘s Eren against Reiner. This artwork masterfully depicts the tension that was in the air out after Reiner and Bertholdt were unveiled as Titan Shifters. Of run, a pivotal rage-filled battle was inevitable. The intense match between Reiner and Eren set ablaze all kinds of emotions. While some of those sentiments were of empathy toward Reiner, the lie were equitable Eren chants. In fact, this is another Annie situation — poor people Reiner .

1 “Teen” Titans By Batangbatugan

hera to end things with a fiddling wrench, it ‘s none other than the TEEN Titans ( pun intended ). Batangbatugan is the originator behind the stencil for this piece. so, if you have some questions about some of the choices — peculiarly regarding the decisiveness to make Starfire the Colossal Titan — then you might want to direct those toward the artist. however, it ‘s a stun re-imagination of the Titans as … well, the Teen Titans. Kudos to the artist for bringing this brilliant idea to biography .
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