Attack on Titan: 10 Best Female Characters, Ranked

The girls of Attack on Titan are more absorbing through their actions, motivations, courage, and choices. They ‘re potent and constantly impact the narrative. Although he ‘s an concern protagonist-turned-antagonist, Eren Jaeger is n’t the lone component that makes Attack on Titan interesting. The series has a bunch more to offer, including a wide cast of interesting characters. Some of these characters even receive adequate character development alternatively of precisely dying to Titans .
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The series takes a unlike approach path to female characters, providing identical short fan service in comparison to other shows in the writing style. That good makes the girls of Attack on Titan more fascinating through their actions, motivations, courage, and choices. They may not always do the correctly thing but they ‘re constantly factors of determine in the report.


10 Yelena’s Zealotry Makes Her An Unexpected Threat

Yelena Attack on Titan once a Marleyan soldier that was function of Marley ’ s attack operation on Paradis, Yelena is a loyal follower of Zeke Jaeger. Having been saved by Zeke during the Marley Mid-East War, she gains an about adoring tied of respect for him and supports his plans, no matter what they mean .
While she broadly looks quite calm and composed, Yelena is actually identical dangerous and will kill anyone who goes against Zeke ‘s schemes. Zeke ‘s destruction of Marley ‘s airship has her in blissful awe but her fanaticism, combined with her strategic skills, makes her an unexpected threat and a absorbing character .

9 Gabi Braun Is A Mirror Of Eren Jaeger Who Understands Her Mistakes

Gabi Braun in Attack on Titan anime Gabi is separate of the Marleyan group of Warriors and intended to become Reiner ‘s successor as the Armored Titan. Her harsh demeanor and the prejudice rhetoric she much spits out make her fabulously unsympathetic from the very beginning. To make matters worse, during the Raid on Liberio, she kills Sasha Braus .
But in reality, Gabi is n’t identical different from Eren Jaeger. once she meets Sasha ‘s class, she understands her mistakes and is horrified at her own actions. She remains one of the most hat characters in the series, but her growth and skill in combat make her noteworthy in her own way .

8 Ymir Fritz’s Abusive Past Is Behind The Eldians’ History Of Blood

ymir receives her power ymir is a cryptic character who ‘s actually the ancestor of all Titans. in the first place the slave of the Eldian king Fritz, she stumbles into the baron of the Titans. Fritz uses her ability to bring prosperity to his nation and terror to everyone else. As a supposed honor for her service, he makes her his concubine, and they have three daughters .
ymir dies protecting Fritz, and her children — Rose, Maria, and Sheena — are forced to cannibalize her cadaver. But even in the awaken of her death, Ymir is n’t release. She remains trapped within the Paths, molding Titans and continuing to obey the will of the royal family. She ‘s free from her love for the king by the sleep together Mikasa had for Eren .

7 Pieck Finger Is An Intelligent Strategist Who Cares About Her Comrades

Pieck Finger _ Attack on Titan One of Marley ‘s Warriors and the carrier of the Cart Titan, Pieck Finger is an scheme character. Her Titan is chiefly a support wedge, but that does n’t make her any less of a terror. Her intelligent strategies take the forces of Paradis by surprise on more than one affair .
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She is shown as patriotic to Marley, but in reality, it ‘s her comrades she trusts and it ‘s the Eldians trapped in Marley whom she wishes to free. This function of her character makes her shine the most and is evidenced every time she fights side by slope with her subordinates .

6 Ymir’s Connection To Historia Elevates Her Character

Christa and Ymir originally from Marley, she ‘s given the name ” Ymir ” long ago by a serviceman who ‘s contribution of an organization worshipping their ancestor. She accepts her function and is in the first place praised for it. But things cursorily go improper when the group is caught and Ymir is turned into a Titan. finally, she eats Marcel Galliard and inherits the Jaw Titan .
She former enlists into Paradis ‘ united states army due to her interest in Krista Lenz, who ‘s late revealed to be Historia Reiss. Their relationship elevates Ymir ‘s character. She ‘s the one who anchors an insecure Historia, and it ‘s primarily to protect Historia that Ymir turns into a Titan during the attack at Utgard Castle.

5 Carla Jaeger’s Death Is The Tragedy That Changes The Course Of Eren’s Life

carla yeager trapped under rubble Eren ‘s mother, Carla Jaeger, is depicted as a kind and generous womanhood. protective of her family, she doesn ’ t believe people need grand piano achievements to be glad and only wishes for her son to be safe. During the attack on Shiganshina, she is trapped under the ruins of her theater .
With her final words, she tells Eren and Mikasa that she loves them as Hannes carries them away. soon after, she’s eaten by the Smiling Titan. Her hideous death guides Eren into becoming a Scout, a determination he will later channel into fulfilling his greater ambition of Eldian exemption, at such a high cost .

4 Historia Reiss Overcomes Her Past & Becomes Queen Of The Walls

Attack on Titan Historia in Battle, Angry Born the illegitimate daughter of Rod Reiss, Historia is forced to enlist in the united states army as a way to end her life. Her kind facing hides a desire to die, but with Ymir ‘s help, she begins to understand her true strength. When her church father asks her to eat Eren, she struggles because she wishes for his love and acceptance .
But in the end, she refuses Rod and even ends up killing him. In the aftermath, she becomes the genuine ruler of the Walls and is instrumental in the formation of the newfangled government of Paradis .

3 Annie’s Ruthless Demeanor Hides A Core Of Human Needs

Annie Leonhart With A Blue Sky Background - Attack On Titan A major antagonist in the first part of the zanzibar copal, Annie Leonhart is a Titan in disguise. She, Reiner, Bertholdt, and Marcel Galliard infiltrate Paradis with the hope of claiming the Founding Titan. Annie ‘s scream is creditworthy for summoning the numerous titans who originally invade the Shiganshina District .
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As the Female Titan, Annie is fabulously dangerous, wiping out the squads of Scouts sent after her by Commander Erwin Smith. While she seems cold and aloof, she actually has a very simpleton desire : to return base to her beget. Annie proves herself a formidable for more than once in the series .

2 Sasha Braus Easily Becomes A Fan Favorite Through Her Bravery & Warmth

Sasha Known under her nickname of “ Potato Girl, ” the lovable Sasha Braus easily wins over the hearts of Attack on Titan fans. enthusiastic and gluttonous, she brings a level of simple humanness into the otherwise desperate reality of the Scouts, but that does n’t mean she is n’t a qualify warrior in her own right .
On the contrary, she becomes one of the best sharpshooters in the group, as evidenced by her engagement in the attack on Liberio. But the same warmth that makes her therefore likable seals her destiny. She finds it unmanageable to attack children and spares Gabi Braun, which leads to her own death .

1 Mikasa Sacrifices Her Own Feelings For The Good Of The World

mikasa As Attack on Titan ‘s female lead, Mikasa Ackermann is much legendary for her potency. She ‘s the best scout in her unit, although she primitively joins only out of the desire to protect Eren. Her skills are second only to those of humanity ‘s strongest soldier, Levi Ackermann.

She is shock and shaken when Eren states she ‘s been protecting him because her Ackermann descent is forcing her to. She struggles a lot with her feelings for Eren, her responsibilities, and the right path to take. In the end, despite her love for Eren, she chooses to kill him and finally destroy the Power of the Titans in the procedure .
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