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Female Titan



Female Titan
Megata no Kyojin

Other names

Megata ? ) [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

“Female” (女型



[ 3 ]

14 m


Adaptation, Titan attraction, versatility, hardening

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Former inheritor(s)

Annie Leonhart





Long-Distance Enemy Scouting Formation

Quote1.png The Female Titan. It’s an all-purpose unit, capable in every area. In addition to high mobility and endurance… the Titan’s hardening abilities combined with Leonhart’s martial ability makes for an incredible destructive force. She’s also able to summon Pure Titans, though her range is limited. Quote2.png
— A Marleyan analysis of Annie’s Female Titan[4]

The Female Titan ( 女型の巨人 Megata no Kyojin ? ) was one of the Nine Titans and possessed the ability to easily mimic the attributes of the other Titans. It could besides selectively inure parts of its skin and attract Pure Titans with its screams, possibly due to its aforesaid apery ability .



According to Annie, it was particularly easily for the Female Titan to exhibit abilities similar to those of the other Titans if it consumed parts of them. As a result, Marley heavily experimented on her. [ 5 ]

Titan Attraction

exchangeable to the Founding Titan and Zeke Yeager ‘s Beast Titan, the Female Titan was able to exercise a academic degree of influence over pure Titans through a scream-based ability ; [ 6 ] in the Female ‘s case, it was able to attract Pure Titans to itself. Annie Leonhart used this ability to gather Titans on Paradis Island to the Walls during the decrease of Wall Maria. [ 7 ] The downside of the drawing card ability was that once the Titans following the Female arrived at her location, they would attack the Female Titan and eat its body. [ 8 ] Under normal circumstances, this could lead to disaster for the exploiter of the Female ; but on some occasions, this phenomenon could be used to her advantage. With vertical steer equipment, the drug user could escape from the Female Titan as other Titans consumed its body ; and the steam emitted from the endlessly inflict wounds could serve as a brood for the drug user if they did not desire to be seen. [ 9 ]


The Female Titan was besides known for its senior high school survival and mobility, the greatest exemplify of this being the travel to the Walls, where Annie Leonhart ran what can be deduced as near to the coastline of Paradis Island to the distant Walls, although this exhausted her to the point of resting in bed for respective hours .


The Female Titan possessed the ability to harden its skin, able to shatter blades of ultrahard steel upon contact. Besides its defensive properties, this hardening made the Female Titan ‘s melee attacks significantly stronger, with a single well-placed blow being capable of dismembering or evening decapitating early Titans. [ 10 ] Annie Leonhart besides used this ability while coming out of her Titan ‘s nape to create a crystal cocoon around herself. [ 11 ]


The Female Titan, like all the Nine Titans, was brought into the earth after the death of Ymir Fritz. In the 1,700 years following her death, the Female Titan was held in the possession of one or respective of the warring Eldian houses slavish to the Founding Titan. After these seventeen centuries when Karl Fritz, the 145th King of the Fritz syndicate, abandoned the conflicts of Eldia and relocated to Paradis Island, the Female Titan was taken by the nation of Marley during the Great Titan War. [ 12 ] [ 13 ] Around the class 843, Annie Leonhart was chosen to inherit the ability of the Female Titan. She would belated make use of her Female Titan in a war between Marley and an enemy nation. [ 14 ] In the class 845, the nation of Marley sent out Annie, Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, and Marcel Galliard across the ocean to Paradis Island as the start of the Paradis Island Operation. Her Female Titan ‘s screech ability was responsible for the massive amounts of Titans that invaded Wall Maria during its fall. [ 15 ]


Five years late, Annie ‘s Female Titan makes its first appearance in the Walls during the 57th Expedition Outside the Walls. [ 16 ] With suspicions that Eren Yeager has inherited the Founding Titan by some means, the Warriors change their finish from wiping out the Eldians in the Walls to capturing Eren Yeager. Having heard of Eren ‘s supposed position in the expedition from a fellow Warrior, Annie attacks the mighty flank of the formation first in search of Eren, taking precautions not to kill any soldier in the Survey Corps before seeing their face. With her Female Titan ‘s ability, she gathers many Pure Titans to her trail which brings ravaging on the right flank. [ 17 ] After venturing into the constitution for some distance, Annie encounters Armin Arlert and corners him. [ 18 ] For reasons she is uncertain of, she spares Armin ‘s life and continues in her search for Eren. Armin pursues her with Reiner and Jean and informs them of his theory on Eren ‘s position in the formation. As they engage the Female, Reiner pretends to get caught by her [ 19 ] and uses the opportunity to carve directions to Eren ‘s truthful location into the Female ‘s bridge player. The Female Titan abandons her crusade with the soldiers and changes her plan of attack. [ 20 ] When news reaches Commander Erwin Smith of the sudden attack on the right flank, he changes the commission of the dispatch into a nearby Titan Forest where he and the veterans of the Survey Corps set a trap for the Female with the special prey restraining weapon. The Female Titan enters the afforest and soon comes across Eren in the extra Operations Squad led by Captain Levi. She pursues Squad Levi for some time, but is finally caught in Erwin ‘s trap. [ 21 ] With her Titan form wholly restrained, Annie uses her harden ability to protect her body from far damage. [ 22 ] After overhearing plans to extract her from her nape, she makes use of the Female Titan ‘s genuine ability and screams out for any Titans in the area to come to her. [ 6 ] A horde of Titans from all directions soon answers her call and began to consume her Titan body, leaving the Survey Corps with no choice but to drive off the Titans. In the chaos, Annie escapes with the help of vertical steer equipment and pursues Eren in her human form. [ 23 ] After killing Gunther Schultz with her blades, she transforms into the Female Titan a second time and battles with Squad Levi. [ 24 ] The Female Titan is concisely immobilize, but through prioritizing her bring around she is able to kill Eld Jinn, Oluo Bozado, and Petra Ral. [ 25 ] With no one left at his side, Eren transforms into the Attack Titan and battles with the Female Titan. [ 11 ] The two struggle for some prison term, but Eren is stunned in place upon recognizing a contend position used by Annie. In the moment, Annie incapacitates the Attack Titan and captures Eren. [ 26 ] As she flees the forest, Mikasa Ackerman and Captain Levi pursue her and successfully immobilize the Female Titan, rescuing Eren. Defeated, Annie would no longer pursue Eren during the expedition. [ 27 ] respective days former, Annie is cornered by the Survey Corps in Stohess District thanks to Armin ‘s suspicions of her identity as the Female Titan. [ 28 ] With no hope for escape, she transforms into the Female one last time and attempts to escape, but Eren ‘s Attack Titan pursues her. [ 29 ] After a short brush, the Female incapacitates Eren and attempts to scale Wall Sheena, but Eren successfully tosses Mikasa up to her stead where she cuts the fingers of the Female Titan, sending her falling to the flat coat. [ 30 ] As the Attack Titan and the Survey Corps close in to extract Annie from the Female ‘s nape, Annie resorts to using her Titan ‘s hardening ability to encase herself in a crystal-like substance to prevent interrogation. [ 31 ] Annie ‘s quartz glass is late brought metro, and the Female Titan rendered temporarily unserviceable. [ 32 ] When the Paradis Island Operation is postponed, the Warriors make no attempt to rescue Annie from her captors. [ 33 ] Four years late, there is still no sign of the Female Titan ‘s render. Zeke speculates it was either steal or Annie is still alive since there have been no children discovered on the mainland with the Female Titan ‘s might. [ 34 ] somewhere clandestine in Paradis, Annie is shown to be hush incapacitated within her crystal. [ 35 ]

After gaining fully master of the Founding Titan ‘s abilities, Eren undoes all Titan season, unwittingly releasing Annie from her crystal. [ 36 ] After Annie regains herself, the Yeagerists begin attacking the harbor which forces Annie and Reiner to transform into their Titans and engage the Yeagerists. [ 37 ] Despite the Yeagerists carrying Thunder Spears, Annie and Reiner successfully managed to repel their attacks. This initial success, however, was quickly overturned after the Azumabito engineers ran onto the battlefield, forcing the Female Titan to use her body as a harbor in arrange to protect them. [ 38 ] As a result, both Titans were rendered passive, the Thunder Spears blowing off the Female Titan ‘s arms and heading. Both Annie and Reiner had to be saved by Pieck ‘s Cart Titan and Falco Grice ‘s Jaw Titan. [ 39 ]

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