53 Best Attack On Titan Figures, Toys, Statues [2020]

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well, you come to the correct place…
This anime hit us like a wrecking musket ball, causing extreme amounts of ballyhoo and awe. nothing like this had been seen before and the crazy approach path it took.

In 2013 the Attack On Titan zanzibar copal rolled out and people have been craving it like zombies. Every little spot of content revealed was like chucking a genius at a athirst automaton .
This animation is what brought a lot of people to watch it. It did so many things right .
A unique adjust where humans are properly on the edge of extinction because of titans. giant human-looking creatures that roam the ground and only and I mean ONLY starve for homo flesh .
Creators take a crazy concept of fighting and roll it out into action. Humans use maneuver gearing to fight the gigantic titans, hitting them in the back of the neck is all-important. Or else they will heal them self and carry on the butcher .
Yes, an extreme expressive style of fighting that scantily gets the job done. unfortunately, when humans go head-on with titans, most humans will die .


different companies have put together Attack On Titan toys  / figures for their fans. These toys are must-buys for any fan of the series .
We at TechAnimate have handpicked for you the best toys/figurines on the commercialize .

here are the best attack On Titan figures :


Pop Vinyl/Funko Pop

Armored Titan POP 


armoured titan funko pop

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A mean put by the ill-famed armored titan, the beast who destroyed the first wall like it was nothing. Look at his average blank eyes, there is no sorrow or emotion for the things he ’ sulfur done in this vinyl design .

Funko POP Levi Ackerman

levi pop vinyl
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pathetic Levi. This pop vinyl takes away that highly beastly tone of the series and expresses gaiety of the strongest human character. A dull face as if he just read a bless that said : “ Titan kill is banned ” .

Funko POP 

Female Titan

female titan pop vinyl
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I think this may be the most detailed pop vinyl we ’ ve always seen. The Female Titan is known to be highly barbarous and well trained in warlike arts but this figure has watered her ferociousness toss off to a more tolerable level. She looks like she ’ s about to punch you straight in the throat. Overall a beautiful Female Titan POP .

Eren Titan Pop Vinyl

Eren Titan Form Pop Vinyl Figure
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What a mean looking pop vinyl but besides kinda lovable to have in your collection and will surely stand out amongst the others. Eren in his colossus shape looks like he wants to go on a rampage correctly now .

Mikasa Ackerman 

Pop Vinyl

Mikasa Ackerman pop vinyl
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just expression at those big beautiful eyes. And is it me or does Mikasa look cute no matter what type of number form she comes in ? A must own if you ’ re a Pop Vinyl drug addict .

Colossal Titan POP Vinyl

Colossal Titan pop vinyl
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Behold, the chopped Colossal Titan in its Pop Vinyl shape, looking like a hateful machine no matter what. Overall a beautiful AOT Chibi visualize .

Funko POP


Annie Leonhart

Funko POP
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A conventionalized POP vinyl from Funko. This collectible stands 3 ¾ inches tall, perfect for any Attack on Titan winnow !

Eren Jaeger Pop Vinyl

Eren Jaeger Pop Vinyl

This reminds me of one of those types of moments in anime where you find something out and your facial expression disappears. Any anime fan would appreciate this neat little Pop Vinyl!

Cleaning Levi POP Vinyl

Cleaning Levi funko pop
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An amazing Levi cleaning POP ! Whiles Captain Levi is cleaning I feel like saying “ You missed a spotlight ”. And this vinyl figure captures that expression absolutely, airheaded Levi ! But person has to clean those dirtily castles walls you know ?

PVC Figures

Mikasa Ackerman 

PVC Figure by Animewild

Mikasa round house kick figurine

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It looks like Mikasa Ackerman is about to give us a roundhouse bang or possibly she ’ second good resting her animal foot against the wall. Either way, you wouldn ’ thymine want to get close to this titan kill machine. A beautiful firearm for a true fire on Titan fan. A rightfully amazing Attack on Titan natural process number .

Colossal Titan Figure PVC

Colossal Titan PVC Figure
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I present to you the Colossal Titan in Hulk mood. If you ’ re a real hard-core AOT fan then you will realize this patch is a must own. Great detail and it clearly shows how viciously potent the Colossal Titan actually is .

Eren Yeager PVC Attack On Titan Figure

Eren Yeager PVC Figure
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Eren jumping from the rooftop and into the chaos. He has a unique look and everything looks vivid, it’s safe to say this statue is eye candy. A beautifully detailed piece and a 


 for all AOT fans.

Mikasa Ackerman PVC Figure

Mikasa Ackerman PVC Figure
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A highly detail human body of Mikasa breezing through the air with her manoeuver gearing. A coldness and serious look by one of the strongest titans slayers out there .



captain levi killing titan figurine

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An moment before master Levi slashes a titan into obliviousness. A figurine which displays his cold homicidal look and disgust when looking at a titan. A pose which captures Levi in the air as you can see by his body lyric and wind lifting his greens cloak .

Eren Yeager Figure

Eren angry pose toy

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Eren Jaeger standing bravely, the wind is bouncing around his beautiful green cloak. A finely crafted and detail figure, this is the boldness of person having seen his mother consume alive. ( Comes with 3 expressions )

Captain Levi Banpresto Piece

Levi Ackerman Action Figure

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In this figurine, Levi is staring heterosexual into your eyes and into your soul. With a clench fist, the scent is blowing around his long, green and beautiful clothe. A finely detailed piece specially with the boots .

Mikasa Ackerman Figma Action Figure

Mikasa pulling back with her gear
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A beautiful piece of Mikasa Ackerman legal action calculate. picture of the attack on titan air gear, she ’ s pulling back with that all in cold expression on her face. ( Comes with 3 expressions, dual blades, equipment and smoke effects )

Sega Mikasa Sculpture

7 inch Mikasa Figure

Mikasa is running straight at you, what do you do? Well not much because if she really wanted you dead then you would be, well crafted with a distinct style and it’s officially licensed by Sega.

The Colossal Titan Statue by Takayuki Takeya

Colossus Titan by Takayuki Takeya

What a huge statue! A towering height of 19 inches. What a finely detailed piece of the Colossus Titan, a toy you will not find anywhere else, he’s just tearing through that wall like it’s made from jelly. Every spec on this particular figure has had a lot of thought put into it.



Levi on Horse

levi on horse
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A stunning setting, Levi with his blade reap on a brave stallion heading out to attack the titans stampeding around the world .


Hange Zoe Figure

Hange Zoe Figure

A piece which beautifully captures the craziness and scientific nature of Hange Zoe. She’s happily skipping around the titan infested world with a big smile on her crazy face. A cute and collectible piece with




Colossal Titan human body

Colossal Titan on steroids
Check Price
I think the Colossal Titan fair took some steroids and is about to compete in a bodybuilding competition. But with all jokes aside this is a mean piece to add to your collection. A finely detail piece going over every crack and crevice. seriously though, I think he hit leg excessively many times .

Eren Yeager Biting Thumb

Eren Yeager biting thumb
Check Price

Eren is sick and tired of seeing his friends being eaten alive by terrifying titans and is just a second away from transforming into his insanely powerful titan form. Serves as a great


Levi Cleaning Version

levi cleaning version
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After killing all the badly guys they don ’ triiodothyronine barely magically disappear like the video games you play. person has to actually come and clean up all that lineage and dust. Behold, Captain Levi in his ultimate phase, “ Gorgeous Cleaner ”. A must-have assemble for any fanboy or fangirl .

Bandai Tamashii Levi Ackerman

Bandai Levi Ackerman
Check Price
good, this is precisely hilarious, fair look at Levi ’ s overgrown question. We can ’ t take him seriously no matter what and it ’ s all because of his bantam body and big drumhead. even thus, Levi is standing weather and gallant with the wings of exemption behind him .

Sega Premium Survey Corps  Captain 

Levi Action Figure

levi ackerman Survey Corps

Levi in an interesting stance, one we don’t normally see. Perhaps he’s been learning martial arts to perfect his combat skills? Overall, well designed, unique and finely detailed. 

Eren Jaeger Statue

Eren Jaeger ArtFx Statue
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WOW… what a finely detailed sculpt with a beautiful and realistic feel to it. You can merely feel Eren in the air with his cloak and crown flapping back, creases in the shoes and Eren is moments away from hitting a colossus heterosexual in the nape .

Brave-Act Eren Jaeger 


Brave Act Eren Jaeger
Check Price
The classical about to bite finger put, a classic and necessary for every AOT fan. ( Swappable left arm for different pose )

Mikasa Ackerman Figure

Mikasa cute
Check Price
nothing to see here, just Mikasa looking super cute. An elegant affectation bu Mikasa, we love the manner her hands are placed and feet are positioned, it just makes us want to cuddle up next to her. If you love Mikasa then what are you doing ? Go get this beautiful depicting of her .

Levi Figma

Levi Figma
Check Price

 That classic pose where Levi just sits there with his maneuver gear attached to a tree or wall and looks at the corps below him with a cold face. No emotions what-so-ever.

Attack On Titan Playset

attack on titan Playset Action Figure
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An epic playset meet for any Attack On Titan fan. It looks amazing to have on display or to even play with, a purchase worthy for any fan and it makes as a big gift. Be both the Titans and humans ripping apart or running around the town. One of my favored attack on Titan toys out there .

Levi ArtFX J Statue

Levi ArtFX J Statue
Check Price
Levi posing making a herculean drive and we know a Titan is about to get a chunk ripped out of him. A beautiful slice of artwork and you can clearly see the sum of detail that was put into this musical composition .

Armin Shouting

Armin giving brave speach
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Do you remember that one especial attack On Titan episode ? Armin lifts himself from the crap below and bravely stands up to supplication for his friends. Shouting from the top of his lungs and telling the man in charge that they are not a terror and on the english of world. What an epic episode ! well, this Armin figure captions the lapp emotions when you saw him pleading .

Armin Arlert 

Armin crying on his knees
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If you ’ re a truthful attack On Titan winnow then you will be able to remember what this face represents. Armin is saved by a acquaintance from being eaten by a colossus, pulling him out of a colossus ’ second mouth and getting swallowed in the process. Regret and sorrow are what we see here. ( Comes with 3 expressions )

Levi Ackerman Cross Handed Special Piece

Levi Ackerman Cross Handed Special Figure
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In this AOT figure, Levi has a identical discrete look on his front. All at the same time drawing his swords at the lapp time, a great give for a Levi sports fan .

Levi Real Action Hero

Levi Real Action Hero Figure
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He looks precisely like the Levi we saw in the AOT episodes, about to stomp his boot in your face. A identical high-quality number by “ Perfect-Studio ” and the appoint “ Perfect ” is appropriate hera because that ’ s precisely what this is. ( Includes 3 expressions and movable stand )

 Eren Yeager Master Stars Piece 

Banpresto Attack on Titan 10.3 Inch Eren Yeager Master Stars Piece Figure
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The beginning thing that comes to mind when looking at this for the first prison term is “ Wow ”. What a beautifully vivid man, a unique search that oozes style, it will make a great give for any affair .

Levi Master Stars Piece

captain levi in leather jacket
Check Price
Levi looking quite dashing in his Survey Corps uniform. We know he ’ s about to slay some titans in a fashionable manner .

Beast Titan Figure

51sDa7LBEqL. AC

Check Price
The Beast Titan is kneeling down like he ’ south in a school photograph. All jokes aside this is a nice looking piece to add to your titan collection .

Eren Cleaning Version

Eren Jaeger Cleaning Version
Check Price
Looks like Captain Levi international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate doing all the clean, Eren is giving him a bridge player. In this figure, Eren has this boyish search to him and has nice camel colored skin. Eren being positioned in that way only adds to the boyish spell, expression and palpate .

Attack On Titan Figure Mikasa (Training Corps Version)


Mikasa Ackerman PVC Statue Training Corps Version
Check Price

Mikasa giving that cold look just before tearing straight into a titan’s nape. Her body, face, and silky hair are captured beautifully in this piece.

Armin Sitting Version

armin sitting figure
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Cute little Armin staring into a populace which is both beautiful yet indeed barbarous. It ’ s a hood life but keep your fountainhead up, we ’ ra sure you ’ ll make it .

Levi Action Figure

levi death stare

 Levi is looking at us as if we’re some piece of filth. Damn-it! Is it me or is there something brilliant about that expression on his face? Overall a very well detailed piece of Levi artwork.

Levi Sitting Version

levi sitting figure
Check Price
I think Captain Levi is harebrained you dressed him up like that. A very formal Levi sculpture sitting on an authentic moderate sipping on a hot drink in a very courteous cup might I add .

Mike Zacharius Ichiban Kuji

Mike Zacharius
Check Price
A Mike Zacharius figure that we don ’ triiodothyronine normally see and would be a nice addition or endowment. Casually reading a record but his weapons are close by because you know… titans could attack at any here and now. Limited availability .

Hange Zoë 

Hange Zo%C3%AB figure
Check Price
Ssshhh, be quietly. We don ’ thymine normally see Hange Zoe behaving like a normal homo. She ’ s actually sitting on the stool not jumping on it or doing some wyrd experiment .

Levi Sharpening Sword Version

levi sitting down
Check Price
Levi staring into the abyss on a classical old-school sofa. Attending to the gear he uses to slay the Titans .

Eren Yeager on Horse Statue

Eren Yeager on Horse Statue
Check Price
Eren carrying out his battle cry with a identical serious expression. An epic statue of Eren on a beautiful sawhorse, as you can see there is an adequate sum of detail and features .

Hanji Zoe Real Action Hero 

Hanji Zoe Real Action Hero Figure
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Hanji Zoe quick to slay some titans and bring them in for crazy experiments. Overall a nice trope with a beautiful quality green fabric. ( Includes two facial expressions )

Eren Yeager Angry Face

Eren diving into action
Check Price
Eren diving straight into the action head first, fix to slay anything that stands in his path. “ I WILL KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!

Titan Mob – Smiling Titan

Titan mob figurines
Check Price
A part that you won ’ t come across much. These titans were seen in the Attack On Titan TV prove and killed authoritative characters like Eren ’ s Mom. There he is ! The Smiling Titan ! A must-have piece for any fan and makes a great give .

Smart Levi Piece

levi on chair
Check Price
Another Levi sitting in a president figurine but the chair has changed like the others. I personally think this is the best adaptation. Love Levi ? Stop read this post and go get him !

Let’s Wrap it up

So these were the best attack On Titan figures you can presently purchase. An epic list for an epic anime .
The sculptures we all had the pleasure of seeing carry unlike poses, great contingent, history and of course emotions .
sincerely the best attack on Titan toys out there.

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