Attack On Titan’s Ending, and [SPOILER]’s Fate, Explained

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Chapter #139 of  Attack on Titan, “Toward the Tree on That Hill,” by Hajime Isayama, Dezy Sienty and Alex Ko Ransom, available in English now from Kodansha.
After 11 years and seven months, Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga has come to an goal. chapter # 139, “ concluding chapter : Toward the Tree on That Hill, ” is a hearty and emotional stopping point to a narrative that has enthralled readers around the globe. Bleak as the series has been, there is light at the end of the burrow for more of its core cast than fans might expect, though not everyone makes it out alive. here ‘s how the epic saga concludes, and what destiny ultimately has in memory for Eren Jeager .
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Eren’s Ultimate Fate

Attack on Titan final chapter Eren death
In the penultimate chapter, Mikasa, Armin, Levi and the remaining Warriors battled Eren and the shining centipede that originated all Titans, once nestled in the Founding Titan ‘s spinal column. After making it inside Eren ‘s Titan mouth thanks to assistance from Levi, Mikasa decapitated Eren ‘s human body and kissed him adieu for the first and last time. The final examination chapter confirms that this killed him — for thoroughly this clock. As the dust settles, Mikasa brings his read/write head to Armin, who tearfully mourns his loss with her. She then leaves the battlefield with it, knowing a proper burial wo n’t be afforded to Eren after the devastation he caused via The Rumbling .
As is the chapter ‘s namesake, the final pages reveal — three years late — that Eren ‘s gravesite is underneath the corner on Paradis Island he ‘d often napped under as a child. Mikasa tells him that their friends, Armin, Jean, Connie, Annie and Pieck, will soon arrive to visit him, along with Levi, Gabi, Falco and Onyankopon, presumably. wistfully, she asks if he ‘s glad before confessing she wants to meet him again .
Attack on Titan final chapter Mikasa
As the words leave her mouthpiece, the scarf Eren gave her when they inaugural met slips from around her neck. To her surprise, a bird appears in movement of her and ties it around her again. Smiling up at it as it continues its trajectory, she says, “ Thank you for wrapping this scarf around me, Eren. ” Earlier, a similar-looking bird flew past Armin and the others on the ship tie for Paradis. The Scout unit use wings as its insignia and birds, in general, have been frequently used throughout the series as obvious symbols of what Eren longed for sol desperately : freedom .

The End of All Titans

Attack on Titan final chapter end of titans
Eren ‘s endgame, all along, was to rid the populace of Titans. The first few pages of the final examination chapter reveal the full conversation on this subject previously had between him and Armin via the Path — when the Commander was still on the ship headed towards Eren ‘s Wall Titan army. “ You did it for the sake of the future you saw using the Attack Titan ‘s power, ” Armin confirms, clearly referencing Eren ‘s decision to kill 80 percentage of humanness with the Rumbling. When Armin asks if he truly needed to take things to that extreme point, Eren shows him a vision of a volcanic, aboriginal state. According to him, “ the might of the Titans continues to exist because Ymir has been obeying King Fritz for 2,000 years. ” Despite the ferocity the sovereign committed against her village, parents and even her own body, shockingly, she truly loved Karl Fritz. It was this shackle that kept her bind to him and his class for two millennium.

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Attack on Titan final chapter ymir
Eren says he does n’t in full understand her, but he did know she yearned to be free, waiting all this time for person to “ release her from the agony of love. ” Up until this point, we thought that person was Eren when he gained the broad ability of the Founding Titan from her. alternatively, Eren reveals to Armin that that person was, in fact, Mikasa. That ‘s why Ymir smiled at the end of Chapter # 138 when Mikasa chose to kill Eren. Somehow, that choice liberated her, but only Ymir herself knows why. once Eren and Armin ‘s conversation is done in the Path, he erases Armin ‘s memory of it, which Armin recovers in Chapter # 139 after Eren dies .
Eren ‘s death and Ymir ‘s dismissal by Mikasa besides results in every Titan torso turning to dust, and those that had been transformed restored rear to human shape. Knowing his sacrifice, Eren ‘s friends are grateful for being relinquished from the Titan curse at final, but non-Eldians remain fishy of them .

The Aftermath of The Battle of Heaven and Earth

Attack on Titan final chapter historia
The chapter ends with the aforesaid three-year time omission, by which point, the day that the Rumbling was stopped has come to be called the ‘Battle of Heaven and Earth. ‘ however, though Titans are gone for good, the Islanders remain awful of what the respite of the world might do in retaliation. The newfangled state of Eldia establishes its military under the Jeagerist streamer. In a letter to Armin, Queen Historia, now the mother of a three-year-old female child, writes, “ If we win, we live. If we lose, we die. If you do n’t fight, we ca n’t win. Fight. Fight. This competitiveness will not end until either Eldia or the populace disappears. That is what Eren said, and he may be correct. even so, he chose to leave this earth in our hands. This seat we now live in. A world without Titans. ”

Armin, Reiner, Annie, Jean, Connie and Pieck are left to hope that upon their return to the Island — having destroyed the walls and killed Eren, the Islanders ‘ symbol of resistance — they can broker a peace treaty as the Allied Nations ‘ Ambassadors for Peace Talks. We never find out if they ‘re successful or not, but Connie ‘s religion in Historia and Armin ‘s assurance that telling their side of the fib will be enough ends things on a hopeful note .
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