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Fortnite is known around the world and has already had a multitude of incredible video game and movie crossovers. Murmurs are suggesting that AOT may follow suit, but is that actually the case?
As the game has risen in popularity, it ’ south think of that Fortnite ’ second profitableness has raised exponentially giving Epic full confidence to invest in some big-time licenses for the game. From Kratos to Batman to LeBron James, the list of Fortnite crossovers is mind-boggling .
Why do they do this ? Because they know people will buy the skins to show them off in-game. It seems like Fortnite is always being linked with the future big link to drop into the game.

Anime is another popular subject and we ’ ve already seen the mega-popular Naruto come to the plot. Is it now time for the singular Attack on Titan universe to arrive ?


the armored titan smiling in aotthe armored titan smiling in aot Kodansha AOT is regarded as one of the most influential and significant animes ever .

Is Fortnite getting an Attack on Titan crossover? Everything we know

The official answer, for the time being, has to be no. There ’ south been nothing solid from Epic Games concerning Attack on Titan appearing in the popular battle royale .
sol where has the rumor come from ? After the debut of Naruto in Fortnite, it got people wondering if Epic were going to stop there in terms of anime. If Naruto, why not any other leading franchises ? call of Duty even managed to feature an AOT crossing after all .
Respected and accurate Fortnite leaker Shiina stirred the pot with a tweet on April 19, 2022, that said : “ New denounce backdrop for code skins with the codename “ Rumble ” .
It besides came with an interesting effigy attached to it.

The replies to the Tweet featured a variety of theories with many of them pointing to the incoming arrival of an Attack on Titan crossing .
One person said : “ The only reason I ’ megabyte expecting AOT is because of the clear cel-shaded style with the same color as the AOT logo, ” whereas another said : “ grumble, RUMBLING IT ’ S COMING. ”
For those unaware, the Rumbling pertains to an event in Attack on Titan and was besides the mention of one of the display ’ sulfur themes. The relevance is the codename “ rumble ” attached to Shiina ’ s screenshot .

What is Attack on Titan?

attack on Titan is a japanese zanzibar copal that centers around a world in which towering titans try to kill and consume humans. To defend what ’ sulfur left of themselves, the humans entrench themselves in plug towns and cities protected by walls several hundred feet in altitude .

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The humans bind together to take on the titans and try to rid the universe of these ginormous threats trying to wipe out humanity.

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