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Founding Titan

  • Eren Yeager

  • Frieda Reiss

  • Uri Reiss

  • Karl Fritz

  • Ymir Fritz

Eren Yeager Frieda Reiss Uri Reiss Karl Fritz Ymir Fritz


Founding Titan
Shiso no Kyojin

Other names

Shiso ? )
“ Coordinate ” ( 座標 Zahyō ? )
“ Scream ” ( 叫び Sakebi ? )
“ Power of the Reiss family ” ( レイス家が持つある ” カ ” Reisu-ka ga motsu aru “Chikara” ? )
“ invincible exponent ” ( 無敵のカ Muteki no Chikara ? )
“ God ” ( 神 Kami ? )
“ God-like power ” ( 神にも等しい力 Kami ni mo Hitoshī Chikara ? )
“ doom Titan ” ( 終尾の巨人 Shūbi no Kyojin ? ) ( Eren ‘s shape )

“Founder” (始祖”Coordinate” (座標”Scream” (叫び”Power of the Reiss family” (レイス家が持つある”カ””Invincible power” (無敵のカ”God” (神”God-like power” (神にも等しい力”Doomsday Titan” (終尾の巨人) (Eren’s form)



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13 mUnknown ( Ymir Fritz Unknown ( Eren Yeager


Titan creation, Titan behavioral control, memory and body manipulation of Subjects of Ymir, telepathic communication with Subjects of Ymir

Current inheritor(s)


Former inheritor(s)

Eren Yeager
Grisha Yeager
Frieda Reiss
Uri Reiss
Rod and Uri ‘s father
Karl Fritz
Ymir Fritz




Quote1.png The Founding Titan has the ability to rule and control all other Titans! If only we can get our hands on it, we will be able to destroy Marley once more!! Quote2.png
— Grisha Yeager announces his plan to the Eldian Restorationists[2]

The Founding Titan ( 始祖の巨人 Shiso no Kyojin ?, besides translated as Progenitor Titan ) was one of the Nine Titans and the beginning of all Titans. Its Scream ( 叫び Sakebi ? ) could create and control other Titans and modify the memories and consistency compositions of the Subjects of Ymir, but this power had historically entirely been able to be used by members of the royal family. According to Marley ‘s Titan Biology Research Society, the Founding Titan was the point where the paths connecting all Subjects of Ymir and Titans cross. [ 3 ] Because of this, those who hail from Marley sometimes called it the “Coordinate” ( 座標 Zahyō ? ). Eren ‘s Founding Titan form is known as Doomsday Titan [ 4 ] ( 終尾の巨人 Shūbi no Kyojin ? ) .


The Founding Titan had several abilities that were activated by screaming. The heir of the Founding Titan did not have to transform in arrange to use these abilities ; human screams would suffice. Furthermore, the screams did not have to be loudly, or even “ screams ” in the truest smell : Frieda Reiss used the memory-alteration ability by casually talking, although her prey was entirely Historia, who was correct in front of her. [ 6 ]

Titan initiation

The Founding Titan could transform Subjects of Ymir into Titans and could even make them angstrom massive as the Colossus Titan. Karl Fritz presumably used this ability to create the thousands of Colossus Titans that made up the Walls. [ 7 ] Zeke Yeager ‘s Beast Titan could besides transform Subjects of Ymir into Titans by screaming after injecting those he wishes to transform with the beast ‘s spinal anesthesia fluid. For this reason it was said that Zeke ‘s Beast Titan had abilities like to the Founding Titan. [ 8 ]

Titan operate

By screaming, the Founding Titan granted its user the ability to control Titans at will and make them follow about any order without doubt. This was demonstrated by Eren Yeager, who unintentionally commanded nearby Pure Titans to eat Dina Fritz ‘s Titan and attack the Armored Titan. [ 9 ] It appeared to be only effective on Pure Titans, although those with the ability of the Titans can distillery feel its determine. [ 10 ] It was besides used by Karl Fritz to build the Walls, who commanded many Colossus Titans to harden their bodies and confine themselves within the leave structures. In ancient times, Eldia used to use this ability to command an united states army of Titans for war ; however, once set loose, these Titans became indiscriminate weapons of bulk destruction that would slaughter Eldia ‘s enemies. [ 11 ] This ability had no known range, although Karl Fritz used it to command Colossus Titans that span across a big part of Paradis Island. Rod Reiss claimed the ability has the capacity to wipe out all the Titans, if used to its wide potential. [ 12 ]

memory handling

The Founding Titan was able to modify the minds and memories of the Subjects of Ymir, evening entire populations at once. This ability was related to the Titan control ability : As noted by Erwin Smith, Titans are merely translate humans ( specifically, the Subjects of Ymir ) ; consequently, the screams that control the minds of the former should be able to affect the latter angstrom well. [ 13 ] It was used by Karl Fritz to make the Subjects of Ymir inside the Walls forget the history of the world before the Walls ‘ initiation. [ 14 ] [ 15 ] It was besides used by Frieda Reiss to remove Historia ‘s memories of her visits. [ 16 ] These memories, however, appeared to be accessible in dreams, as Historia would sometimes be able to dream about her encounters with Frieda, although she would forget about them once she awoke. [ 17 ] Members of the Ackerman lineage were repellent to this ability while anyone who was not a subject of Ymir was unaffected by it. [ 18 ]

anatomic handling

The Founding Titan was capable of changing the soundbox constitution of any Subject of Ymir. An Eldian king from 600 years ago once used this office to make the Subjects of Ymir immune to a rampant epidemic. [ 19 ] Zeke Yeager wanted to use this ability to make all Subjects of Ymir aseptic, so they would die out in a coevals and rid the world of Titans once and for all. [ 20 ] additionally, the Founding Titan was known to have a height of around 13 megabyte. [ 1 ] however, it was potential that this size restriction is not adenine definite as it is with the other eight members of the Nine Titans ; an model of this can be seen with the body generated by Eren Yeager after receiving fully use of the Founding Titan ‘s baron from Ymir Fritz. [ 21 ]

telepathic communication

The Founding Titan could telepathically connect with all of the Subjects of Ymir by direction of the paths they are connected to. [ 22 ] Eren used this ability to communicate with every subjugate of Ymir when announcing his plans for the Rumbling of the world. [ 23 ]


exchangeable to the Attack Titan ‘s future memory inheritance ability that allows inheritors to receive future memories from future inheritors, the Founding Titan can take things to a a lot greater scale and immediately influence things in the past, although entirely to preserve history the way it ‘s already played out. It besides enables inheritors the ability to perceive prison term in a non-linear fashion, being able to see the past, stage, and future simultaneously. As a drawback, it causes users to think incoherently to a degree and go with the flow of events they have already seen, even if it is something the heir would be against doing. Eren goes into astuteness about the drawbacks about this ability when he converses with Armin in the region of paths and dolefully reveals that he used it to influence Dina Fritz ‘s Pure Titan to ignore Bertolt and head to Shiganshina rather, indirectly causing his mother to be devoured .

Royal Bloodline Necessity

only those with royal blood—the Fritz or Reiss royal families—were able to use the dependable power of the Founding Titan. [ 24 ] however, if the Founding Titan is inherited by person outside of the royal family, the might can hush be used if the heir is in forcible touch with a Titan with imperial blood. [ 25 ] [ 26 ] [ 27 ] This is demonstrated when Eren Yeager temporarily used the Founder ‘s power after striking the hand of Dina Fritz ‘s Pure Titan. [ 9 ] It is implied by Zeke Yeager that it does not matter if the Titan of royal blood is a saturated Titan or one of the Nine Titans, such as the Beast Titan. [ 28 ] If the heir touched a human of royal blood, some snippets of the former inheritors ‘ memories could be realized. The touch of Historia Reiss and her church father Rod occasionally resurfaced the memories of Grisha Yeager. [ 29 ] [ 30 ] [ 31 ] however, these memories were erratic and did not always come. [ 32 ] If a person of imperial blood possessed one of the early eight of the Nine Titans and that person comes into reach with an heir of the Founding Titan that lacked royal lineage, then the royal-blooded person could use the Founding Titan ‘s genuine potential alternatively of the actual heir. [citation needed] This is due to the fact that the Founding Titan ‘s on-key capabilities are used through commanding the person of Ymir Fritz, the first of the Titans, whose slave brain was kept intact after her death. As the First Fritz King was her passkey a well as the father of her children, she remained in submission for millenniums, until Eren Yeager freed her and she complied with his wish to activate the Rumbling. [ 33 ]

Vow renouncing war

Despite having the ability to control the Titans, no Founding Titan of royal blood after the Great Titan War expressed any desire to get rid of the Titans outside the Walls, even if the heir had expressed that desire before inheriting the power. This is because these Founding Titans inherited the ideology of Karl Fritz along with his memories. [ 34 ] tied before he inherited the Founding Titan, he believed that the Eldian Empire committed besides many atrocities towards the world to be forgiven, and that the Eldians should be locked up inside his “ paradise ” within the Walls, segregated from the pillow of the populace ; [ 35 ] the Titans sent to Paradis by Marley aid in this finish by preventing the Eldians from leaving the Walls. [ 11 ] [ 36 ] He made a vow renouncing war ( 不戦の契り Fusen no chigiri ? ) to stop Eldia from ever using the Founding Titan again to devastate the world. [ 37 ] The vow “ possesses ” the King ‘s successors and greatly changes their personality : They become feel for, desire to create a “ eden ” inside the Walls, and preach about peace and love among world. [ 38 ] [ 39 ] however, Frieda Reiss called the people inside the Walls “ sinners, ” and used to suffer from fits of folly and depressive disorder. [ 40 ] Frieda, who was normally kind to Historia Reiss, once became ferocious at her for attempting to go over the fence surrounding her farm ( paralleling the Eldians trying to leave the Walls ). [ 41 ] The vow besides prevents them from using the Founding Titan ‘s true baron for fight, even for self-defense. Karl Fritz knew that the paradise he made for the Eldians would only be irregular, and that one sidereal day, Marley or the other nations of the universe would invade. He chose to accept any form of retribution the world would decide for the Eldians as punishment for the atrocities of the Eldian Empire, even extinction, and his vow forces any heir of royal blood to comply. [ 42 ] No matter what, they will not fight spinal column against any attack against the Eldians, and if the Eldians are slaughtered, so be it .

Circumventing the vow

The vow lone applied to members of the royal class ; [ 37 ] consequently, the vow could be bypassed if the heir of the Founding Titan was not related to the royal family and was in physical contact with person of royal blood. [ 25 ] Despite being a descendant of the imperial kin, Zeke Yeager says he was able to learn how to nullify the vow during his time exhausted within the Paths which he entered without being tainted by the first king ‘s ideology unlike the previous kings of the Walls. [ 43 ]

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Around 2,000 years ago, Ymir Fritz ‘s greenwich village was attacked and enslaved by the Eldians, who then cut out their tongues. One day after a bull was released, the tribe ‘s rule, Fritz, called all of the slaves and asked for the perpetrator. The slaves all began to point at Ymir, who was then “ freed ” only to be hunted by dogs and men. Wounded and desperate, Ymir took protection in a nearby tree, but arsenic soon as she stepped in, she slipped and fell into an underground body of water. There, she came into contact with a cryptic spine-like animal which attached to her back and triggered the first Titan transformation. With her newfound might, Ymir returned to serve Fritz and used her Titan to cultivate kingdom, build bridges, and roll up wealth for the Eldians. Under his command, she besides destroyed the forces of Eldia ‘s rival, Marley. To “ reward ” Ymir for her service, Fritz took her as his concubine giving her his name and, together the two had three children : Maria, Rose, and Sheena. After serving the king for 13 years, Ymir died while thwarting an assassination attempt on his life. After her death, Ymir found herself inside a mysterious bring, meanwhile the baron forced his daughters to eat Ymir ‘s cadaver in an attempt to preserve the power of the Titans. He commanded the daughters to continue to reproduce and cannibalize each other so that Ymir ‘s blood does not run knocked out and Eldia could rule everlastingly with its Titans. Ymir ‘s powers became the Nine Titans and she continued to serve her descendants, building them Titans whenever they invoked the world power of the Titans. [ 44 ] After these seventeen centuries, the Founding Titan was inherited by Karl Fritz, the 145th King. King Fritz chose to abandon the conflicts of Eldia and relocated the capital of Eldia to Paradis Island where he used the Founding Titan to create many Colossus Titans in the construction of three Walls : Maria, Rose, and Sheena. In the absence of the Founding Titan, the Great Titan War continued. Over the course of the war, Eldia lost all its territory on the continental mainland to Marley and its people fled abroad to Paradis Island where they entered into the Walls. [ 45 ] [ 2 ] Some time after the people were gathered within the Walls, King Fritz used the Founding Titan to erase the memories of the away world from most of the population ‘s minds, leading them to believe they were the survive remnants of humanness in a world overrun by the Titans. [ 46 ] Upon the shutting of the gates of Wall Maria, King Fritz announced to his relatives who chose to remain across the sea that a treaty had been made with the Founding Titan. [ 47 ] In order to secure peace for Eldia while simultaneously arranging for the nation ‘s eventual end, King Fritz ensured that all successors after him would be overcome by his will if they chose to use the Founding Titan for Eldia ‘s sake. [ 48 ] [ 49 ] Some clock time subsequently, the King passed his ability over to his descendants in the royal family, immediately known as the Reiss family. For generations, the Reiss family passed the Founding Titan down from successor to successor. [ 50 ] Eventually, the Founding Titan was inherited by Uri Reiss from his father. [ 51 ] early in his liveliness with the Founder, Uri protected himself from Kenny Ackerman using his Titan, [ 52 ] and he would by and by become a close supporter of his manque assassin. [ 53 ] sometime late, in the class 842, Uri Reiss passed on the Founding Titan to his niece Frieda Reiss, daughter of his older brother Rod Reiss. [ 39 ] Frieda presumably made fiddling use of the Founding Titan for the following three years, though on occasion she visited her half sister Historia Reiss and used the Founding Titan to erase her memories of each chew the fat. [ 54 ]


In the class 845, the fall of Wall Maria began. After hearing of the assail on Shiganshina District, the Reiss family gathered in the clandestine cavern beneath the chapel where the Founding Titan had been passed on for generations. While in the cavern, they were visited by Grisha Yeager, who had been tasked by Eren Kruger with taking the Founding Titan thirteen years before. [ 55 ] [ 56 ] Grisha identified himself as an Eldian and a capable of Ymir and begged for Frieda to use the Founding Titan to save the people of the Walls, [ 57 ] but his plea went unanswered. Seeing no choice but to fulfill his promise to Kruger, Grisha transformed into the Attack Titan and fought with Frieda ‘s Founding Titan. Due to her inexperience, Frieda was promptly overpowered and Grisha stole her baron, killing Frieda before turning his attention to the Reiss syndicate and wiping out their line, except for Rod who escaped with his life. [ 58 ] Grisha returned to Wall Rose soon subsequently and searched for his family. He found his son Eren and adopted daughter Mikasa, but learned that his wife Carla had been killed. Grisha entrusted Kruger ‘s mission to Eren, leading him into the woods entirely and injecting him with a Titan serum. Eren would have no memory of the event for the next five years, and as a Pure Titan, he consumed his founder, inheriting both the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan. [ 59 ] [ 60 ] For five years, the ability of the Founding Titan remains idle until the year 850. Believing that Eren Yeager is the current heir of the Founding Titan, the “ Coordinate ” sought after by Marley, the Warriors capture him with the intent of taking him to their hometown. At this time, the Survey Corps comes to his rescue and a chase ensues. When Eren is freed from the Warriors ‘ compass, he comes into contact with the Dina Fritz ‘s Titan during the Wall Rose invasion, [ 61 ] [ 62 ] his father ‘s first base wife and a descendant of royalty. [ 63 ] In a moment of rage, he punches the hand of Dina ‘s Titan, contacting her royal count, and the office of the Founding Titan comes forth in that moment in the presence of her royalty. Following Eren ‘s will, all the Titans nearby assail Dina ‘s Titan, tearing it to pieces and allowing for the Survey Corps to escape. When Reiner Braun attempts to pursue Eren, he threatens him and the early Warriors to stay away, and the Founding Titan reaches out to the Titans nearby, causing them to chase after Reiner ‘s Armored Titan. [ 64 ] Eren ‘s ability to control the Titans becomes a key mystery for the Survey Corps. Over a week after the Wall Rose crisis, the Founding Titan begins to leak memories of its previous inheritors into Eren ‘s mind, where he sees visions of Frieda Reiss before forgetting the memories. [ 65 ] Around the same clock, Historia Reiss begins seeing memories of Frieda ‘s visits in her pipe dream, though she does not remember them when she awakens. [ 17 ] sometime later, Eren and Historia are captured by Rod Reiss, [ 66 ] [ 67 ] who desires to feed Eren to a Titan Historia in order to return the Founding Titan to the Reiss family. [ 68 ] In the underground of the Reiss Chapel, Rod and Historia place hands on Eren ‘s body, and their royal presence brings out the memories of his don, Grisha, taking the Founding Titan from Frieda five years ahead. [ 69 ] Rod recalls the floor of the consequence [ 70 ] and explains the nature of the Founding Titan to Historia and how it influenced the sovereign of the Reiss family since the time of the First King. [ 68 ] Historia about accepts the task, but refuses it in the goal. [ 71 ] [ 72 ] In despair, Rod ingests the Titan serum mean for Historia, becoming a Titan of elephantine size. [ 73 ] After escaping from the metro of the chapel service, Eren attempts to use the power of the Founding Titan to stop Rod ‘s Titan from advancing towards Orvud District, though he makes no advance and does not understand why. [ 74 ] Two months late, the Survey Corps domesticate Shiganshina District. They come to the Yeager family ‘s basement where Grisha had kept his secrets for Eren. [ 75 ] In one of three journals hidden within the basement, they read Grisha ‘s history of his childhood and when he learned the nature of the Founding Titan. In Grisha ‘s by, he had joined a group of Eldian Restorationists who desired to take the Founding Titan from the king of the Walls in rate to restore Eldia to glory. [ 76 ] The organization failed and Grisha alone was given the tax of taking the Founding Titan by Eren Kruger, an Eldian descry in the government of Marley. [ 77 ] When the military of the Walls gathers to discuss the discoveries from the basement, Eren thinks back to the time when the Founding Titan came forth in the bearing of the Titan that ate his mother. Recalling his father ‘s memories of his first gear wife, Dina, Eren realizes that Dina ‘s Titan was responsible for the presence of the Founding Titan. however, Eren decides against revealing his discovery to the military, fearing that the idea of turning a royal into a Titan for Eren to come into contact with may put Historia Reiss ‘s life at risk. [ 78 ] After realizing that he can use the Founding Titan by coming into liaison with Zeke, Eren decides to pretend to go along with his stepbrother ‘s design to sterilize the Subjects of Ymir. After they make contact and enter the Founding Titan, Eren discovers that the Founder ‘s baron is used by commanding Ymir Fritz before he reveals his magic trick and learns that Zeke nullified the vow of renouncing war and that he now controls the baron of the Founder. [ 79 ] After viewing their father ‘s memories, Zeke learns of the Attack Titan ‘s ability to see into the future and that a future heir can influence one in the past ( which Eren uses to convince his father to slaughter the Reiss kin, and steal the Founding Titan ), Zeke initiates his plan and commands Ymir to sterilize all Subjects of Ymir. Following this, Eren breaks barren from the chains Zeke crafted and rushes to stop Ymir. [ 80 ] Reaching Ymir, Eren embraces her and beg that she give him her persuasiveness so that he can end the earth. however, he assures her that he is not going to force her to help him. He recognizes that she is neither a slave nor a deity, she is merely a human being and she has the right to choose if she wants to remain in the Coordinate forever or help him end it all. As Zeke desperately tries to stop him, Eren asks Ymir if she was the one who led him to the Coordinate, musing that she has been waiting 2,000 years for him to arrive. [ 81 ] Eren uses the Founding Titan ‘s powers to unleash all of the Wall Titans while creating a soundbox for himself that is flush larger than the Colossus Titan. He then uses the Founder ‘s baron to telepathically communicate with all of the Subjects of Ymir, informing them of his plans to destroy the global outside Paradis Island. [ 82 ] former on, Eren uses the Founding Titan to telepathically communicate with his friends individually within the Paths and reveals his true intentions : redirect the world ‘s hatred from Paradis onto himself and have his friends kill him so that they can become heroes in the eyes of the remainder of humanness. He besides informs them that the power of the Titans would no longer exist following his death. [ 83 ] As the Survey Corps and Warriors begin working to try and disable Eren, many of the former Nine Titans begin spawning out of the back of the Founding Titan due to the influence of Ymir ; Pieck, Reiner and Annie destroy many of them but are finally overwhelmed. however, some of the previous Nine Titans fight back against the others, buying the Survey Corps and Warriors time to get off ; during this, Jean travels to the head of the Founding Titan and detonates the explosives wrapped around its neck. This wholly severs the head off the Titan and the Source of all animation matter, in the form of a strange glow centipede, emerges from the neck trying to reconnect with the fountainhead, alone for the Armored Titan to dive towards it and wrestle it away, as Armin transforms into the Colossus Titan, destroying Eren ‘s Titan in the process. [ 84 ]

former inheritors


  • The Founding Titan was the only one of the Nine Titans that had a bloodline restriction, as only royals could freely use its abilities.
    • Interestingly, when Zeke Yeager (a descendant of the Fritz family) inherited the Beast Titan, he gained abilities similar to the Founding Titan.[8]
  • Eldian artwork had on several occasions depicted the Founding Titan with a war horn.[85][11] This may be an artistic representation of the “scream” that activated the Founding Titan’s power.
  • Hange Zoë decided to call the power inside Eren Yeager that controls Titans the “Founding Titan” ( 始祖の巨人 Shiso no Kyojin?, also translated as “Progenitor Titan”).[86] Coincidentally, that is its actual name.[87]
  • The code name for the Founding Titan used by the Warrior Unit is the “Coordinate” ( 座標 Zahyō?); however, after Chapter 77, usage of the term is abandoned completely in favor of “Founding Titan” ( 始祖の巨人 Shiso no Kyojin?) or simply “Founder” ( 始祖

     Shiso?). Curiously, when the years 845 to 850 are revisited in flashbacks in later chapters, the Warriors do not call it the “Coordinate” despite using that term consistently in previous chapters covering those same years.

  • The Founding Titan’s power, according to Eren, causes its inheritors to perceive time in a non-linear fashion; time happens all at once and as a result can additionally cause its inheritors to think incoherently and go with the flow of time as the history they have seen has already been dictated.
  • When members of the Reiss family inherited the Founding Titan, they were affected by Karl Fritz’s will, and at times, their normally light-colored eyes darken and emit a glow.[88][89][90][91]
    • When Frieda used the Founding Titan’s power on Historia to erase her memory, Historia’s eyes also darkened.[6] When Eren briefly had a memory of Frieda brushing her hair, his eyes darkened slightly,[92] which is unusual because his eyes normally stay light when he remembers Grisha’s and/or Eren Kruger’s memories.[93][94][95][96] However, with Eren and Historia, their eyes did not glow, so their cases could be attributed to artistic darkening effects, rather than their eye color actually changing.
  • In Japanese “Doomsday Titan” ( 終尾の巨人 Shūbi no Kyojin?) contains the kanji for “conclusion” ( 終 shū?) and “tail” ( 尾 bi?). This could hide a double meaning: “tail” could be intended as both “the conclusion of a story” and an animal tail, referencing the Titan’s elongated shape.



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