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Karina Braun

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Karina Braun
Karina Buraun

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Biological Information






[ 1 ]

170 cm


[ 1 ]

60 kg


  • Unnamed Marleyan ex-lover
  • Braun family
    • Reiner Braun (son)
    • Unnamed brother and sister-in-law
    • Gabi Braun (niece)
    • Unnamed nephew
    • Unnamed male relative
    • Unnamed female relative


[ 1 ]

September 3rd







The Boy Inside the Walls

Quote1.png For one family to be blessed with two warriors is amazing. We’re all proud that Marley has recognized the both of you. All that’s left… is to wipe out the damned devils that live on that island… and then all Eldians will be able to live good lives. Quote2.png
— Karina Braun recites her goodwill towards her nation.[2]

Karina Braun ( カリナ・ブラウン Karina Buraun ? ) is the mother of Reiner Braun and an Eldian who resided in Liberio .


human shape

Karina is a middle-aged woman with carnival, short hair. Like many Eldian women in the camp, she wears a scarf on her fountainhead when she goes external .

Pure Titan form

After transforming into a Pure Titan, Karina retains a majority of her human features. The only obtrusive differences are it ‘s size and slenderly wider confront .


Karina has a identical kind behavior towards her family members, like her son and niece. She takes pride in their achievements and constantly supports them, this is seen when she congratulated Reiner on becoming a Warrior and Gabi after hearing what she did during the Marley Mid-East War. Like most Eldians living in Marley, she bore a stew against the Eldians from Paradis Island, deeming them responsible for the Eldians ‘ friendless status in Marley.

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She besides appears to be faithful when it comes to romance, as she had no other known fan after Reiner ‘s father and wished to reunite with him years after their affair. however, the latter implied that it could be a personal retaliation after he rejected her and their son because of their heritage. [ 3 ] After the Rumbling was initiated and after hearing the consequences of the shared hatred towards Paradis Island, Karina comes to realize that she just used her son as a creature for retaliation against the “ devils ” of Paradis and never did anything for him as a mother. [ 4 ]


Karina once had a job outside the internment zone. This is how she met a Marleyan homo and had an matter with him, leading to the birth of Reiner. Because such unions are forbidden in Marley, she raised her son alone, remaining in the internment zone. Karina finally revealed his origins to her son, wishing she was born a Marleyan. She ended up convert Reiner to become a warrior candidate, so the pair would gain Marley citizenship and Reiner could reunite with his founder. When Reiner announced her he had become a warrior campaigner, she heartily congratulated him, stating they were a step closer to Marleyan citizenship. [ 5 ] The day of the Warriors ‘ departure to Paradis Island, Karina was in the crowd cheering them, crying. Before he sailed, she expressed her religion in her son and her certainty his father wished him success deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. [ 6 ]


At the end of the Marley Mid-East War, Karina and her relatives welcome binding Reiner and Gabi to Liberio. Later on, the wholly syndicate has dinner. They listen to Gabi ‘s feat and Karina asks Reiner if she could become a Warrior. Hearing his affirmative answer, she expresses rejoice and pride at the think of having two Warriors in the family then complains about the Paradis Island inhabitants ‘ universe. As Reiner discusses his time on Paradis Island, she listens before interrupting him and encourages Gabi to stop the inhabitants of Paradis Island. [ 7 ] A month late, Karina attends Willy Tybur ‘s stage festival at Liberio, and there she meets Leonhart whom she had not seen since her son returned from Paradis Island. Leonhart says he did not want to waste the award he has been given, and asks about Mr. Hoover. Karina replies that Mr. Hoover had peacefully passed away and that he constantly spoke of how gallant he was that his son Bertolt devoted his all to Marley. Leonhart interrupts Karina when she mentions his daughter, assuring her that Annie is alive, since she had promised to come back. [ 8 ] late on, she is seen in the crowd listen to the revelations about the true history of Marley. [ 9 ] After Willy declares war on Paradis island, the Attack Titan comes one-fourth, killing Willy and sending debris into the audience. [ 10 ] She is then seen trying to escape the slaughter with Leonhart. [ 11 ] After hearing Eren Yeager ‘s contract to destroy the world, Karina gathers at the gate of the imprisonment zone alongside the early Eldians. however, the crowd is met with hostilities from the Public Security Authorities who accuse them of taking separate in a conspiracy to escape. [ 12 ] The herd manages to overthrow the Marleyan guards and hijack a train, which they take to Fort Salta with the intention of using an airship to escape the Rumbling. While riding on the prepare Karina overhears her brother and sister-in-law deplore that they allowed Gabi to become a Warrior, prompting her to think of Reiner. [ 13 ] The group arrives at the Fort to find that all of its airships have departed to launch a last-ditch attack on Eren. As they watch the fight blossom Karina notices a mother with her child nearby and, remembering Reiner, breaks down in tears for the poor way she raised him. Her family and Leonhart try to console her, but they are interrupted by the view of the Marleyan airships being destroyed by the Beast Titan. Resigning herself to end, Karina is comforted to know that Reiner is at least safe from the Rumbling on Paradis, only to be greeted by the sight of her son arriving with Paradis soldiers to engage Eren. [ 14 ]

Karina stands among the crowd watching the fight, and prays for Reiner not to die. [ 15 ] She watches in repugnance as Bertolt Hoover ‘s Colossus Titan grab ahold of Reiner and bites his colossus. Thinking Reiner has died, she collapses on the flat coat, devastated. [ 16 ] Karina is helped to her feet by Gabi ‘s parents after being blown back by the Colossus Titan ‘s explosion. soon after, Falco arrives at Fort Salta with the rest of the group. Karina notices Annie searching for her founder among the herd. She states that he was the one who brought her and the perch of Liberio ‘s residents to the fortify and points Annie in his direction. After reuniting with her aunt, Gabi tells Karina that Reiner is still fighting, which Karina affirms. As they all look towards the crater made by Armin ‘s Colossus Titan, they notice that the centipede which emerged from the Founding Titan ‘s nape is approaching them, and not long after begins emitting flatulence. Connie correctly asserts that the gas is alike to the one which devastated his home greenwich village, Ragako. Upon this discovery, the Ackerman ‘s and the two deliver Titan-shifters flee from the fortress before the at hand transformation, leaving Karina behind. Karina is turned into a pure Titan along with every Eldian present on Fort Salta. The translate Eldians charge Reiner as he attempts to prevent the centipede from reaching Eren. [ 17 ] After Eren ‘s death the baron of the Titans is unstuck and all of the Eldians return to their human forms. Karina finds Reiner greets him heartily, relieved to hear that he no longer possesses the Armored Titan exponent. Their reunion is cut inadequate by the arrival of Salta ‘s Marleyan soldiers, who demand that the Eldians prove they can nobelium long turn into Titans or expression execution. The Eldians are only saved by the intervention of Armin Arlert, who convinces Muller that they are no longer a menace. [ 18 ]


  • Reiner Braun – Karina deeply loves her son and has faith in him. His personal achievements, such as having become a Warrior, make her proud of him. However, ever since his return from Paradis Island, she has been concerned about his drastic change in personality.[19] Moreover, Karina does not show any concern about the shortened lifespan caused by the Armored Titan and even expects Gabi to inherit it. During the Rumbling, Karina comes to see how poorly she treated her son in that she never really focused on raising him properly and instead prioritized him becoming a Warrior so he could fight against the devils of Paradis.
  • Gabi Braun – Karina is Gabi’s aunt, seemingly caring for her as a part of her family. She has high expectations of Gabi, hoping that she will be able to inherit the Armored Titan from Reiner, and is proud that she is giving the Braun family greater recognition from Marley.[20]



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