Attack on Titan: How Does ODM Gear Work & Why Is It So Useful Against Titans?

Attack on Titan’s Omni-Directional Mobility Gear, more normally known as ODM gearing, is the weapon of choice for the soldiers behind the walls. Humans designed and developed the gear to help fight against the Titans. The gearing allows the drug user to fight off against the man-eating giants in a 3D quad preferably than in the 2D space on the flat coat. Learning to control, manipulate, and excel with ODM gear takes train and years of practice .
A few in the series have been praised for their exceptional gearing custom : Levi Ackermann, Miche Zacharius, and Mikasa Ackermann. These soldiers have been commended as the best users of ODM gear. Levi is considered the best of the three, with speed and sword ability that compares to no one. More than once, Levi ‘s ability was compared to that of an integral brigade, but how does this extraordinary gear workplace in aiding the soldiers ?
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The Workings of ODM Gear

attack-on-titan-odm-gear ODM gear is made up of different complex and dim-witted machines allowing the drug user to shoot out and retract a sword wire. not everything is known about how ODM gear works ; many components within the swords ‘ hilts or the gear ‘s controllers are kept secret. broadly speaking, the appliance has three main features ; the main chamber, gas cylinders, and controllers. The main chamber is located at the back of the wearer, and it is here that steel wire coils are stored. Whenever the exploiter pushes the compulsory triggers on the control, the wires will shoot out or retract with the help oneself of the gas-propelled turbine.

The flatulence cylinders used to power the turbine on the ODM gearing are strapped to the wearer ‘s hips. These cylinders house compressed gas that allows ODM gear to run. When activated, the cylinder will release flatulence into the turbine, which powers the release and retraction of the steel coils. To control all of these mechanisms easily, the controllers were designed into the hilts of the swords. Each hilt has two buttons and a lever. The top trip launches the anchor and cable while the bottom controls the sum of gasoline released. When anchored, the exploiter will pull the lever causing the steel wire to reel back into the base .
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This gearing, accompanied by the steel blades, allows the soldiers to have a better probability of fighting against the Titans before world was stuck on the grind fighting against Titans that range in acme, some a improbable as 15 meters. alternatively, well-trained soldiers can zip through the air faster than some of the Titans can move with ODM gear, providing a gleam of hope for humanness. The gear besides allows easy access to the nape of the neck, the location that kills Titans. Skilled users have made some perplex attacks, proving how beneficial ODM gear can be when used correctly.

ODM Gear Pushed to the Limit

attack-on-titan-eren-gear Episode 17 of season three showed fans how skilled Captain Levi is with his ODM gearing. Facing off against Zeke Jaeger in his Beast Titan phase, Levi uses the 17-meter body as leverage points. Allowing Ackermann to move about the field is a difficult job with no buildings or trees to be seen. however, it is n’t barely Ackermann ‘s ability to keep moving without the aid of trees or buildings that made this fight so memorable. Levi pushed the gear ‘s capabilities, allowing him to use the momentum of the gas to fly around Zeke ‘s Beast Titan.

On its own, ODM gearing is a display of humanity ‘s will to keep fighting against the Titans, but as many fans have seen, using the gear on its own is n’t adequate. ODM gear is a tool. Without an have user who is volition to think outside of the box, it stays just a tool. When fighting Zeke during episode 17 of season three, Levi knew the Beast Titan ‘s intelligence from previous encounters. alternatively of using the ODM gear for its intended purpose, getting to the nape of the neck, Levi utilized his tools to incapacitate the colossus. unable to move or see, Levi had the opportunity to release Zeke from the Beast Titan and badly hurt him before he was rescued by the Cart Titan .
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