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Since 2013, when the beginning season debuted. attack on titan It has become a cult front-runner. It doesn ’ t matter if you like survival horror. possibly the most overlook expression of this series is Attack on colossus The popularity of ’ south is its popularity among girls. The brutal and apparently male-centric serial has a bombastic female fandom who frequently praises its building complex and realistic cast .
attack on titan might seem like an anime that is largely dominated by male characters. But some of the series ’ girls can outshine these men. We are presently in the final temper of Attack on titan, and already we see some girls succeeding. Let ’ s take a count at the top attack on colossus girls who make this zanzibar copal more fun .

10. Hitch

Hitch Aot Attack On titan Girls
In Aot, Hitch is one of the most overlook attack on titan girls. besides, she gets identical little screen time .
hang-up made the decisiveness to leave the Training Corps after graduation. She wanted to join the Military Police Brigade, which is located within city ’ s inmost walls. Most people can relate to her indolence.

She only took up the position of military policeman because it kept her away from the titans outside the wall, and required that she engage in very little fight. She was besides identical sarcastic and loved to be annoying her coworkers .

We saw her caring and kind nature in the OVA when Annie was involved. She decidedly became a respected person after her encounters .
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9. Yelena

yelena aot Attack On titan Girls
Yelena is the leader of the Anti-Marleyan tennessean group from the movement. Their main job is to start a revolution. Yelena considered Zeke Yeager a deity and formed this group. She would do anything for her and was a sociopath at heart .
Yelena was not afraid to kill anyone who wasn ’ t in line with their ideology. Zeke ’ sulfur design for euthanasia was executed by her. Her last season ’ mho expressions have been viral and made her a well-known figure .

Yelena is a very chilling and irregular animal, but there are people who love yandere cows, therefore she has some fans .
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8. Gabi Braun – This Attack On titan Girls is a mirror of Eren Jaeger who understands her mistakes

Gabi Braun
Gabi is separate the Marleyan warrior group and intends to succeed Reiner as Armored titan. She is incredibly unlikable because of her harsh demeanor, and the prejudiced palaver that she much spews out. Sasha Braus is killed during the Raid of Liberio .

Gabi is not a lot different than Eren Jaeger in real life. After meeting Sasha ’ s syndicate she comes to terms with her mistakes and is shocked at her own actions. She is still a hate character, but her ability to fight makes her stand out .

7. Pieck Finger

Pieck Finger Aot
Pieck holds the Cart colossus powers. She is loyal to Marley. Although she may not appear to be a person who is always in the forefront of events, she has been involved with many crucial ones .

Her constant use of the Cart titan imprint led to her acquiring the habit of walking on all fours, even when she ’ s not wearing her titan imprint. Pieck is one of the titans who work for Marley. She is intelligent and intuitive. Pieck can pick up things promptly that early titans fail to notice most of their time .
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6. Ymir

is Ymir dead
Ymir, a female quality in AOT, has been shrouded by mystery since her introduction. Historia was her main companion, and she considered it her ultimate deputation to protect her. Historia was in sculpt risk and it was quite surprising that she became the Jaw titan .

ymir was a good acquaintance to Historia and used a confrontational note when interacting with other people. Fans love Ymir because of her idolatry to Historia, and the affect she had on her. This is why she is the Attack on titan ’ sulfur best waifu.

She was even volition to help Bertolt and Reiner, as she couldn ’ triiodothyronine be human again without eating one of their friends .
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5. Hange Zoe – The Most Intelligent Attack On titan Girls

Hange Zoe

The Attack on titan girls are generally shown to be highly able fighters. They have rarely had to use their brains in combat. Hange Zoe is the exception to this rule. She is a skilled titan killer and excels at studying titans .
She is excited to start dissecting titans, which is why she developed a love for them. Hange Zoe is a far-out character that fans love. Fan fiction has been created about her interactions with Levi, flush though there is no quixotic connection .

4. Sasha – The Most Endearing Attack On titan Girls

This is something that all foodies can relate to. Sasha was a girl who loved quality food. She was much seen eating some sort of food. Sasha was inaugural introduced to us as one of our favorite characters when she continued eating potatoes in nerve-racking situations .
Although Sasha was often overshadowed by other characters, she played a significant role at times. It was amazing to watch her originate into a skilled combatant and provide comedian relief during the intense scenes of Attack on titan .
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3. Historia Reiss

Historia Reiss

In Aot, Historia is a favorite waifu material because she hit the mighty Levi. Historia Reiss was a hard child. This may be why her fans have come to love her. Her royal linage makes her an interest fictional character .
Being the alone member the Reiss Family is bound to attract attention. Historia was not a fighter, but she was the one who defeated a titan that threatened countless cities. It was precisely because of this that she was named Queen of the Walls .

2. Annie

Annie Leonhart Aot
Annie is a villain in Attack on titan. Despite this, she is one the most beloved waif in AoT. Marley sent her as share of a group on a privy mission towards Paradis Island. Annie was able to use the might of the Female colossus to infiltrate the Training Corps .

late she was transferred to the Military Police Brigade where her identity was ultimately revealed. Annie ’ s past experiences have shaped her personality. Although she was partially creditworthy for the death Marco her fans began to see the light in her eyes as she recalled her childhood .

1. Mikasa Ackerman – Most Badass Attack On titan Girls

mikasa ackerman
Mikasa is without doubt Attack on titan ’ mho best girlfriend. It speaks volumes about her popularity that no one comes close in this involve. Mikasa, Eren ’ s childhood acquaintance, is from the Ackerman family. even though she does not possess any titan abilities, she is a formidable titan killer .
At a young age she was exposed to blood and this was the turn detail for her personality. Mikasa has not looked back and has become a better person with each pass season .
This is it for this military post. These are the most love attack On titan girls .

Bonus / Mentions Attack On titan Girls

Carla Jaeger’s death is the tragedy that changes the course of Eren’s life

Carla Yeager
Carla Jaeger is Eren ’ s mother and is described as kind and generous. She is protective of her family and doesn ’ t believe that people need bang-up achievements to be glad. besides, She lone wants her son to be safe. She is trapped in her home after the attack on Shiganshina .

In addition, She ends her last words by telling Mikasa and Eren that she loves them, as Hannes takes them off. soon after, she is eaten by the Smiling titan. Eren is inspired by her frightful death to become a soul, a determination that he will channel later into achieving his larger pipe dream of Eldian exemption at such a high monetary value.

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Petra Ral

Attack On titan Girls PEtra Ral
In Aot, Petra was function of the special Operations Squad from Attack on titan, which was personally selected by Levi. You mechanically become especial if you ’ re chosen by the badass character of this floor. Petra ’ second wish, kind natured personality was what resonated with most of the audience .
Her help was invaluable in integrating Eren into the team. She was always there to look out for him. Petra was a different kind of character in Attack on titan. Petra was besides a great girl for team-based expeditions. This made her an invaluable utility character .

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