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Levi in his childhood Levi in the year 850 Levi in the class 854 Hange and Levi before an expedition

At the Survey Corps former HQ Eren is beaten by Levi Levi is present at Eren ‘s test Squad Levi front at the Female Titan in horror The Survey Corps finest attack the Female Titan Levi attempts to talk down his team Levi speaking with his new team Levi talks about the site Historia talks to her team mates Levi discusses with his team Mikasa and Levi on the ceiling before their attack The second special Operations Squad batting order Hange and Levi about to torture Djel Levi and Dimo in agreement Levi ‘s face in the local newspaper Levi forces Historia to agree with the plan Kenny and Levi about to fight Levi goes to enter a barricade Levi fights the APCS in the city hitch stands up to Levi Mikasa and Levi capture Marlowe and Hitch Sasha tends to Levi ‘s wounds The people who helped make the coup d’etat a success Mikasa is shocked to hear Kenny ’ s stopping point name Levi and Mikasa talking about Kenny matthew orders the advance into the chapel service Levi tells Eren to do as he wishes Mikasa and Levi take off Kenny teaches Levi the basics to survive in the clandestine Levi is forced to allow Historia to fight Levi smiles and thanks his friends Hange is excited about their Titan Guillotine

Levi entrusted with the Titan injection A meet of the Survey Corps Levi remarks that Keith had changed a distribute Keith Shadis meets with his former students and subordinates Levi takes his frustration out on Eren and Jean Levi threatens to break both of Erwin ‘s peg The Survey Corps train to face battle Levi scantily dodges a barrage of rocks from Zeke Zeke throwing rocks at the Survey Corps Erwin convinces Levi to fight for humanity The strongest soldier vs. the strongest warrior Levi watches his comrades rush to their end Levi stands among his fall comrades Levi shoves his sword through Zeke ‘s point Hange and Levi baby-sit with their fallen Commander and friend polish to the basement Eren fumbles with the basement ‘s lock in Hange speaks on behalf of her soldiers Eren lashes out, startling those near him Levi and Mikasa, the final known members of the Ackerman kin Levi takes down the Beast Titan Levi and the Survey Corps face off Marley ‘s Warriors matthew orders Eren to be detained Levi kicks Eren before having him stay Zeke reveals to Levi he destroyed Ragako to conceal his true allegiance Levi learns of the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers Levi is surrounded by Titans in the forest Titans rain down on Levi Levi looks on as his comrades transform into Titans Levi detonates the Thunder Spears in Zeke ‘s nape Levi cuts down the branches to confuse Zeke Levi glares at Zeke for forcing him to kill his subordinates

Levi cuts out Zeke Levi defeats Zeke and cuts him out of the Beast TitanLevi tells Zeke about the detonator Levi tells Zeke about the detonator attached to the Thunder SpearZeke activates the Thunder Spear Levi is frightened as Zeke screams before detonating the spear

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