Captain Levi (Chapter)

This article is about a special chapter of the manga. For the character, see Levi Ackerman.

Captain Levi

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Captain Levi
Rivai Heishi-chō

Japanese release date

December 9, 2010


Battle of Trost District arc

Anime episode

Whereabouts of His forget arm : The Struggle for Trost, Part 5

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The Beating of a Heart Can Be Heard Where’s the Left Arm?
Quote1.png It’s Captain Levi, the strongest soldier alive! I hear that in battle, he’s as strong as an entire brigade! Quote2.png
— Eren watches the Survey Corps’ departure

Captain Levi ( リヴァイ兵士長 Rivai Heishi-chō ? ) is a special chapter of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It was included at the begin of the 3rd volume before chapter 10 .


A abbreviated drumhead about the history of the Titans is given, retelling that the Titans appeared around 100 years ago and of the attack on the Shiganshina District by the Colossus Titan. Five years former as the Survey Corps train to leave for another expedition, Captain Levi Ackerman is introduced as humanness ‘s strongest soldier with Hange Zoë riding beside him. As the expedition goes on, Levi tries to save a wounded soldier by killing the Titan that is trying to eat him. He then orders his squad to take care of one Titan while he takes wish of two others. subsequently, he speaks with the dying soldier as Petra Ral tries to save him. Once the soldier passes on, the Commander, Erwin Smith, tells them that they are going back to Trost District because he speculates that it has been attacked .


The beginning history of the Titans is explained and gives a brief outline of the events thus far. One hundred years ago, Titans appeared and threatened to wipe out all of world. Somehow, the humans were able to build a giant three layer, walled city and managed to live in peace for the following hundred years. however, five years ago, the appearance of the Colossus Titan changed life as world knew it. With Wall Maria, the outermost Wall, destroyed twenty percentage of the population was wiped out, causing the remainder to retreat to the safety of the moment Wall, Wall Rose. It was at this time that Eren Yeager, after witnessing the death of his mother Carla at the hands of a Titan, vowed to kill all the Titans.

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Five years by and by, Captain Levi is introduced, humanness ‘s strongest soldier, said to have the equivalent battle impel of an integral brigade. As he and the others in the Survey Corps parade through the street on their way to the gates, Eren, Mikasa and Armin stare at him in astonishment. Fourth squad leader Hange Zoë jokes that his admirers would be heartbroken if they knew how much of a clean freak he was .
Each meter the Survey Corps go out, they typically lose thirty percentage of their forces, which is what made soldiers like Levi so crucial. While out on a deputation, one of his comrades is caught by a Titan. Half engulfed in the elephantine ‘s mouth, he threatens it by saying that humans will overthrow them, particularly Captain Levi. As he says this, Levi appears and attacks the Titan, killing it. With reinforcements arriving, he orders Petra Ral to take care of the hurt soldiers. He then orders the other reinforcements to take the Titan on the right flank, while he takes the one on the leave. Levi easily takes out the first base Titan and then move on to the second, blinding it by throwing both his blades in its eyes then killing him. He then thinks to himself that they are all the same ; with the same farcical faces. He gets blood on his hand when he finishes off one of the Titans, causing him to take hesitate and immediately cleans it off.

Levi joins Petra and the soldier he saved earlier. Petra states that she is unable to stop the run. With the soldier ‘s dying breath, he asks Levi if he has been useful. Encouraging him, he takes the soldier ‘s hand and tells him he has done more than enough and vows to eradicate the Titans, which allows the soldier to peacefully pass away. Commander Erwin Smith approaches them on a horse, informing them that they must retreat. Levi states that he has so far to reach his terminus ad quem and asks if Erwin intends to let his subordinates die in bootless. Erwin informs him of the latest attack on the city and the motion of the Titans toward it. Worried that the Wall may already be broken, they leave and head for Trost District .

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7. The current State of the Survey Corps

The chief purpose of the Survey Corps was to explore the land outside the Wall, but the actual activities of the Corps changed after the fall of Wall Maria. Since the fall, the Corps has been laying the groundwork for the second Wall Maria recapture operation, braving Shiganshina District, where the Wall was destroyed, a large force has been positioning supplies in abandoned towns and villages scattered along their route, establishing a supply line for the Corps.

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