Attack on Titan Chapter 137: Raw Scans Release & Spoilers

All eyes were on Falco as he transformed into the Winged Titan and rescued Mikasa, Levi, and the others from the Titan’s clutches in chapter 136 of Attack on Titan. Levi and his crew planned to rescue Armin from the Titan that took him while Mikasa asked for Annie ’ randomness aid, and the team split up to attack and rescue at the lapp time. meanwhile, Armin had found Mr. Zeke in the afterlife who greeted him by asking if Ymir was the one who consumed Armin as well ?

The whole team struggled to survive amongst the millions of Titans trying to attack them, while Mikasa who inactive had hopes to rescue Eren decided to join the team to explode the nape of Eren ’ s Titan shape. What is the destine of Armin and his friends ? Read this article to get all the details about the upcoming chapter of Attack on Titan manga.

1. chapter 137 Discussions and Predictions

In the recently released chapter 136 of Attack on Titan titled “ Devote Your Hearts ”, we see Mikasa, Levi and the others plan a rescue and attack mission with the aid of Annie and Falco. Based on the current chapter, fans theorize that Armin finding a calm Zeke in the paths realm might mean that he was there for a long time.
Attack on Titan Chapter 137 Updates
Ymir Fritz | Source: Fandom Fans are also hoping for a good ending for Levi as he has been through a lot of difficult and deadly situations. ymir might have powers up her sleeves and we can equitable hope to see that put into action in the approaching chapters. As we know, the series is already on its last stage and sacrifices are always a recurring root, Ymir in control of the Ancient Titans might want to kill off Mikasa and the others trying to rescue Armin. Fans are also waiting for the next chapter that might focus on a now captured Armin and how Levi and his group handle the whole citizens of Paradis and Rumbling situation.

Chapter 137 of the Attack on Titan manga has been released on Tuesday, Feb 09, 2021.

I. Is Attack on Titan on a Break Next Month ?

attack on Titan manga is published under Bessatsu Shonen Magazine by Kodansha, which is a monthly magazine. Chapter 137 of the Attack on Titan manga will not be on a break next month. It will continue in the February return of the monthly Bessatsu Shonen Magazine . But, as the series is almost nearing the end, the chapter might be released earlier. We will make sure to keep you guys updated.

3. chapter 137 Leaks and Raw Scans

Gabi snipes the Okapi Titan ’ s center while Mikasa kills it and saves Armin. Levi kills Zeke and the rumbling finally stops giving a prospect to blow up Eren ’ s Founding Titan form. denim pushes the detonator and blows the drumhead off and Reiner stops the forefront from attaching to the body again. Zeke and Armin argue about the intend of truthful freedom after Zeke tells Armin the fib of Titans ’ true universe .

4. Where to Read Attack on Titan

Currently, there is no way to read Attack on Titan manga online. However, that feature is not as far as you may think. Kodansha USA announced that they will be going digital with diverse popular titles, including Fairy Tail and Shingeki no Kyojin.

5. Recap of Chapter 136

The people observe as Falco transforms into a Winged Titan and rescues Mikasa and her crew. Now, Levi plans to divide into a team of two to start the attack and rescue mission. Mikasa seems worried and diffident about the wholly killing Eren situation when Levi persuades her. The others tell Mikasa that the Eren she knew is farseeing gone. Later, Levi plans to detonate the explosives wrapped around the nape of Eren’s Titan form.
Attack on Titan Chapter 137 Updates
Eren’s Titan Form | Source: Fandom Seeing everyone sacrificing their life for this mission, Mikasa jumps down to Eren ’ s body and starts attacking the Titans and clearing the path to the explosives. Annie besides transforms into her Titan form and fights the other Titans. Mikasa besides tries to stop Okapi from running towards the explosives but has a hard time stopping their titan shape. Meanwhile, Armin observes his unconscious body and tries to wake it up when he realizes he is inside the paths realm. He wants to quickly return by his friends ’ side and join them in the fight against the Titans but is unable to move his body. Seeing the kingdom, Armin quickly recognizes it and plans his escape when he sees a sedate and quite Zeke trying to build a sandpaper castle. He greets Zeke who asks if Armin ’ s being inside there was Ymir ’ s doing vitamin a well ? Will Armin live ? Let ’ s wait for chapter 137 to find out the truth .

6. About Attack on Titan

fire on Titan is a japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Kodansha publishes it in the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. The manga began serialization on September 9, 2009, and continues to date with 30 tankōbom formats. approach on Titan follows world settled within three concentric walls to protect themselves from the terrific titans that prey on them. Eren Yeager is a young son that believes that a cage life is similar to that of cattle and aspires to go beyond the walls one day, just like his heroes, the Survey Corps. Yet the emergence of a deadly Titan unleashes chaos .Originally Written By Epic Dope
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